Today’s China Readings April 23, 2012

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Cities get a sinking feeling: report|Society| A diminishing water table, combined with a growing number of skyscrapers, is causing large areas of China to sink, increasing flood risk and endangering the rail network, according to a survey released recently by the China Geological Survey. The government has already launched a number of measures to combat the problem and a plan of action was approved by the State Council in February. Research shows the most vulnerable spots are in the North China Plain, the Yangtze River Delta and the Fenwei Basin, covering a combined total area of 79,000 square kilometers – more than 100 times the size of Singapore. More than 50 cities in these areas are now at least 20 centimeters lower than they were in the 1970s, the survey said.
  • “Online CPC branch” established in Chongqing – Xinhua | BEIJING, April 22 (Xinhua) — An “online Communist Party of China (CPC) branch” was set up in Banan District of southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality after voted for by dozens of floating Party members, Chongqing Daily reported Sunday. Floating Party members, whose credentials are now still kept in Shitan Township of Banan District, participated in the vote on Friday. The members elected the secretary and members of the Party branch via mobile phones, iPads and personal computers.  Floating Party members are Party members who have left their original work places or residences’ Party organizations, and moved elsewhere but are unable to re-enroll or transfer their credentials to the new Party location.
  • PBOC’s Yi Says Market Has Bigger Role Deciding Yuan Value – Bloomberg
  • China’s Bona Film Sees Hollywood Deals Amid New Rules – Bloomberg
    I own shares in $bona. the most direct way foreign investors can buy a piece of China’s growing film industry, too bad management has not delivered//Bona Film Group Ltd. (BONA), a Beijing- based film distributor and producer, is in talks with several Hollywood studios about co-producing projects and distribution to help drive future growth.
    The Nasdaq-listed company is in discussions with studios including News Corp.’s Fox, Viacom Inc. (VIAB)’s Paramount and Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)’s Universal about “a lot of projects,” founder and Chairman Yu Dong said in an April 20 interview ahead of today’s opening of the second Beijing International Film Festival.

  • Wang’s disclosure was taken lightly by US: sources |
    really? or US spinning to downplay, leave China guessing, maybe help Wang Lijun?//Current and former US officials said Wang provided detailed allegations of corruption involving Bo and his wife. But the US government is guarding these details tightly, with access to cable traffic about the matter blocked, even for top officials.

    Some officials briefed on Wang’s disclosures said his material had been called dense, arcane and confusing. One official said the material did not fall high on the scale of priorities for US intelligence agencies.

  • Bo Xilai Clan Links Included Citigroup Hiring of His Elder Son – Bloomberg
    Among the Citigroup Inc. (C) bankers gathered in Hong Kong on Aug. 11, 2006, with the mayor of the northeastern Chinese city of Tieling to discuss investments in an industrial park was the son of a powerful China princeling.
    Li Wangzhi, who had joined Citigroup after earning a master’s degree at Columbia University, was the first son of Bo Xilai, according to two schoolmates of Li and repeated on an online publication affiliated with the Ministry of Culture.
  • Wendell Minnick – Articles: Taiwan Espionage Scandals Spell Trouble for Air Defense
    Defense News 03/26/2012 By Wendell MinnickTAIPEI — A recent spate of arrests of Taiwan military officials accused of working for China has raised concerns over the vulnerability of Taiwan’s air defense and early warning capabilities, and calls into question whether Taiwan can safeguard sensitive U.S. military technology.

  • Drone Use Takes Off on the Home Front –
    With little public attention, dozens of universities and law-enforcement agencies have been given approval by federal aviation regulators to use unmanned aircraft known as drones, according to documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests by an advocacy group.
  • 一半是记忆 一半是想象 – 新京报网
    tourism in the Paracels. looks beautiful
  • 南京复建郑和宝船 木材来自马来西亚原始森林_新闻_腾讯网
    Nanjing builds a replica of Zheng He’s ship, with wood from a Malaysian primitive forest
  • The China Rising Leadership Project, Part 1: The Chinese Communist Party and Its Emerging Next-Generation Leaders
    USCC Staff Report-PDF March 2012
  • 实德崩溃-新闻频道-和讯网 Dalian Shide is collapsing
  • The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the Drug Warlords of the Golden Triangle (9780470830185): Richard Michael Gibson, Wen H. Chen: Books
    The incredible story of how Chiang Kai-shek’s defeated army came to dominate the Asian drug trade
    After their defeat in China’s civil war, remnants of Chiang Kai-shek’s armies took refuge in Burma before being driven into Thailand and Laos. Based on recently declassified government documents, The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the Drug Warlords of the Golden Triangle reveals the shocking true story of what happened after the Chinese Nationalists lost the revolution. Supported by Taiwan, the CIA, and the Thai government, this former army reinvented itself as an anti-communist mercenary force, fighting into the 1980s, before eventually becoming the drug lords who made the Golden Triangle a household name.Offering a previously unseen look inside the post-war workings of the Kuomintang army, historians Richard Gibson and Wen-hua Chen explore how this fallen military group dominated the drug trade in Southeast Asia for more than three decades.

  • US woman becomes hero for battered wives in China – Yahoo! News
    It wasn’t the first time in their relationship that Li Yang, a Chinese celebrity entrepreneur, had struck her — but for his American wife, it was going to be the last.
    She scooped up her wailing child, grabbed their passports and a wad of cash, and walked out of their Beijing apartment. And in doing so, she opened the door to a torrent of anguish about domestic violence in her adopted country, inadvertently becoming a folk hero for Chinese battered women.
  • China’s Huji Problem | China Elections and Governance
    By Deng Yuwen, translated by Jason ToddFor thousands of years, the Chinese peasantry has been foreordained to a life chained to the soil, a fate which not only should end in our era, but must be ended. Regarding huji reform, our thinking must have a sense of urgency; we cannot slack off. However, at the level of praxis, we need a systemic and balanced plan, making every effort to reach the best result for society as a whole, and especially for the peasantry, with negative fallout minimized.

    Facing the barriers to rural-urban and regional movement, many are left with a helpless sigh: Why can’t we migrate freely in our own country?

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