Readings for 2010-11-24

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Embedded journalism: A distorted view of war – Opinion, Media – The Independent #
  • Can the Chinese Become Big Spenders? – NYTimes good piece by David Leonhardt lots of Kroeber $macro #
  • welcome to Center for America-China Partnership ! a story waiting 2b written #
  • U.S. to Send Carrier for Joint Exercises Off Korea – NYTimes #
  • WaPo-As Chinese workers build the Martin Luther King memorial, a union investigates #
  • @StockTwits with Howard Lindzon and Jim Rogers | StockTwits TV #
  • ??“????????”????_??_??? what is chinese for criminogenic? #
  • China Faces Pivotal Test on North Korea- WSJ no it doesn't. the response is predictable & expected #
  • Obama misguided if he thinks he will get China's help on this-Artillery dialogue a tragedy in NE Asia – GlobalTimes #
  • Information Dissemination: The Navy View: Korean Peninsula lots of USN capabilities in the region #
  • Harbin Electric: Truth Talks, Barings Walks : Financial Investigator $hrbn congrats 2 shorts #
  • Thomas Barnett's-New China-U.S. grand strategy proposal, published in People's Daily appeasers or visionaries? #
  • doesn't sound like Brzezinski buys into the "China is insecure" meme that seems so in vogue w pundits these days #
  • FT-Brzezinski on latest DPRK attack on S Korea-US & China’s first big test
    China "historically self-confident" #
  • Chinese villagers 'descended from Roman soldiers' – Telegraph " Liqian, on fringes of Gobi Desert in NW China" #
  • @shaunrein sees "A Dangerous Bubble Is Emerging In China, esp in online video youku / tudou – Forbes #
  • A ChinaGeeks Original Documentary: Kedong County | ChinaGeeks | a China blog #
  • Lentuo International files for IPO – F-1 -"largest non-state-owned automobile retailer in Beijing" just keep coming #

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