China Readings For 2011-08-15

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • jockeying be4 2012 leadership change may b gr8 opportunity for CHina's investigative journalists. lots of dirty laundry mayb allowed 2 air #
  • "在项目筹建初期,实力雄厚的大化集团原本计划单独建设该项目,但这一计划遭到了彼时大连市某高层领导的强烈反对,该领导提议由福佳集团与大化集团合资建设。

      “在项目投产后,这名领导的兄弟与福佳大化有着密切的业务往来..福佳大化的部分股权就有官方背景。" 大连市某高层领导?? #

  • 杭州圆通发生疑似邮包发生爆炸事故 两女孩被炸伤-《财经网》 mail bomb in hangzhou #
  • interesting background, incl bo xilai connections, 4 dalian px plant. 大连福佳大化PX项目或搬迁 揭"剧毒"工厂神秘身份_新浪网 h/t @vshih2 #
  • China's not doing us a favor – Zakaria – Blogs #
  • was Dalian government planning to move px plant anyway? how many protestors have been arrested? mistake 2 conclude leopard has changed spots #
  • Crovitz: Techno-Utopians r Mugged by Reality-WSJ Crovitz shows his neo-fascist side. & love his hypocrisy re GFW #
  • 人+兽=?–南都周刊 #
  • Dalian not only city w PX plant built or being built 化工围城中的各地PX冲动 -21世纪网 they can't all be moved #
  • Woman's rape case shows pitfalls of Chinese justice | McClatchy #
  • First Enforcement Action under Anti-Monopoly Law against Administrative Monopoly : China Law Insight #
  • Some foreign fast food is harder to swallow|Top News| #
  • U.S. Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter – our allies the Pakistanis #
  • Free Lunch, Free Links | Sinocism going to start charging for curation on both Sinocism and Digicha #
  • 中国航母:美国还想要什么解释?(望海楼)–军事–人民网 #
  • rental prices up significantly in beijing. price-rent bubble charts need 2b re-run 北京限购半年房租涨势难控 部分北漂被迫离开_腾讯网 #
  • Xinhua–China's microblogs enhance public's supervision of government #
  • China's Problematic Housing Data – #
  • U.S. Shows off Carrier to Vietnam Amid Tensions – that is what a real aircraft carrier looks like #
  • One-child policy a surprising boon for China girls – Yahoo! News #
  • Man 'posed as kidnap victim to extort family' — Shanghai Daily the thumb-hacking picture from weibo a hoax? #
  • Pakistan lets China see US helicopter – & take samples and photos. #
  • U.S. To Deny Taiwan New F-16 Fighters – Defense News retrofit only. seems decision made weeks ago, ran by chinese #
  • Suspected Chinese spear-phishing attacks continue to hit Gmail users – Computerworld #
  • New US ambassador to China takes up post – nice looking kids, young, wonder where going to school #
  • @swang75 you are right. riots was a sloppy/too fast on twitter mistake. absolutely was peaceful citizens action in reply to swang75 #

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