Readings for 2010-11-03

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Solyndra, a Solar-Panel Maker, Will Close a Plant – can't compete w Chinese prices #
  • Canada's Mills Lumber Back To Life, Fueled by Chinese – #
  • The World Bank Just Hiked Its Chinese GDP Forecasts And Predicts Goldilocks Growth what say the china bears? $macro #
  • Bold page on Party editorials killed – China Media Project #
  • Opium Wars Revisited: Will China Corner Gold Mkt?- Forbes Stupidity @granitestudio shreds $xau #
  • organizing students to watch executions in Sanya, Hainan (pics) ?????????????? ?????? #
  • Adopted Chinese children fill Chinese language schools in U.S. #
  • FT- Hopu fund to wind itself down wonder what really going on. highly doubt Fang Fenglei "retiring" #
  • when you look at Beijing based on its development projection, real estate inside 2-3-4 ring roads is still cheap #
  • Hebei 2 build 3 new cities around Beijing part of what will eventually be known as Greater Beijing, w 50m+ people #
  • ?????????? ??????????_???_????_??? #
  • Obama's Asia trip will be his first post-election test – By Michael J. Green | Shadow Government #
  • Secretary Clinton: The past must be confronted – Glenn Greenwald – #
  • Corporate Crime, Corroding Planes: The Inside Story of The Air Force’s Tanker Mess | Danger Room | #
  • Chinese Air force admits to UFO chase in 1998 | China Military Power Mashup #
  • SERI-Analysis of the Chinese Property Market sensible piece, does not expect crash, highlights social issues $macro #
  • this huawei report should interest CFIUS, shows most Chinese don't even understand Huawei ownership structure #
  • Staff Churn Stirs Huawei's Management Circle_English_Caixin Ren Zhengfee appoints son as successor, pisses off mgmt #
  • Navigating the Future "unlikely that one overarching new business model will emerge for journalism in the digital age" #
  • ??????_??_???? #
  • The Last Patrol – Magazine – The Atlantic "82nd Airborne troops in the Arghandab Valley" #
  • Digital Weapons Help Dissidents Punch Holes in China's GFW | wired no mention of all the cult spam forced on u? #
  • Beijing police smash prostitute 'training' gang – Yahoo! News #
  • China Said to Tell Banks to Seek Faster Payment of Local Government Debts – Bloomberg #

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