27 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Support

  1. Please keep up the good work! $10 a month is worth it for something I
    read religiously! If I was employed, I’d give you more! Thanks, Bill!

  2. Great work, Bill. The newsletter is hugely helpful to me in keeping up. Appreciate your filtering and comments on key stories.

  3. i love your newsletter! thanks so much for all the hard work! I hope you can keep it running on a daily basis!

  4. I lived in China for three years, and this newsletter is a fantastic way of keeping the link with China alive.

  5. In for $25/month. I discovered your newsletter recently by accident and find it very helpful and interesting. Though as a journalist I have access to lots of stuff from agency wires to WeChat clients, I find your daily news collection (and occasional personal musings) uniquely useful and the insightful. Keep up the good work!

  6. A great service, one I find quite valuable. Sorry I haven’t subscribed earlier, but frankly was hoping that you would offer a one time (annual) option via credit card. Why not?

  7. I entered $10/mo and hope it went through that way and not just a one-time payment. Pls let me know if not correct. I hope you can raise enough to be able to continue Sinocism. It’s an excellent source on what’s up with China. (Assuming that could be known, of course.)

  8. Thank you for the service. I strongly recommend continuing to update as you did in the 10/31 newsletter about potential changes without more contributions rather than making decisions without a final warning/call for support. The final warning spurred me to step up my contribution to keep it as a daily newsletter.

  9. Just received the refund, so I guess it is game-over for Sinocism. A pity, but understandable. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  10. Bill, Sorry to be late to the scrum. I would also subscribe to either the daily but also a weekly version $10 a month. But I can’t find the pay process? A huge fan, though weekly would be the ideal frequency for me. I end up saving up most of the dailies and reading on the weekend.

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