The Sinocism China Newsletter For 06.06.13

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

President Xi to stay in a nearby Hyatt, Michelle Obama to stay in DC during the Sunnylands summit, reports the New York Times:

In more than six hours of meetings over two days, with ample time for dinner and a sunset stroll beneath the San Jacinto Mountains, administration officials hope Mr. Obama and Mr. Xi, who met for the first time last year in Washington, will really get to know each other, while exchanging ideas about how best to manage a complex, sometimes combustible relationship between the world’s two biggest economies…

There are limits to the coziness. Mr. Xi will not stay on the estate but at a nearby Hyatt hotel — a reflection of Chinese concerns about eavesdropping, according to a person familiar with the planning. Translators will be required, since Mr. Xi is not fluent in English. And while Mr. Xi’s wife, Peng Liyuan, is traveling with him, Michelle Obama is not planning to accompany her husband, which will deprive the meeting of a layer of informality.

Is it an accurate assumption that the Hyatt can’t bugged?

Sunnylands has a Chinese version of its web site. Any readers know when this went live?

Today’s Links:


The Wonk With the Ear of Chinese President Xi Jinping – Even in China, few people would recognize Wang Huning, head of the Communist Party’s secretive Central Policy Research Office. And small wonder: The former university professor almost never talks in public, barely speaks to old acquaintances and makes a point of not associating with foreigners. Yet party insiders and experts on Chinese politics consider him one of the most influential figures in China today…Another Chinese scholar who has known Mr. Wang since the 1980s said it would be a “disaster” if Mr. Wang is given greater say in foreign policy because he is a leading advocate of the more assertive diplomacy that has alienated many of China’s neighbors. “When Communism was bankrupt, they needed something to replace it, and Wang Huning proposed patriotism and neoconservatism,” the scholar said. “But his concern is how to keep the party in power, not how to make China strong.”

Related: Obama and Xi Must Dispel U.S.-China ‘Strategic Distrust’ – Bloomberg Editorial This week’s meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping of China offers an unprecedented opportunity for the two leaders to get to know each other amid the therapeutic sunshine of the California desert. Maybe the arid air will help clear the “strategic distrust” that has grown between their two nations.//how is that possible given the different ideologies? Why are so few these editorial writers paying attention to what is said in official Chinese media, with seeming increasing frequency recently, about Western ideologies, values and “anti-China hostile foreign forces”?

Related: What Does China Really Want? – Bloomberg On May 31, as Xi was en route to Trinidad and Tobago, the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, ran a lengthy editorial on foreign policy. The goal, the editorial declares, is to create a peaceful environment for the rejuvenation of China, economic globalization and “multi-polarization.” Stable and respectful relations with the U.S. are described as a long-term aim but occupy a relatively short and platitudinous portion of the editorial. Far richer is what comes next: “The Sino-Russian relationship is the world’s most important bilateral relationship, and is the best relationship between large countries.” These words, unattributed in the editorial, are a direct quotation of a speech that Xi gave in Moscow in March during his first international visit.

China Official Newspaper Says Recent Yuan Rise May Have Ended | MNI Fast yuan appreciation since the beginning of this year may have come to an end as the pace of capital inflows slows, the official mouthpiece China Securities Journal said in a front page editorial. But the newspaper said Beijing is also not likely to allow the yuan to depreciate either to prevent intensive capital outflows, with that also partly the reason why the monetary authority has maintained a strong yuan central parity.

Related: Senators renew push against China currency ‘manipulation’ despite yuan’s rise | Reuters “The single biggest step we could take today to create jobs in American manufacturing is to tackle China’s currency manipulation,” Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, said in statement.

Asia Unbound » Obama, Xi, and Cyberspace–Adam Segal Pushing the norm of state responsibility does raise the interesting question of what Obama will say when Xi complains about the United States hacking its networks. In fact, China seems to be preparing to make just that point. China Daily published a piece today noting that “cyberattacks from the U.S. are as grave as the ones the U.S. claims China has conducted.” As Jason Healey of the Atlantic Council notes, the norm is a double-edged sword, especially as the United States is a primary victim and culprit of attacks. The Akami State of the Internet report named the United States as the second-largest originator of cyberattacks, behind China.

Related: China has ‘mountains of data’ about U.S. cyber attacks: official | Reuters “We have mountains of data, if we wanted to accuse the U.S., but it’s not helpful in solving the problem,” said Huang Chengqing, director of the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China, known as CNCERT. “They advocated cases that they never let us know about,” Huang said in comments on Tuesday and carried by the government-run China Daily newspaper on Wednesday.

China Blogger Who Began Querying Home Prices Taken to Tea – Bloomberg The police expressed surprise he didn’t know, Peng said. They told him it was a blog he’d written six days earlier about journalists protesting against censorship at Southern Weekend, a newspaper based in Guangzhou well known for its liberal stance. The dispute erupted into a national outcry over curbs on press freedom. Lee Kai-Fu, the former China head of Google Inc., flagged the incident to 32 million followers of his micro-blog. Days later, he posted a picture of a Chinese tea set, commenting on the nasty taste it left in his mouth. Peng signed a public letter of support for the workers and urged his readers to do so as well. The younger of the plain-clothed officers asked Peng whether he realized the petition was being manipulated by anti-China forces in the West, according to Peng.

Quest for gold in African mud | South China Morning Post Tens of thousands of Chinese are making millions from mining in Ghana, but success comes at a high price – death, robbery and angry accusations

Related: Gold mine raids in Ghana seize 124 Chinese workers | South China Morning Post Witnesses said armed officers raided mines, supermarkets and hotels in Kumasi, Obuasi and Dunkwa in the Ashanti region of the west African country, where Chinese run the majority of the small and medium gold mines. Ghana’s Immigration Service said yesterday that 124 illegal Chinese gold prospectors had been detained in the capital Accra, Xinhua reported, adding that the Chinese Embassy had confirmed the arrests. Many of them are likely to be deported.

Related: 加纳军队被指残杀劫掠中国公民 多人遇难_网易新闻中心 reports that Ghana soliders have robbed and killed several chinese citizens in a crackdown on illegal mining

北京七环路2015年通车 规划里程940公里(图)-财经网 Beijing is building a 940 km long 7th ring road, should be done by 2015, claims a Hebei newspaper.// 全长约940公里的北京大外环高速公路将于2015年全线建成通车,届时河北省有多达11条高速公路直达北京,京冀交通一体化进程全面提速,环首都经济圈加速形成

Related: Residents fear Hebei expressway will drive up house prices | South China Morning Post Hebei media have painted a rosy picture of a 940-kilometre expressway that will link the province with Beijing in 2015, even dubbing it the capital’s “seventh ring road”, but some residents are not impressed. When completed it would be one of 11 highways linking the province to Beijing, boosting the development of an economic zone around the national capital, Hebei’s Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

China to Investigate E.U. Wine After Subsidy and Dumping Complaints – too bad the US wine industry does not have its act together to market into China, and capitalize on this brewing trade skirmish// China’s Ministry of Commerce announced Wednesday that it had begun an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation of wines imported from the European Union, which could lead to the imposition of steep tariffs. The decision came quickly after the European Union’s trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht, announced Tuesday in Brussels that he was imposing preliminary tariffs of 11.8 percent on solar panels imported from China. But the Chinese ministry carefully avoided linking the solar panels to the wine dispute in its announcement, saying instead that it was acting in response to a complaint from Chinese wineries.

最后的冲刺——高考前夕的高中影像_驿路牧歌_王向阳_博联社 one more day until the gaokao…more pictures of kids cramming



小肥羊一年整合期过 百胜豪言落空_财经频道_一财网 First Financial on the deterioration in the little sheep hotpot chain business, a Yum Brands property.. Yum has lots more problem in china than chicken // 知情人士透露,小肥羊去年的利润率、客流量下滑“非常严重,比肯德基情况更甚”。

China’s “Big Four” Lent Less in May amid Weakening Demands -Caijing China’s “big four”, the four largest state-owned banks in the country extended CNY208billion yuan in May, compared with CNY245.5billion in the previous month and CNY 250billion in the same period last year, the 21st Century Business Herald quoted an authoritative source as saying in report. Monthly drops in new lending from the four banks underscore weakening credit demands in an economy with slowing momentum, said the paper.

China ready to start deposit insurance system: cenbank report | Reuters Conditions are ripe for China to launch a long-awaited deposit insurance system after a consensus was reached within the government, according to the central bank’s 2013 financial stability report, sources with knowledge of the report’s contents said on Wednesday. The report paves the way for liberalizing the interest rate regime and marks the latest step forward towards market-based reforms to eventually free up China’s financial sector

安邦:治理地方债 从清理党政干部企业兼职开始-财经网中国要治理好地方债问题,在宏观上,需要改革地方财税体系,完善地方政府举债融资机制;在微观上,则要“清理门户”,厘清围绕地方融资平台的利益关系;据了解,地方融资平台高管兼任政府公务员的现象十分普遍

China Everbright: third time lucky? | beyondbrics Bankers close to the deal told beyondbrics that Everbright had filed an application, the well-known Form A1, to the Hong Kong Exchange last week, officially beginning the mid-sized state lender’s third attempt to raise funds in Hong Kong. A listing hearing would probably be held by the end of this month and the bank could go public as early as July, one banker said; the size of the deal would be somewhere between $3bn and $4bn, bigger than last time it tried.

国办发文:禁以物流中心名义圈地_财经频道_一财网 国务院办公厅近日印发《深化流通体制改革加快流通产业发展重点工作部门分工方案》,禁止以物流中心、商品集散地等名义圈占土地,防止土地闲置浪费。

国务院印发深化流通体制改革重点工作分工方案 新华社——经济参考网 国务院有关部门:《深化流通体制改革加快流通产业发展重点工作部门分工方案》(以下简称《分工方案》)已经国务院同意,现印发给你们,请认真落实。 有关部门要认真贯彻落实《国务院关于深化流通体制改革加快流通产业发展的意见》(国发〔2012〕39号)精神,按照《分工方案》的要求,将涉及本部门的工作进一步分解和细化,抓紧制定具体落实措施。同一项工作涉及多个部门的,牵头部门要加强协调,部门间要主动密切协作。商务部要认真做好统筹协调、督促检查工作。工作落实中的重大问题及时向国务院报告

Vanke buys $4 billion land plots|Media Digests| Vanke bought 8 land plots worth of 3.6 billion yuan in May in eight cities, including Beijing, Dalian Wuhan Changsha and Nanchang, the Shenzhen-listed company said in a file sent to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Monday

湘鄂情山西关店 高端餐饮步入整合并购期_股票频道_一财网 xiang’e qing closes a restaurant in shanxi, a big one near provincial government off a cliff since xi rolled out 8 rules // 近 日,湘鄂情(002306.SZ)关闭了山西的一家加盟店。这家门店靠近省政府、市政府、区政府周边。在中央出台限制“三公消费”政策半年后,这家高端酒楼的停业耐人寻味。

“撤单僵局”待解:PE退出“次”中选优_股票频道_一财网 因所投项目无法退出,PE后续募资乃至当下运营都在经受拷问。

AIG Gets Delayed Deposit From Buyer Group For Plane Unit – Bloomberg The payment was disclosed in a regulatory filing by New York-based AIG, which said last week that the deposit hadn’t been made on schedule. A group led by New China Trust Co. Chairman Weng Xianding agreed in December to buy 80 percent of the Los Angeles-based aircraft lessor for about $4.2 billion in a deal that required a 10 percent deposit.


人民日报-陈希同病亡 《 人民日报 》( 2013年06月06日   04 版) very brief announcement of Chen Xitong’s death, page 4 pf People’s Daily today…not a comrade (expelled from the party), no mention of any positions he held, just that he died, was sentenced to 16 years in jail in 1998 // 新华社北京6月5日电  陈希同因患癌症,于2013年6月2日病亡。陈希同,男,83岁,于1998年7月31日被北京市高级人民法院判处有期徒刑16年。2006年5月31日保外就医。

Chen Xitong, Mayor During Tiananmen Protests, Dies – NYTimes Mr. Chen’s hard-line stance during the protests earned him promotion from the Communist Party and scorn from its opponents. But he was ultimately reviled and disowned by the party as well, accused of turning the Chinese capital into his brazenly corrupt fief. For Mr. Chen, a career that had started with literary yearnings ended in prison. His death was little mourned publicly. The Hong Kong news media said he had been cremated in Beijing; the Xinhua bulletin gave no such details. The party issued no public praise or condolences as it usually does on the death of a dignitary.

Promotion snub of Wen Jiabao son-in-law takes cue from Xi Jinping? | South China Morning Post The appointment of Yang Jiacai as assistant chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, announced on Tuesday, saw him leapfrog Liu Chunhang – the son-in-law of former premier Wen Jiabao and the head of the CBRC statistics and research departments and a member of the elite “reserved official” promotion programme. “If you read Xi’s speeches, even before he was made head of state, it is very clear that he has had second thoughts on ‘reserved officials’,” a source with close ties to the State Council, told the South China Morning Post.

媒体称近八成省部级官员在举报声中”边腐边升”_网易新闻中心 核心提示:近10年来落马的72名省部级官员中,近八成腐败期间职务得到了晋升。“边腐边升”让人气愤,不仅在于贪官边腐败边升官,越腐败越升官;更在于,他们是在民众举报声中升官,越举报越升官。

官员外甥女28岁任副县长 曾参加选美-财经网 p近日,有网贴爆料并质疑岳阳市华容县28岁女副县长赵群子神速升迁。有网友称,赵群子的舅舅为现任岳阳县县委书记毛知兵。曾与毛知兵共事过的一位知情人告诉记者,“赵群子为毛知兵外甥女一事千真万确,赵的学历不高,选岳阳荷花仙子出道。”图为赵群子资料图。

Video of chengguan bully beating and stomping on victim angers Chinese | Ministry of Tofu 豆腐部 In Yan’an// A video of five chengguan (city management) officers manhandling bicycle vendors has shocked and outraged Chinese netizens, bringing the age-old topic of highly abusive chengguan force back into spotlight. In the video, a man was knocked down onto the ground by the five chengguan officers in uniform in a violent brawl. One officer then jumped heavily onto his head, a jaw-shopping move that earned him the epithet, “stomping chengguan.”

延安“跳踩商户头部”城管被刑事拘留_资讯频道_凤凰网 the stomping cheng’guan of yan’an detained

Special report: The mother who burned herself to death for Tibet | Reuters Tibetans in China practice what some scholars call an “honor-based” politics. “Many people see themselves as socially insignificant, particularly younger women, so it seems to them more reasonable that they should sacrifice themselves for the honor of the community as a whole – as the community leaders, the monks, had already done,” said Columbia’s Barnett.

孙发荣:天亮后,我告诉你天黑时发生的一切-财经网 李庄案并非重庆当局向世人公开的那样。当万马齐喑之际,孙发荣的“抵抗”犹如沉沉夜色中一盏灯火,让相信法律、信仰法治的善良的人们,不至于完全绝望。——重庆“后薄王时代手记”之三

“Chinese dream” among top media buzzwords: report – Xinhua | “Chinese dream,” “beautiful China” and “the completion of a well-off society” were among most frequently used terms in media reports and textbooks last year, according to a report released Wednesday. Other popular terms included “ecological civilization,” “self-confidence (in the Chinese path, theories and system)” and “a nation with strong marine capabilities,” said the report released by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission.



China Allows Return of U.S. Executive Before Xi’s Visit – Coming just days before a high-profile summit between President Xi Jinping and President Obama at a California desert retreat, the government’s decision to allow the engineer, Hu Zhicheng, to leave China suggests that Beijing may be seeking to start the two days of talks on a positive note.

Callaway: Obama’s China reset–USA Today Editorial– In a world of too-big-too-fail banks, China has become too big to antagonize. Obama knows this. Yet as a student of history, he also knows he must at least make his moral case, however diplomatically muted. It may be improbable to ask for some sort of reset of relations, especially after the Russia reset failed to make much headway. But it’s not impossible. Especially if economic pressure can be applied, through trade negotiations most likely. But also through business deals. The Smithfield deal demands a thorough examination, for example. Globalization is great, but do we really want to green light the corporate takeover of a prominent food company while at the same time having our concerns about cyber hacking ignored? Diplomacy must work both ways.

Obama and Xi at Sunnylands: A New Pattern of Relations? | Brookings Institution–Richard C. Bush III– Presidents Xi and Obama will not answer these questions and define the “new pattern” at Sunnylands. That’s not the purpose of their meeting. But they have a unique opportunity to agree that this concept is important (which it is) and to initiate a process to invest it with serious content (which they should).

Obama-Xi summit resort uses panels from pro-China solar firm | gbtimes Gbtimes has learned that The Annenberg Foundation Trust, which runs The Annenberg Estate, commissioned a San Diego-based company called Borrego Solar to set up the solar farm. On February 9, 2011 Borrego Solar announced a supplier deal with Yingli Green Energy, who would supply Borrego with Yingli’s cheaply manufactured Chinese solar cells. The same cheap solar cells manufacturer the US government and President Obama in October 2012 accused of dumping prices with more than 25 percent.

Cybersecurity as ‘pivot’ version two? A policy narrative for media-friendly U.S.–China relations | Transpacifica These cooperative notes, however, could trigger the media narrative Bader said the administration dreads: the United States as declining supplicant. Instead, the administration gets to claim they will raise cybersecurity in this and other interactions. They have high-level working groups in progress or planned for cybersecurity (a challenge) and energy (an opportunity). And needless to say, there is the benefit of getting a very serious issue for U.S. businesses and the U.S. national security community on the table in a way the Chinese government cannot entirely ignore.

China’s sense of superiority and injustice is a potent mix | Business Spectator China is now dependent as never before on the rest of the world to keep it going. Until the mid-1990s, it was more or less self-sufficient. Now it relies on other countries for oil, copper, iron ore, soya and many other commodities, without which it could not sustain its breakneck development nor satisfy its people’s rising aspirations. Geoff Raby, former Australian ambassador to China, put it this way in a lecture at Melbourne’s Monash University last year. “China is now, for the first time in its history, utterly dependent on foreign markets and foreigners for all things to keep its economy growing,” he said.

Global Times game lets players re-take Diaoyus, kill Japanese online | South China Morning Post The nationalist paper Global Times has launched an online game called “Recover the Diaoyu Islands”, which takes visitors on a People’s Liberation Army vessel on a mission to reassert Chinese sovereignty over the island chain also claimed by Japan. The game, which seems to have been around for several months according to timestamps on comments, is yet another move by one of China’s most popular media outlets to stoke nationalism in support of a more assertive foreign policy. // play the flash game here , harder than I expected

ANALYSIS: China, S. Korea have different reasons to strengthen military cooperation – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun The top military commanders of South Korea and China agreed in Beijing on June 4 to strengthen cooperation under an arrangement likely to upset North Korea and possibly provoke other countries in the region. Gen. Jung Seung-jo, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean military, became the country’s first top uniformed officer to visit China in six years. He met Gen. Fang Fenghui, chief of general staff of the Chinese military.

North Korea: Witness to Transformation | Is China Subsidizing the DPRK? Part Two: Fuel it looks to us that the oil trade is being conducted largely on commercial terms, with the odd twist that China is exploiting its monopoly power to extract a premium.

Espionage malware infects raft of governments, industries around the world | Ars Technica “Based on collected intelligence, we estimate the group size to be about 50 individuals, most of which speak Chinese natively and have working knowledge of the English language,” the researchers wrote. “NetTraveler is designed to steal sensitive data as well as log keystrokes and retrieve file system listings and various Office and PDF documents.”

National Museum of China acquires Xinhua photos of Diaoyu Islands patrols – Xinhua | The National Museum of China on Wednesday acquired a Xinhua reporter’s photos of Chinese surveillance ships patrolling the country’s territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands. The photos were taken by Zhang Jiansong, a reporter for the state-run Xinhua News Agency, on Sept. 14 last year, when a fleet composed of surveillance ships 50, 15, 26, 27, 51 and 66 patrolled waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands to demonstrate China’s sovereignty over the islands and ensure the country’s maritime interests.

Internal photos of China’s aircraft carrier “Liaoning” – Xinhua 



Report: Taiwan Deploys New Powerful Rocket System | Defense News | Taiwan has deployed a powerful multiple-launch rocket system on an offshore island to guard against any amphibious landing by China, local media reported Wednesday. The weapon, called Ray Ting 2000 or “Thunder 2000,” went into service for the first time on Matsu island and could reach China’s Fujian province across the Taiwan Strait, the United Evening News cited sources as saying.



TechCrunch Returns To China, For Keeps | TechCrunch great news, esp if this means proper english editing for technode..lots of good content on the site, the english has been rough at times // The TechCrunch team is really pleased to be working with Gang Lu, whom we got to know when we partnered on the first Disrupt Beijing. He is a serious technologist (that’s Dr. Gang Lu to you — a Ph.D. in wireless networks), a media pioneer and a respected voice in the China startup scene. Gang Lu and our readers in China have been waiting patiently for us to get on track in China. Now we finally are.



Brides become expensive in China|Society| top topic on sina weibo this am.  // More than 300 samples were collected to make the map and its accompanying table, which divides the country by bride price into five areas: 1 million yuan, half a million yuan, 100,000 yuan area, 10,000 yuan and zero yuan. The map was made by Sina Le Ju, which spent more than one month interviewing residents in different parts of China. Shanghai tops the table with an average bride price of at least 1 million yuan plus an apartment, followed by Tianjin, three provinces in Northeast China, and Jiangxi. Chongqing is at the bottom of the table, because the brides’ families in Chongqing rarely ask for a dowry.

Corruption on College Campuses – Economic Observer 14 university officials have been investigated for corruption in Jiangxi Province over the past five years, including three university presidents. Due to a huge influx in college admissions, universities nationwide are undergoing massive expansions allowing many opportunities for graft during construction.

石家庄规定男老师见女生须3名以上同学在场_网易新闻中心 为了严厉打击侵害少年儿童的犯罪行为,切实保障中小学生和幼儿的人身安全和身心健康,石市教育局昨日召开动员大会,决定在全市范围内开展“护苗行动”。自本月10日至30日,新组成的24个检查组将对全市中小学、幼儿园等单位活动开展情况进行检查,今后也将每月定期抽查。 按照“护苗行动”相关规定,今后所有女生宿舍将实行封闭式管理,所有男性,包括老师和家长,在进入宿舍前都要经管理人员批准。而男老师辅导或约见女生时也要有至少3名同学在场。

中国生活质量问卷 / CHINA QUALITY OF LIFE SURVEY中国生活质量问卷 / CHINA QUALITY OF LIFE SURVEY a friend in Beijing is running an interesting survey



China Focus: China strengthens air pollution control, challenges remain – Xinhua | A Monday circular issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission and other central government departments said a campaign to combat air and ground water pollution will run from May to November. Steel and cement factories, as well as power plants, will be more closely monitored, the circular said, adding that inspections will be stepped up in industries related to heavy metals, leather production and electroplating. Experts believe that an upcoming air pollution reduction plan will set lower thresholds for PM2.5, or airborne particles measuring less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter.

Snake Gall Bladders Ditched for Drugs by Balding Chinese – Bloomberg After raw-ginger scalp rubs and walnut snacks failed to counter Shi Yang’s receding hairline, the 26-year-old Shanghai engineer says he’s ready to ditch his mother’s advice and give Western drugs a go. Traditional herbal remedies for male pattern baldness are losing ground to treatments such as Merck & Co.’s Propecia and Johnson & Johnson’s Rogaine in China

工信部酝酿新一轮稀土整顿 新华社——经济参考网 MIIT planning more consolidation in rare earths sector? // 种种迹象表明,稀土行业新一轮整顿风暴即将掀起。《经济参考报》记者从权威人士处获悉,工信部正在酝酿整顿稀土行业新的工作方案,部署新一轮稀土整顿行动。“5月13日在工信部开了一个闭门会议,稀土行业的大企业和相关主管部门都到场,主要是对打击违法开采非法经营的工作方案进行讨论。”上述人士告诉记者,目前方案还在讨论和修改,预计很快就会出来。

千岛湖遭填湖建高尔夫球场 被酒店和别墅包围_网易新闻中心 a part of qiandaohu lake filled in for a golf course? // 核心提示:5月20号,记者在浙江省淳安县了解到,千岛湖地区违规填湖兴建高尔夫球场。早在2004年1月10日,国务院办公厅发出“关于暂停新建高尔夫球场的通知”,要求一律不得批准建设新的高尔夫球场项目。相关人士称,千岛湖沿岸有几千栋别墅。



McDonald’s hopes to wow mainland diners with rice – Xinhua | how to ensure not sourcing cadmium rice? // Starting from June 10, the new products, including chicken and beef rice wraps, will be sold in all 1,700 McDonald’s restaurants on the Chinese mainland. The core menu, including the chain’s staples like the Big Mac and McChicken, will not be changed, Kenneth Chan, chief executive officer of McDonald’s China, said in the press release. The company’s strategy includes more efforts to develop the night consumption market from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., thought it has put more emphasis on breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks in the past, he said in an interview with Xinhua.

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