China Readings For 2011-05-29

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • “@SinaNewsChina: 揭秘解放军网络部队:军队常规编制并非黑客” //a look inside PLA’s online army, on Sina News #
  • N. Korea Leans More on China as Isolation Grows – Bloomberg #
  • on trend of PE funds privatizing overseas listed Chinese firms, taking them public again in China/HK “海外上市孤儿”回归潮_21世纪网 #
  • In Censorship Move, Iran Plans Its Own, Private Internet – #
  • Iran Plans 2 Unplug Internet, Create Its Own using whose technology? bet China has booming export biz in Net management #
  • Jim Rogers Explains The Crisis That Could End The China Boom Water #
  • PLAN has a lot of new equipment 2 test–China reprimands Vietnam over offshore oil exploration #
  • southern weekend article says Alipay subject of discussion during US-China SED $yhoo where is softbank in all this? #
  • Alipay no longer has VIE relationship w Alibaba. 支付宝母公司与阿里巴巴集团不再是协议控制关系__南方周末 Yahoo may really be screwed $yhoo #
  • original report, no mention of finance issues. mayb competitors smearing? $wmt 2 top China Wal-Mart execs quit-Reuters #
  • Chinese press says 2 china walmart Sr execs fired for faking numbers 沃尔玛中国区爆财务丑闻 收购好又多尘埃落定 #
  • Pakistani military worried about collaborators – The Washington Post #

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