Readings for 2010-12-06

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • U.S. Cable: China Ordered Google Hack – #
  • The NYT loves Jamie Dimon | Analysis & Opinion | NYT found its biz model $$ selling article space 2 PR firms? #
  • Shanghai Scrap-US Pavilion at Expo 2010, Conflicts of Interest, & Deputy Asst Secretary of Commerce Dr. Ira Kasoff #
  • Are Chinese media a public nuisance? CMP Switch "US" with "Chinese" and Joe Lieberman could have said this #
  • Sinica: Wikileaks, dangerous tweets and Shanghai heat « Imagethief #
  • China Daily-Online charity appeal canceled-police confirmed the 101-year-old grandmother's plight was "not true". #
  • Fed Records Show Aid to G.E. and JPMorgan in 2008 – #
  • 1.4 m take national civil servant exam where the money is, as it has been in every dynasty ?? will only get worse #
  • Asia's largest hunting ground 2 reopen in Beijing in Miyun. Mel Brooks needs 2 a history of the world sequel in China #
  • Wal-Mart Says It's Cooperating With China Government on Prices in Kunming – Bloomberg $wmt #
  • y is US govt allowing (bailout baby) GE 2 supply technology to Chinese aviation industry? US govt forgotten Hughes and rockets? #
  • or reason 101 that russia will never trust china #
  • China Clones, Sells Russian Fighter Jets – shanzhai w a payload #
  • ???? – 78???????????????????? #
  • Chinese Communist Party Prepares for Showdown Over Political Reform – WSJ-sure #
  • Jan 09 cable. Was this amb randt's going away memo? LOOKING AT THE NEXT 30 YEARS OF THE U.S.-CHINA #
  • Cable-2007, amb randt has xi jinping over for dinner. No mention of what they drank #
  • Police hunt after fatal street fight — Shanghai Daily Uighur peddler in Guangdong killed by Hunan peddlers #
  • Kevin Rudd's plan to contain Beijing | The Australian a true ?? #
  • For GE & Jeffrey Immelt, a Return to Basics – NYT y NYT even waste money on reporters? just let GE PR write this #

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