Readings for 2010-12-15

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • China links last isolated county to highway 4 those who remember chinese history 101 class this is remarkable #
  • China Consumers Signal Deepest Inflation Concern Since 1999 in PBOC Survey – Bloomberg #
  • American Interest long piece on growing wealth and income inequality in the United States #
  • China Wins in Wind Power, by Its Own Rules-NYT y is US letting firms like GE contribute 2 China aviation industry? #
  • Ruble-Renminbi Trading to Start in Russia – #
  • "all 4 Republicans voted 2 ban phrases "Wall Street", "shadow banking" & words "interconnection" & "deregulation" from final report" #
  • Financial Crisis Panel In Turmoil As Republicans Defect; Plan To Blame Government For Crisis #
  • GOP Members of FCIC to Promote Crisis Urban Legends, Shift Blame From Banks « naked capitalism GOP used 2 b serious #
  • What Ike Got Right – on his warning abou military industrial complex #
  • Amazon Taking Down Erotica, Removing From Kindles – Slashdot #
  • We’ve Only Got America A -Tom Friedman but can the NY Times at least hire better columnists b4 we implode? #
  • Thomas P.M. Barnett – The "term sheet" roster of dialogue more from Barnett's China appeasement tour #
  • ‘Land-grab Mentality’: The Cutthroat Competition on China’s Internet – Knowledge@Wharton #
  • c comments 2 qq im story on techcrunch big chinese net brands have their pr & marketing work cut out in US #
  • QQ-360 Battle Escalates into War – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • 360 Anti-Virus vs. Tencent QQ in desktop catfight – CNET Asia #
  • Tencent Debuts Intl Version Of Its Popular IM Client, QQi given what 360 exposed, u want this on ur machine? #
  • vice chairman of inner mongolia under investigation..lots of money in IM ????????????????????????_????_??? #
  • China Daily-UK visa rules may force Chinese student exodus what is UK unemployment rate? #
  • And Now Presenting: Amazing Satellite Images Of The Ghost Cities Of China #
  • What Were Richard Holbrooke's Last Words? #
  • rush hour on Beijing subway. Sardines have more room ??????????? ????????_??? PIC: #
  • What is best moniker for American gfw? U.S. Air Force blocks NYT, Guardian over WikiLeaks | Reuters #
  • International Business Manager – Jelly Belly Candy Company | LinkedIn Jelly Belly looking 2 open in Shanghai #
  • China Daily-Good news for TV, print as advertisers keep faith radio, TV, print all up double digits #

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