Readings for 2010-11-01

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • The Heart of the Matter: The Definition of Insanity -on the embarrasment that is the washington post editorial page #
  • $pek another us listed china a share etf, launched in october #
  • another china education/tutoring IPO on deck Xueda Education Group – F-1/A $xue ???? $xsr doing well 2 weeks in #
  • yu jianrong ??? has some very interesting things to say on weibo #
  • Former Forbes Billionaire Accused of Tax Evasion- Economic Observer curse of Forbes in China @gadyepstein #
  • “Seeking Truth"-Out of control public opinion & media reforms led 2 breakup of USSR. ?????????????_2010??21?_????? #
  • 360 vs QQ: You steal private information; Oh yeah? Your wealthy CEO cheats housing allowance | ChinaHush #
  • ??????????? ?????????_??_??? #
  • View From Hong Kong: 'Dim Sum Bonds' on the Menu for Foreign Investors – WSJ "way to bet on Chinese RMB appreciation" #
  • Europe’s Plagues Came From China, Study Finds – interesting in light of SARS & H1N1 #
  • China Investment's Zhou Says U.S. Should Spend Much More on Infrastructure, rather than QE – Bloomberg $macro #
  • U.S. Defense Department Sees No Rare-Earths Crisis, May Aid U.S. Producers [like $mcp] – Bloomberg $ree #
  • Five sentenced for attempted rape of 16-year-old girls in central China – People's Daily Online #

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