Job: Asia Regional Lead For Citizen Journalism Startup

A friend is CEO of a stealth startup that is launching a citizen journalism platform. The well-funded company is based in New York and is looking for someone in Asia to oversee the buildout of a network of regional citizen journalists.

The blurb:

A new company launching in 2012 is excited to deliver a citizen journalism platform that’s dedicated to the important issues that impact our lives – a place for serious discussion and consideration for how we can improve the future, free of agenda.

They will provide a platform for you to share your stories, as well as a place where you can consume and discuss the stories of others. They will provide transparent access to content, showing both raw and curated material. And by applying analytical tools, they will bring context and validation to these stories, as well as revealing new angles and layers to information.

The full job description:

The Regional Lead (RL) position is a contracted position lasting from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. The role reports to the VP of Social Media. The RL is responsible for building a community of citizen journalist in their region and maintaining an ‘ear to the ground’ on important, trending and above all breaking news stories in their region. The RL is responsible for organizing citizen journalists to respond to the regions newsworthy stories as determined by that community. The RL should be fully versed in utilizing grass roots strategies that find the best citizen journalists, motivate them and keep them engaged and delivering the region’s important stories to the [company] platform.

Duties and Responsibilities

Finding new citizen journalist recruits in target regions

Organizing and motivating citizen journalism recruits through offline workshops, events and news media challenges

Organizing and motivating citizen journalism recruits through online workshops, events and news media challenges

Acting as the main contact point for [company] for all breaking and important news stories within the designated region

Educating people on the tools and capabilities of [company]’s platform

Starting discussions with other citizen journalists, bloggers and media practitioners and engaging them with the [company] platform

Leading street level citizen journalism efforts as needed

Self-educating on the best tools and practices for citizen journalists and educating what they learn back to their community

Reporting back to the [company]e team weekly and quarterly

Tracking to goals


A proven track record using social media to grow and engage audiences

A strong and working knowledge of citizen journalism within the region, including functional ability (tools of the trade, best practices, legal matters and public safety) as well as contacts within the field

2+ years professional working experience in a professional organization (for profit, non-profit/NGO and gov’t are all ok)

Personal and professional experience and proven success organizing both offline and online events and building engaged communities

Above average comfort and ability leading discussions and generating interest

Strong knowledge of political landscape within the region (historical and current trends, concerns, issues of the day and the everyday person) and placing those within a global context

Bachelors degree (or within 1 semester)

Preferred: bloggers/social media practitioner with a strong and active following


Email if you are interested and I will forward qualified resumes to the hiring manager. I am not involved with the company other than as a friend.