Readings for 2010-11-20

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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  • Reading "All the Devils Are Here"-Nocera & McLean xclnt. bipartisan corruption & stupidity made financial crisis. #
  • US Pursues Insider-Trading Probe-WSJ "consultants, bankers, hedge- & mutual-fund traders" corrupt 2 core $macro #
  • China Move Could Counter Fed QE2 Action – #
  • Hambantota, Chittagong, and the Maldives – Unlikely Pearls for the Chinese Navy – The Jamestown Foundation #
  • The Return of China -WSJ yes the people with whom he dined are impressive #
  • China Unveils Sea Defense System to Counter Aircraft Carrier – The Jamestown Foundation #
  • When the rich abandoned America — and what that has to do with defense – By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense #
  • Geithner Warns Republicans Against Politicizing the Fed – Bloomberg that is Geithner's job, at NY Fed and at Treasury #
  • China buy because they love Friedman's work so much? Kidding, but if his family has stake how will NYT disclose when he writes on China? #
  • China Acquires Stake in US Mall Owner General Growth – Bloomberg don't Tom Friedman's inlaws have big stakein this? #
  • Pam Martens How the Fed and the Treasury Stonewalled Mark Pittman: to His Dying Breath crime of the century #
  • sticking with my belief that prices in good locations in Beijing are actually not unreasonable, and will look cheap in 10 years #
  • FT Alphaville-Chinese real-estate supply shock-Tier 1 cities unlikely 2 face much of a problem #
  • Stockman Savages Buffett Op-Ed, Bailout Canards « naked capitalism "the Shill of Omaha" #
  • RINO Signs Own Death Sentence, Company Likely To Be Halted Forever As Chinese IPO Craze Fizzles | zero hedge #
  • RINO-Non-Reliance on Previous Financials, Audits or Interim Review $rino meets drano. game over, as @maoxian says #

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