Readings for 2010-12-03

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Does the wsj pay this blogger? Wikileaks and a Divided China – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • $macro New IMF paper-Are House Prices Rising Too Fast in China?-says not necessarily #
  • Art Cashin On Corriente's "Enormous China Bubble" | zero hedge #
  • Federal Reserve Withholds Collateral Data, Denying Taxpayers Gauge of Risk – Bloomberg fed flips Congress the bird #
  • by @rmack WikiLeaks, Amazon and the new threat to internet speech – #
  • Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators – Glenn Greenwald – oh boy #
  • Zhu Feng is Deputy Director of the Center for International & Strategic Studies, Peking University. #
  • China’s North Korean Contradictions by Zhu Feng – Project Syndicate #
  • central beijing housing prices, esp east side, are still very cheap compared to where they will be in 10 years #
  • New Subway Lines 2 Push up Beijing Housing Prices_Caixin hear subway phase 2 plan soon 2b announced, another 1000km+ #
  • WikiLeaks says it has Taiwan cables – Taipei Times #
  • China's Culture of Secrecy Brands Research as Spying – #
  • The Literary Value Of The Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables | The New Republic #
  • Top China economist Andy Xie: Sell your Lafite now-WSJ but has xie sold his shanghai luxury flats? #
  • Tianjin Normal University Reports: Man dies in attack on China school head /so rumors true #
  • WikiLeaks: British government promised to 'protect US interests' at Chilcot inquiry – Telegraph woof woof? #
  • Shanghai Scrap » Cultural Revolution Chic, American Style another Gap PR fail $gps ? #
  • Vanity Fair-"Deadly Medicine"- most clinical trials conducted overseas-on sick Russians..and slum-dwelling Chinese #

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