China Readings for 2011-02-05

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • never underestimate the capacity for misunderstanding and provocations. on either side #
  • Adm Holloway:"essence of China ?: Will US opt 2 react w an appropriate level of response 2 aggression by the Chinese?" #
  • "China understands America’s dependence on sea lines of communication 4 both its economy and security" does author understand China's? #
  • 1.11 Proceedings- If the Question Is China . . U.S. answer..strong deterrent fleet of large-deck carrier task forces. #
  • Chen Shiqu, head of Public Security Bureau's anti-human trafficking office has 75k Sina Weibo followers ?????? ???? #
  • 320k+ plus messages on sina weibo in campaign 2 help child beggars ????- ????~???~??~??~?? #
  • Chinese Visitor Surge Buoys New Zealand Tourism's `Asian Growth Burst' – Bloomberg #
  • Chinese cyber-spies penetrate Foreign Office computers | World news | The Guardian #
  • performance from Beijing TV spring festival show 2011BTV?? central & provincial spring gala producers LSD fiends? #
  • Penalties Don’t Deter All From Hiding Money Overseas – bad idea these days #
  • Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq's Computers – not blaming China..yet #
  • Justice Thomas’s Wife Sets Up a Conservative Lobbying Shop – rule of law American style #
  • 50,000+ microbloggers help find kidnapped boy in under three days – Shanghaiist Sina Weibo useful #
  • nice for tencent that they can so easily buy a game firm in the US. 2 bad US firms can't do the same in China due to protectionism #
  • Jan 2010-Shanda Games Buys Mochi Media; Are US Game Companies Ready For The Chinese? | DigiCha #
  • Tencent Is Said to Be Near Deal to Buy US-based Riot Games. "350m+" – Bloomberg #
  • Xinhua-US: China not currency manipulator #
  • Bronte Capital: China Agritech. The "sniff test" and other questions for Anne Zheng and Carlyle $cagc #
  • Muddy Firm Sinks China MediaExpress on New Years Day – Forbes gibes platform to $ccme shareholder 2 defend firm #
  • The Koch Brothers' Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy | Mother Jones #
  • Drought in Northern China Alarms Leaders – $macro #
  • Watchdog Group questions Google's relationship with NSA | Network World what about Facebook? #
  • About Carson Block | Legal Writing Shanghai man behind muddy waters. wonder if he is getting serious death threats? #

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