China Readings For 2011-05-28

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Unable to stop land grab, Chinese farmer set self afire | McClatchy by @tomlasseter grim #
  • It's a steel, old China steel still booming $macro #
  • China Daily-Taoist Wudang Mountains lure foreigners any1 taken one of these programs? #
  • Reuters: Hackers breached US defense contractors cloned SecurID. guess that RSA hacked worked? #
  • World View: Blame Three Gorges Dam – Bloomberg by @AdamMinter #
  • 6 months ago–Charlie Rose – Jon Huntsman, US Ambassador to China watch his eyebrows. strange tic, indicates what? #
  • Shanxi SASAC officials get gr8 apts cheap, claim because of "group buying", "very normal" 山西国资委低价买豪宅 官员称团购便宜很正常_新闻_腾讯网 #
  • Mary Kaye Huntsman: The unreluctant spouse – Kasie Hunt – #
  • X Senator Judd Gregg Hired By Goldman Sachs As International Advisor no corruption here, move along… #
  • US Doesnt Name China a Currency Manipulator Tres gives l8 report 2 Congress Fri b4 holiday. What is Geithner Hiding? #
  • Chongqing head of PSB and now vice-mayor Wang Lijun is ethnic Mongolian, born in inner Mongolia 王立军_百度百科 #
  • Did U.S. 'Frame' Strauss-Kahn Over to IMF Economic Forecasts?: Huanqiu, People's Republic of China #
  • Bronte Capital: Those clever people at China Fire and Security and Bain #
  • China’s most expensive flat, unveiled |– #
  • UPDATE 1-Vietnam says Chinese boats harassed oil exploration ship | Energy & Oil | Reuters maritime chengguan #
  • BBC News – US lawmakers block China firms from Pentagon contracts Can US firms get China Defense Ministry contracts? #
  • Ten Reasons Why China is Different by Stephen S. Roach – Project Syndicate h/t @edwardnh #
  • Longtop Teaches Deloitte How To Discover A Chinese Stock Fraud | DigiCha $lft $long $xin #
  • Not All Chinese IPO Are Hot; Nobao A NoGo | DigiCha $nre #
  • And We Are Back, Now Hosted On The Stocktwits Blog Network | DigiCha #
  • Nobao Renewable Energy IPO postponed | Reuters failed China IPO-Citibank, Goldman, DB, UBS deal. #
  • 500 Posts: Reflections on China’s Future | ChinaGeeks | analysis and translation of modern China #
  • Caijing-Three Killed in an Explosion Against Demolition in Southern China #
  • China Mobile, Alibaba to Enter CBD Land Bids_English_Caixin Alibaba playing Beijing real estate? $yhoo #
  • Radio Silence in China: VOA Abandons the Airwaves | The Heritage Foundation #
  • Sina Testing Lite-Blog Qing Tumblr like $sina #
  • weibo: district head in fuzhou was detained by Party the night of the bombing 江西抚州爆炸案发当天(5月26日)晚上10点,抚州市临川区区长习东森被双规 #

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