Readings for 2010-12-12

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Mark Madoff hangs himself with dog leash in SoHo apartment 2yr old son in room next door… #
  • Dems show signs of abandoning Obama elsewhere after frustration with tax deal – wheels coming off #
  • HRIC | The Fog of Censorship: Media Control in China #
  • China’s Army Of Graduates Face Struggle-NYTimes making it in Beijing like making it in New York, New York? #
  • Philippines skipped Nobel over China death verdict – Yahoo! News will China give Aquino his deal? #
  • $$ Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives 4get Google antitrust concerns. DoJ should b all over TBTF #
  • Zhejiang Official jumps 2 death amid embezzlement suspicions jumping from 4th floor risky #
  • DMLLC DeMatteo Monness, another expert network with china operations #
  • After Youku's billion dollar IPO, many not so bullish on its profitability, value – CNET Asia #
  • public parading of suspected sex workers now banned in china ??????????-??? #
  • ??????????? 2010??11? ??????1 #
  • cynicism/anger towards official seems bottomless. weibo on drunk henan post office chief's wife paying compensation #
  • Soft power-xinhua's cnc unveils 1st big outdoor screen. In zimbabwe ??????????????????? – ?? – ???? – ???? #
  • Journalists file lawsuit in GOP convention arrests – Republican Party – Salon what happens if u aren't servile #
  • N.Y.P.D. Can Keep Its Secrets: 2004 Convention Arrests Remain Mysterious – here is a hint #
  • 'Off with their heads!' shouted the crowd as Charles and Camilla met rage in Regent Street – The Independent #
  • Bill Black: No, Mr. President, u did not negotiate a winning tax deal-naked capitalism we need 2012 primary contest #
  • $$ P&L @UpsideTrader is absolutely killing it #

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