Readings for 2010-04-21

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • any1 know if sequoia china invested in mobile SNS haolianluo “???”? –
  • Bulldozer crushes woman: official suspended — Shanghai Daily-a hebei relocation-“only an accident.”
  • NetEase may become Microsoft MSN partner in China | Reuters just a day late w this $ntes $msft
  • China plans £2.6bn horse racing complex-Telegraph “backed by developers in Dubai” really? sounds sketchy on many levels
  • Questions Arising From New Details On The Google Cyberattacks | DigiCha
  • Israel’s Holy Warriors | The New York Review of Books #
  • Goldman Director Gupta Dines With Obama, Deals With Rajaratnam-Bloomberg then insider trades w Galleon?
  • Carl Levin: Another ‘Big Shoe to Drop’ on Goldman -Newsweek. “documents “that link certain actions to specific people”
  • Goldman Employees Donated $1 Million to Obama Campaign – Bloomberg
  • pics from some of the resettled viallges from 3 gorges ?????——4???? – ????? | ???
  • Qunar trying 2 pick another public fight w CTrip. worked for them last time ?????????????????????_???
  • the cult behind this one led 2 death of 20m people-Taiping Rebellion
  • Two cult leaders jailed in south China “banned Shijishen, or Real God, cult” cults very sensitive in china
  • Around China: Milk suspected in food poisonings
  • Taoism piques interest of young Beijingers
  • Top Chocolate Companies Eliminate Cocoa Butter: to save money
  • Mobius Says China Property Demand to Withstand Lending Curbs –

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