China Readings for December 12th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • School bus safety draft regulation released – Xinhua |– BEIJING, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) — A draft regulation on school bus safety management was made public Sunday by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, with the public invited to submit comments on it.The draft stipulates that local governments above the county level should take “overall responsibility” in school bus safety, and authorities of education, public security, transportation and product quality supervision should also properly perform their respective duties.
  • 国资委:石油石化电网通信属于公益型国企_新闻_腾讯网
  • China’s largest global ocean expedition discovers 16 submarine hydrothermal deposits – Xinhua |– QINGDAO, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) — Sixteen submarine hydrothermal deposits were discovered during China’s largest global ocean expedition, researchers said.The expedition vessel, Ocean No.1, returned Sunday to Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong province.

    The expedition, the country’s 22nd, launched from Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, on Dec. 8, 2010. It spent 369 days in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans, and was China’s longest and most expansive ocean expedition.

  • Beijing SWAT team shows skills – Xinhua | – Members of the Beijing Police Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team take part in a mock rescue drill during a police open day in Beijing, Dec 10, 2011.
  • Xinhua-Chinese President calls on nation to learn from scientist Qian Xuesen – Xinhua | – Chinese President Hu Jintao has called on the nation to be patriotic and learn from the innovative spirit of Qian Xuesen, the late scientist considered the country’s “father of space technology.”
  • 上海PM2.5十年监测路 – 宏观 – 21世纪网 – 虽然上海官方目前尚未公布PM2.5数值,但由国家环保部称,上海所在的长三角地区“PM2.5和O3污染加重,灰霾现象频繁发生,能见度降低”。
  • 唯增长主义制造“健康赤字” – 宏观 – 21世纪网 – “growth-only-ism” has created a health deficit
  • 人民币“跌停”真相 “热钱”撤退疑团重重 – 金融 – 21世纪网 – “热钱”流出以及人民币兑美元汇率盘中“跌停”的消息似乎在相互影响、相互强化,更加重了市场恐慌情绪,但从记者近日调查的情况看,实际情况远非如此简单。
  • Goldin’s Confucianism « Warp, Weft, and Way – In this lively, concise and erudite volume on Confucianism, Paul Goldin aims to provide an introduction to its core concepts and ideas. Roughly half of the original sources on which Goldin draws comes from what, after Zhu Xi, are called the Four Books of Confucianism. He draws on the Analects to extract his discussion of “Confucius and his disciples” (the title of Chapter One), includes brief discussion of the Great Learning, and provides overview of Mencius’s teachings through the Mencius. The fourth of the Four, the Zhongyong (Application of Equlibrium in Goldin’s translation), is “cited at the appropriate junctures” (p. 6).  The other half of the book draws on the Canon of Filial Piety, the Xunzi, and very briefly on some relevant sources from the Song Dynasty to the recent present.
  • Zhang Yimou’s ‘Flowers of War’ Sumptuous But Only Selectively Nuanced – China Real Time Report – WSJ
  • China refines overseas oil grab strategy | Energy & Oil | Reuters
  • China’s Pakistan Conundrum | Foreign Affairs– The bottom line is that China will not simply “bail out” Pakistan with loans, investment, and new untied aid, as commentators watching the deterioration of relations between the United States and Pakistan seem to expect. Rather, China’s involvement in the country will closely reflect Beijing’s own priorities and evolving risk assessments.For its part, the United States, which has failed to induce greater Chinese “pressure” on Islamabad, may be able to take advantage of China’s new calculus to pursue complementary approaches focused on economics and finance. Countervailing interests, including China’s effort to hedge against a growing U.S.-Indian partnership, will continue to obstruct strategic coordination between the United States and China in Pakistan, especially on anti-India and Kashmir-focused militant groups. But the more the two countries’ economic threat assessments converge, the more Beijing and Washington should be able to turn a shared but abstract interest in Pakistan’s “stability” into more complementary policies.
  • TCM Group – China
  • President Hu: China to focus on expanding imports – Yahoo! News – Chinese President Hu Jintao said Sunday that China doesn’t intentionally pursue a large trade surplus and that it will focus on expanding imports in the coming years.
    In a speech broadcast live on state television, Hu said China’s ultimate aim is to have balanced trade and that total imports will exceed $8 trillion over the next five years, bringing “enormous opportunities” to businesses around the world eager to sell to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.
    Hu was speaking at a forum to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization.
  • 国信办:发展健康网络文化_互联网_科技时代_新浪网– 中央外宣办、国务院新闻办、国家互联网信息办主任王晨在会上传达了中央领导同志指示精神,强调网络文化建设和管理部门要加强网络文化建设和管理,大力发展健康向上的网络文化。  王晨在讲话中指出,各地区和有关部门要按照党的十七届六中全会部署,转变思想观念,把互联网的建设和发展纳入经济社会发展全局
  • Three days in Kyoto | Shanghaied Weblog
  • China’s Spies Are Catching Up –– China’s success in stealing American secrets will provide a continuing challenge to the spy catchers. And Washington’s counterintelligence agents, accustomed to the comfortable parameters of the cold war and more recent battles against Al Qaeda, must rethink their priorities and shift their focus, resources and energy eastward to counter China’s spies.If not, more secrets like the W-88 nuclear warhead will continue to find their way to Beijing.
  • Beaten in the WTO’s name game | – Beijing’s state-planned status puts it on unequal footing with trade partners. Experts say it faces a tough fight to be deemed a market economy
  • 警方实施“天网工程” 保障和谐平安重庆 – from 2007. so china’s skynet been around for years. ironic name
  • 巴马:“天网工程”给力 违法犯罪显形 –     日前,巴马瑶族自治县公安局110接警民警通过指挥中心“天网”监控系统指挥巡警成功抓获几名聚集在一广场角落聚赌的人员。这是“天网工程”打击街面违法犯罪的的一个缩影。
  • 7000多个电子眼编织平安“天网”(图)-搜狐滚动 – China has a “Skynet Project”. Guess they watch the Terminator movies
  • Huawei to Scale Back Business in Iran –
  • China’s love affair with blogging wanes – – tightening regulation sapping $sina weibo’s vitality

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  1. The term “天网” does not come from Terminator, but from the old Chinese saying “天网恢恢,疏而不漏”, which outdates the movies by several magnitudes. More precisely, “天” in this context should be better translated as “heaven” rather than “sky”.

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