China Readings for 2011-02-04

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • 2nd most forwarded on Sina weibo 2day about 4 yr old boy who was kidnapped in Fujian yesterday #
  • China: the year in environment – in pictures | Environment | #
  • A Setback for China's Solar Industry – BusinessWeek $yge $stp $ldk $solf $csun #
  • Battle Over West Coast Coal Terminal – Coal Foes Play China Card. That card getting lots of use #
  • Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China's Extraordinary Rise #
  • Conversation w Carl Walter, author of "Red Capitalism:Fragile Financial Foundation of China's Extraordinary Rise" NYT #
  • ‘The Emperor’s Private Paradise’ at the Met – Review – #
  • ‘Nixon in China’ at the Metropolitan Opera – Review – #
  • $ccme Bronte Capital: China Media Express: what disconcerted me when I read the accounts #
  • Secret Texting… Pass It On – #
  • Forbes Cover on Thiel, in this issue sure looks like Forbes & Business Week both pitched by Thiel publicists #
  • Peter Thiel: 21st Century Free Radical-BusinessWeek Thiel's PR people in hyperdrive, Forbes, BW both swallowed hard #
  • SpyTalk – Window closing for evacuation from Egypt, CIA veteran warns "on brink of a civil war" #
  • Mongolian president uses Reagan playbook – Washington Times #
  • Ruins of wooden Great Wall discovered in NE China this must be the Chinese Wall Banks refer to #
  • High-speed rail in China: On the wrong track? | Economist how many did Chunnel go bust? critics case 2 narrow $macro #
  • Not All Chinese Real Estate is Equal « Silicon Hutong smart piece (not just cuz links 2 me) Chanos should read $macro #
  • China's property market: Protecting the middle class | Economist decent piece, esp re overhyped property tax $macro #
  • A New Studio System – @gadyestein profiles Qin Hui in forbes playing China movie growth through $bona #
  • WaPo-Arabs see U.S. response as sign of irrelevance in the region big opportunity for china #
  • China Eyes U.S. Defense Contracts – & AVIC is GE's Avionics JV partner #
  • The Mormon primary: Mitt Romney vs. Jon Huntsman – #
  • no blocks of searches for ?? (Cairo) on Sina Weibo #
  • Muddy Waters Skewers China MediaExpress Holdings (CCME), See 60%+ Downside | zero hedge full report #
  • WSJ: US States Widen Currency-Trade Probes banks should be regulated as assumed guilty until proved innocent #
  • Chinese property bubble: a myth?-FT “market expanding at sustainable pace & broadly in line w fundamentals“ #
  • what will Chanos and Andy Xie if the property market doesn't collapse? Andy Xie could explode in some sort of high-pitched hysteria on cnbc? #
  • Is China the Enemy?-Neil Weinberg BS Comparison. Modern Japan arose from ashes of US destruction,knew couldn't beat US #
  • Wall Street Co-Opting Nominally Liberal Think Tanks; Banks Lobbying 2 Become New GSEs-naked capitalism-corrupt 2 core #
  • every foreign reporter in beijing should use Sina weibo, just as their HQ probably has every1 on twitter now. it is that big and important #
  • WikiLeaks: Chinese weapons fall in2 hands of insurgents how many us weapons r chinese buying off battlefield? #
  • In China New Year's cartoon tests boundaries of free speech @tomlasseter got egypt censorship story right @chinageeks #
  • Egypt, China, and Revolution (Part 2) | ChinaGeeks | a China blog & lazy reporting by some #

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