Today’s China Readings April 28, 2012

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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  • 非法“地王”? – 宏观 – 21世纪网
    A lawsuit alleges that Beijing illegally sold the plot of land across from China World. A small garment factory is suing, claims to have proof it has rights to part of the plot and was never compensated. CITIC is a defendant, plans to build a 500m skyscraper, Beijing’s tallest, on the plot
  • 外媒称湄公河惨案最大疑凶已被移送中国_新闻_腾讯网
    A Burmese drug dealer has been arrested by Thailand, turned over to China, as chief suspect in last year’s Mekong River killings
  • Noodle mobsters smashed by police|Society|
    A criminal gang who controlled the supply chain of a famous snack chain store using violence and intimidation has been smashed by police, reported.
    Police arrested 59 gang members responsible for monopolizing food materials sold in Shaxian Snacks in Guangzhou, capital city of South China’s Guangdong province.
    Store owners would be beaten and threatened with further violence if they did not buy noodles and dumpling wrappers from the gang.
  • Lawmakers call for dual nationality check|Society|
    Lawmakers have urged the government to address the trend of holding dual nationality, which is illegal in China.
    Jin Shuoren, a member of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, said on Thursday that although being a citizen of two or even more countries at the same time is not allowed in China, it has become an increasingly popular practice and the government needs to take more action to deal with it.
  • Manila going too far|Comment|
    If Manila continues to ignore this country’s repeated offer of and appeal for peaceful dialogue, it should not count on eternal Chinese restraint.
    As Sun Tzu pointed out nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuvering for an advantageous position, and in trying to do so in the South China Sea, the Philippines is only getting itself into hot water.
  • 人民财评:谨防借“刚需”之名松绑楼市调控–财经–人民网
  • 拉手网数大区老总集体撤退:疑资金链全线吃紧_互联网_科技时代_新浪网
    Group buying site Lashou firing staff, cutting ad expenditures, may be running out of cash. too bad for them their us ipo failed last year
  • 赶集网域名悄然易主:总裁前妻称针对财产分割_互联网_科技时代_新浪网 being destroyed by ceo divorce
  • The Jamestown Foundation: Hu Jintao’s Sixth Generation Protégés Play Safe to Ensure Promotion-Willy Lam
  • The Jamestown Foundation: The Limits of Reform: Assaulting the Castle of the Status Quo
    too many western journalists & pundits, even ones at places like the council on foreign relations, don’t get this:In parallel with these calls for reform, other commentaries in the official press systematically limited the scope of what Beijing considered acceptable as political and economic reform. An editor’s note on Monday stated the positive emphasis on the Chinese people in guiding reforms “does not mean weakening the CCP’s leadership,” reflecting the center’s assertion that China “will stick to its fundamental political system” (People’s Daily, April 23; Global Times, April 11).  The answer is to make the government and its CCP cadre work better and more effectively while rooting out corruption, which Premier Wen recently called “the most crucial threat to the ruling party” (People’s Daily, April 24; April 23; China Daily, March 27)..
    The latest calls for reform augur little, if any, change to the status quo, regardless how strong the language or how dire the situation might seem for a scandal-ridden CCP on the cusp of a major leadership transition. The internal tensions between the CCP’s primacy and the need for more objective “scientific development” are not new, but reform probably will require tradeoffs involving the CCP’s political power. The CCP’s rule however has not been opened for negotiation, keeping entrenched interests that the party claims to oppose in place (source). On the positive side, the call for adherence and continuation to the policy of reform and opening is a fairly clear repudiation of the quasi-Maoist policies advocated by Bo.

  • China’s ‘People’s Daily’ Website Surges on IPO Debut – Deal Journal – WSJ Co., the website of People’s Daily, rose 76% in Shanghai on Friday, causing the exchange to halt trading twice based on rules that are aimed at limiting speculative trade in new listings.
  • The China Challenge: Military, Economic and Energy Choices Facing the U.S.-Japan Alliance | Center for a New American Security
    Authors: Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Paul S. Giarra, Zachary M. Hosford, Daniel Katz
  • China’s Evolving Space Capabilities: Implications for U.S. Interests | Andrew S. Erickson
    Today the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission released a report entitled CHINA’S EVOLVING SPACE CAPABILITIES: IMPLICATIONS FOR U.S. INTERESTS. The report details significant advances in China’s space program. This report was prepared for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission by the Project 2049 Institute.
  • Book Excerpt: ‘China Airborne’ by James Fallows | Asia Society
    Atlantic journalist James Fallows combines longstanding interests in technology, aviation and China in his new book China Airborne, a firsthand investigative report on China’s burgeoning aerospace industry.
  • Chen Guangcheng, a Blind Activist, Escapes House Arrest in China –
    American officials would not confirm reports that Mr. Chen had entered the American Embassy. A source in the Chinese Ministry of State Security said Mr. Chen was believed to be there on Friday. Previously, early Thursday evening, a Chinese analyst cited another State Security source who said that Mr. Chen had taken refuge in the embassy.
  • Obama Administration’s Prebuttal on its Record With China – China Real Time Report – WSJ
    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s speech Thursday in San Francisco is designed to be a preview of key concerns he’ll address next week in Beijing during the fourth round of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the three-year-old forum for the two countries to discuss economic and security issues.
    It could also be read as a preview of the Obama administration’s defense against criticism (regarding its engagement with China) during the presidential race over the next six months.
  • 陈光诚向温总理提出三个要求 – YouTube
    Chen Guangcheng’s video appeal to Wen Jiabao after he fled house captivity
  • Why Firms Get Away with Murder – Caixin Online
    The recent scandal involving drug capsules illegally made with industrial gelatin was the result of the fact that firms are immune to bankruptcy and protected by local governments. A market access mechanism exists in China, but one for market exit is lacking.
  • Porsche Mongolian Push Shows Chinese Wealth Heading West – Bloomberg
    Forget Beijing or Shanghai. Porsche AG, Maserati and Bentley Motors Ltd. are taking the fight for China’s rich to the deserts of Inner Mongolia.
    The maker of the 911 sports car opened a dealership in Ordos — a sparsely populated mining city known as home to Genghis Khan’s mausoleum — in March after sales jumped 10-fold in four years to 200 vehicles, according to the head of Porsche China. Executives at Volkswagen AG (VOW)’s Bentley and Fiat SpA (F)’s Maserati said they also plan to open showrooms in the city.
  • Bank of America Appoints New China Head – Deal Journal – WSJ
    Charles Alexander as interim head of its China operations, according to an internal memo seen by Deal Journal.Mr. Alexander, who is currently head of Asia Pacific Corporate Banking, fills the position following the departure of Liu Erh Fei

  • 长安8号四易其主难改烂尾命运-财经频道-金融界
    in-depth look at history of apartment complex across street from Beijing’s Shinkong Mall that has changed ownership several times and can never be completed
  • “Historic” propaganda to be proud of – China Media Project
    The Oriental Morning Post, a leading commercial newspaper in Shanghai, reports today on a talk given at Fudan University this week by Zhang Yannong (张研农), the director (or top Party official) at the CCP’s official People’s Daily.In his talk, “The People’s Daily‘s Historical Undertaking and Pursuit of Innovation” (《人民日报的历史担当与创新追求》), Zhang spoke openly about how editorials in the People’s Daily had “set the tone” (确定了基调) for the Bo Xilai affair and had “served to create unity of thought for the Party and nation, and to reassure the public and stabilize the overall situation.”

    In its treatment of the Bo Xilai affair, Zhang added, the People’s Daily had “shown a powerful capacity for channeling public opinion, and had had great value.” Moreover, it should be “written into political history and journalism history.”

  • Asia House of the Day: Shanghai, China Penthouse — Photos –
    This four-bedroom apartment comes with Chinese and Western-style kitchens and is located four miles from Shanghai’s airport. 2.855M USD
  • Blind Chinese activist escapes from house arrest, friend says –
    Chen Guangcheng’s high-profile breakout appears to have angered Chinese authorities, with members of his family already reporting that they have suffered reprisals.
  • Bringing Transparency To The Great Firewall Of China |
  • Life in China Is Stranger Than My Fiction – NYT-author qiu xiaolong
    In the semidarkness of that karaoke room, while scantily clad waitresses popped in and out, I listened again to those songs. One girl giggled. “You know what! A sick man got well miraculously singing the red songs.” Apparently, Mr. Bo’s move to turn the clock back was gaining popularity.Like the detective in my novels, I tried to figure out why. It was not that difficult. With increasing economic inequality, the bankruptcy of traditional ethics, the rise of unbridled materialism, the absolute power of the one-party system leading to absolute corruption, people were simmering with frustration and discontent. But where did Mr. Bo fit in? Somehow I did not see him as a true Maoist but as someone who believed in nothing except his personal interest.

  • Eric X Li-Most of China’s Communist Party princelings aren’t like Bo Xilai –
    looks Eric like Li has signed with Global Viewpoint Network/Tribune Media Services to help him get his message out. He is far better at soft power and overseas propaganda than any of the official media
  • New North Korean Missile Is Called Into Question –
    a pair of German missile experts have gone public with evidence suggesting that new missiles that the North rolled out with much pomp at a parade just days later were mock-ups, and clumsy ones at that
  • Designated Drivers: How China Plans to Dominate the Global Auto Industry (9781118328859): G. E. Anderson: Books
    An in-depth look at the Chinese car industry that sheds new light on the delicate nature of China’s planned economy
  • Bo Xilai’s Son Ticketed in Porsche –
    BOSTON—In an effort to dispel reports that he led a luxurious lifestyle, Bo Guagua, the Chinese “princeling” at Harvard and son of a deposed Communist leader, this week denied he ever drove a Ferrari. But Mr. Bo has racked up three traffic citations in Massachusetts—and according to a person familiar with the matter, he was driving a black Porsche.
  • Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China
    Lafite is out, and Conti is in, according to the last few major wine auctions in Hong Kong. That much was clear last year, when the Lafite market tanked at the November wine sales. The auction houses had gotten used to being almost 100 percent sold every sale, but in the fall of 2011 prices dropped precipitously and Christie’s sold only 84 percent of the lots offered. Many of the failed cases were Lafite. The bright spots of those auctions, however, were wines from the Burgundy region of France as well as Italy.
  • Scandal in China May Help Vice President Xi Jinping –
    “Xi [Jinping] will benefit from this,” said a former Chinese ambassador now working in the Foreign Ministry who, like many people interviewed during the scandal, spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “It will make his situation much easier.”
  • Following Weibo from afar-Global Times
    ccording to Wang, most foreign stars want to market themselves or better understand China through using Weibo, and therefore it is not necessary to particularly monitor their deeds.Fang Binxing, president of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, agreed.

    “These foreigners have the freedom to express themselves on Weibo as long as they do not violate Chinese laws,” Fang told the Global Times.

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