China Readings for March 28th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • 铁道部放手省内城际线路 民资入铁路遭遇弹簧门 – 宏观 – 21世纪网
  • 上海国际金融中心建设疾行 银行第二总部密集落沪 – 宏观 – 21世纪网
  • 越南21名渔民侵入我国西沙领海炸鱼被扣并罚款_新闻_腾讯网
  • 中国个人资产超600万元富豪人群达270万_新闻_腾讯网
  • 媒体称重庆警方清理王立军痕迹 交巡警担心下岗_新闻_腾讯网
  • China Shows U.S. How to Push for Carbon Capture – Bloomberg – in China, carbon capture marches steadfastly ahead, as an article in the May issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine reports. A pilot project by China Huaneng Group Corp. has been able to remove carbon from coal-plant exhaust for about $39 per ton of captured CO2, which is a little more than a third of what it costs in the U.S.
    The work has been so impressive, as John Lippert and Chua Baizhen report, that Duke Energy Corp., the largest U.S. energy company, has signed a research agreement with Huaneng to study its technology. Duke wants to learn how much it would cost to retrofit its largest power plant, in Gibson County, Indiana, to capture carbon.
  • AFP: China sentences Xinjiang attack ringleader to death – A man accused of plotting a deadly knife and hatchet attack last month in China's restive Xinjiang region has been sentenced to death, judicial authorities said.
    The man's name — Abudukeremu Mamuti in Chinese — suggested he was from the mainly Muslim Uighur minority that populates the northwestern region and has long complained of political and religious oppression under Chinese rule.
    A court in Kashgar sentenced him to death on Monday for leading a "terrorist" group to a market in a remote town in Xinjiang on February 28, and hacking to death 15 people.
  • China’s one-child policy makeover – – Today there are more options: in the words of one Chuzhou government official, “once you have enough to eat, you do not throw away your child”. Put simply, people can afford to raise girls these days rather than abandon them. Some may pay a fine of Rmb2,000-5,000 ($320-$790) for an excess child; and the really rich may go overseas to deliver. If she were born today, Xinke might not have been abandoned.
  • 北京暂不试点房产税 – 北京新闻·时政 -新京报电子报
  • Second Bar to the Right (Then Straight On ‘Til Morning) – Single: The Randy Abel Stable: MP3 Downloads – beijing band
  • CC Sweets for MSNBC on Vimeo
  • What NPR means by "reporting" – Glenn Greenwald – – It is well worth listening to this 4-minute NPR story from this morning (embedded below) on the grave and growing menace of “state-sponsored Terrorism” from Iran. NPR national security reporter Dina Temple-Raston does what she (and NPR reporters generally) typically do: gathers a couple of current and former government officials (with an agreeable establishment think-tank expert thrown in the mix), uncritically airs what they say, and then repeats it herself. This is what establishment-serving journalists in Washington mean when they boast that they, but not their critics, engage in so-called “real reporting”; it means: calling up Serious People in Washington and uncritically repeating what they say (see here and here for the episode when Temple-Raston voiced that basic claim to me, as she boasted of special knowledge she possessed about Anwar Awlaki’s guilt obtained when unnamed government officials whispered assertions to her in private which she then uncritically repeated: that’s real reporting).
  • China’s Anti Access Future is Here | Defense Tech – China’s may already be able to hold U.S. forces in the far western Pacific Ocean at bay, argues DT’s go to China expert and Naval War College professor Andrew Erickson in one of his latest analysis pieces.

    While China can’t yet project serious military power around the globe — or even to the farthest corners of the Pacific — it’s massive military buidup may have given the nation enough muscle to create the anti-access/area denial scenario in its own neighborhood that Pentagon planners have been worrying about for several years. As Erickson says, the “the future is now.”

  • U.S. Consulate General Press Releases (2012) | Consulate General of the United States Hong Kong & Macau – The United States congratulates Mr. Leung Chun-ying (C.Y. Leung) on his victory in Sunday's balloting for Hong Kong's next Chief Executive. We look forward to working with Mr. Leung and his team to further expand our already close economic and trade ties and people-to-people exchanges that have long been a hallmark of U.S.-Hong Kong relations. The United States continues to support the principle of "one country, two systems." We look forward to continued progress toward the goal of full universal suffrage in the election of the next Chief Executive in 2017 and to the Legislative Council in 2020, in accordance with the Basic Law and the aspirations of the Hong Kong people.
  • The Real Reason Why Symantec Sold Its Interest in Huawei Symantec | Digital Dao – And while the joint venture may be over, remember that a lot of Huawei equipment has already been sold to the U.S. government including DOD and NASA by Huawei Symantec through channel partners like MPAK and Dell Force 10 Networks. To make matters worse, no one is testing for backdoors in firmware updates to any of the hardware manufactured in China; not just Huawei but Dell's servers as well.
  • Sinocism Now Blocked In China | Sinocism – Earlier today Hong Huang recommended the site to her 4.3m Sina Weibo followers. Within a few hours Sinocism was blocked by China’s Great Firewall, the first time I have had any content, let alone a whole site, fall victim to the Digital Curtain.

    It is pathetic that China’s censors would waste their time on a small blog like Sinocism. Their actions undermine the nauseating claims by shills like Martin Jacques and Niall Ferguson that China has developed a superior model that will soon overtake the West. It has not and never will so long as its leaders are so paranoid.

    One World, Two Internets.

  • 反对国企改革的奇异同盟_杂志频道_财新网 – 反对国企市场化改革的,既有部分国资系统人士,也有反对任何市场化改革道路的人士,前者是不真诚的,后者是不自觉的
  • Food fight develops in Va. over sale of live animals – The Washington Post – The customer seemed like any other when he ordered live bass and red-eared slider turtles from gurgling tanks at Falls Church’s Great Wall Supermarket, a grocery that caters to the tastes of Northern Virginia’s burgeoning Asian communities.

    But this buy last spring was part of a weeks-long undercover sting, and the nondescript customer was a state game agent. Weeks later, officers were back to seize most of the seafood counter — including bullfrogs, crayfish, a swamp eel and more — and issue felony arrest warrants for two store managers.

  • The China Beat · Excerpt: Chinese Literature: A Very Short Introduction
  • Has Mark Zuckerberg Been Spotted at Shanghai ? » M.I.C. Gadget
  • Internet search yields bogus arms parts from China | Reuters – buy through alibaba and taobao?//

    U.S. government investigators, using a fictitious company, were able to easily find electronic parts for weapons from China on the Internet and every single item they bought was counterfeit, despite China's pledge to crack down on fake products.

  • “If You Are Going to Do Something, Do It Big” | China Private Equity – The first thing that strikes you is complete geographic implausibility of it all. In a rural corner of China’s barren, sparsely-populated and dusty Loess Plateau, sits an enormous complex of factories, dormitories, roads, and train tracks occupying an area of 38 square kilometers (14.6 square miles, almost 19 million square feet). That’s over half the size of Manhattan, 58 times larger than LA’s Disneyland, three times larger than the world’s busiest international airport, Heathrow in London.

    The site belongs to a single Chinese company. It’s private, been in business less than a decade, has come from nowhere to become the world’s largest manufacturer of a critical component used in steel production, with likely revenues this year of over USD$1.5 billion (Rmb10 billion), profits of over USD$130 million , and assets of over USD$2.4 billion (Rmb 15 billion).  It’s 99% owned by its founder and chairman, with the other 1% held by his wife and daughter. By any measures, it is among the largest private industrial companies in the world, and certainly among the fastest ever to get to $1 billion in sales.

    Not only have you never heard of it, neither has virtually everyone in China. It’s never listed among the biggest private companies in China. Its owner is never included among the ranks of the country’s private sector billionaires. Just how unknown is this remarkably successful entrepreneur? Here’s one measure. Believe me, I’m a big nobody in China. But, a Baidu search turns up more articles and references to me and my company than to this company boss and his.  In terms of orders of magnitude, his company employs about 2,000 times more people than mine, and occupies a premises that’s about, well, 190,000 times larger.

  • 克服中央“大脑休克”推进改革 – FT中文网
  • 中国手机市场大洗牌 – FT中文网
  • 北京正为推广房产税作基础性准备_政经频道_财新网 – 北京市住房和城乡建设委员会主任杨斌表示,北京推广房产税将按中央要求去做,试点时间尚不确定
  • 山东警方再击毙一只“狼” 村民报警称丢哈士奇(组图)_资讯频道_凤凰网
  • Britain asks China to probe death of UK citizen in Bo Xilai’s Chongqing – Telegraph – why does everyone seem to deny they knew him? a ghost? a spy? or a tragic "nobody" who left behind a widow and 2 young kids?//

    The Foreign Office has asked China to reopen an investigation into the death of a British businessman amid speculation of poisoning and murder which could link him to the biggest political scandal to hit the Communist regime in decades.

  • Wen drink warning hits moutai shares | beyondbrics | News and views on emerging markets from the Financial Times – – First cars, now booze. Chinese liquor producers saw their shares tumble on Tuesday after Premier Wen Jaibao vowed to ban government officials from squandering public funds on cigarettes and luxury alcohol.

    The move, designed to quell public anger at official excess, comes just a month after Beijing proposed banning the purchase of any car that is foreign, big or extravagant, for official vehicle fleets.

    China Kweichow Moutai Distillery, the state-owned company whose fiery liquor is particularly popular among China’s elite, suffered a 6.5 per cent share price decline in Shanghai, its biggest drop since January.

  • CER Research Statement Regarding Abbott Laboratories March 25 | cerresearch – A new statement from Abbott Laboratories says that five of the experts quoted in the CER Research report on Abbott Labs published last Wednesday have requested that their comments be withdrawn. To our knowledge, none of the experts has denied making the remarks or denied that CER Research spoke to them on the topic of milk powder. There is an important distinction to be made between withdrawing remarks and denying them. We have a record of all comments included by all named individuals in the report. We can only speculate on why these experts are suddenly so eager to distance themselves from the report.

    Meanwhile, a number of Chinese experts have commented through various online channels in support of the methodology used by CER Research and the conclusions reached by experts quoted in the report. They include Wang Dingmian, with the Guangdong Milk Industry Association whose comment is included below. He states his basic support for the approach taken by CER Research, saying it is of benefit to Chinese consumers.

  • 搜索视频:mad men s05 – 土豆网 视频搜索 在线观看 – lots of mad men episodes available on tudou. did not realize they had licensed it
  • 冯小刚怒骂网络施暴者:骂你们是畜生都侮辱畜性_资讯频道_凤凰网
  • 舒淇删微博引大佬热议:警惕网络水军病态情绪-搜狐IT
  • Heard on the Street: Forex Flows Dictate China’s Policy Outlook – – Traders in China's foreign-exchange markets are reporting two weeks of yuan selling—suggesting capital exiting the country. Calculations based on data from the central bank suggest hot money leaving China in four of the last five months, with more than 200 billion yuan ($31.7 billion) heading for the door.
  • 中国194人养一名公务员 官民比远低于其他国家_网易财经
  • Mega Maldives Airlines Finds a Niche Serving China – – At a time when many airlines are filing for bankruptcy or consolidating routes, George Weinmann is jumping into the industry with a start-up.

    Mr. Weinmann, the chief executive of Mega Maldives Airlines, is going after a growing niche, linking increasingly affluent China with the Maldives, a tiny island nation. The American entrepreneur says he has the right ingredients to make it a success: lucrative landing rights in an expanding market, an international network of contacts and crucial government approvals.

    “Over the next 10 years, the Maldives can become the playground in the backyard of India and China, similar to the way the Caribbean is to the U.S.A. and Canada,” Mr. Weinmann said.

  • U.S., Australia announce deeper military ties amid Pentagon pivot to SE Asia – The Washington Post – The United States and Australia are planning a major expansion of military ties, including possible drone flights from a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean and increased U.S. naval access to Australian ports, as the Pentagon looks to shift its forces closer to Southeast Asia, officials from both countries said.

    The moves, which are under discussion but have drawn strong interest from both sides, would come on top of an agreement announced by President Obama and Prime Minister Julia Gillard in November to deploy up to 2,500 U.S. Marines to Darwin, on Australia’s northern coast.

  • Heywood’s Ties Highlight Secretive Sector – – LONDON—A company that used the services of a British businessman, whose death is a key element of a political scandal in China, operated in the secretive industry of business-intelligence gathering that is populated by former spies and others.

    Neil Heywood was providing consultancy services to British-based Hakluyt & Co., around the time he was found dead in the city of Chongqing in November

  • 薄瓜瓜做客《鲁豫有约》 回应被牛津开除传言-20090828鲁豫有约-凤凰视频-最具媒体价值的综合视频门户-凤凰网
  • Qihoo’s 360 Browser for iPhone Brings Tabs and a Built-In Flipboard Clone | Tech in Asia
  • Symantec Dissolves Alliance with Huawei of China – – SAN FRANCISCO — Less than four years after Huawei Technologies and Symantec teamed up to develop computer network security products, the joint venture is being dismantled because Symantec feared the alliance with the Chinese company would prevent it from obtaining United States government classified information about cyberthreats.

    Times Topic: Symantec Corporation
    According to two people briefed on the deal, Symantec’s decision was a pre-emptive political maneuver timed to coincide with the United States government’s efforts to share more classified cyberthreat information with the private sector. People with knowledge of the venture, who would speak only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak, said Huawei had already laid off several workers in Huawei Symantec’s Silicon Valley offices this month and planned to move its entire operation out of the United States, largely because of increased American government oversight.

  • 山西打黑功臣组建黑帮争夺煤矿敛财数亿_新闻_腾讯网
  • 成龙2亿元私人飞机亮相亚洲公务航空展-《财经网》
  • “社会管控型打黑”教训-《财经网》 – 从迄今为止已经积累的打黑案例及相应评论来看,可将打黑按法律特征区分为治安手段与社会管控方式两种类型。分析两种不同类型打黑的联系和差别,尤其是差别,对于公正合理地评价打黑现象至为重要
  • 周永康:在大是大非问题上同党中央保持一致_新闻_腾讯网 – 据新华社电 全国政法委书记首期培训班26日在京开班。中央政法委书记周永康出席开班式。他强调,大力加强政法领导干部的学习培训,切实提高领导政法工作和政法队伍的素质水平。
  • 解放军报:国情党情发生变化 部队时刻听党指挥_新闻_腾讯网
  • 部分领导7成时间在吃喝 几天无饭局就馋酒_新闻_腾讯网
  • China urged to probe British man’s death – – Mr Heywood worked as a consultant in Beijing for Aston Martin and other companies and was known to have good connections to the Bo family, according to people who knew him.
    He was also providing periodic consultancy services to Hakluyt & Co, a British strategic-intelligence company founded by former MI6 officers, a spokesman for the group told the Wall Street Journal. But the spokesman added he was not a full-time employee and was not consulting for them on any projects in Chongqing.
    An ex-pupil of Harrow between 1984 and 1988, the school Mr Bo’s son Bo Guagua attended in the UK, Mr Heywood drove a “nice old Jaguar” and an Aston Martin and was usually dressed well with impeccable manners, these people said. He was 41 when he died, according to the Harrow Association.
    Bo Guagua met him often in the UK and China and had met him for a drink last summer when they had planned to go sailing together, according to someone familiar with the matter.
    Mr Heywood was regarded as a “nice guy” although not especially ambitious.
    People who did business with him described Mr Heywood as a small business consultant in Dalian, before he moved to Beijing a few years ago.
  • China’s Industrial Company Profits Fall 5.2% on Exports – Bloomberg
  • Flipboard入华解密:本地化运营 预期收获500万用户_原创_DoNews-IT门户-移动互联网新闻-电子商务新闻-游戏新闻-风险投资新闻-IT社交网络社区
  • Chongqing Reshuffles Head of Party Organization Department-Caijing – Government in China's central-western mega-city of Chongqing has replaced its head of Party Organization Department Chen Cungen in the latest leadership reshuffle
  • Obama takes Bush’s secrecy games one step further – Glenn Greenwald – – This is why the U.S. Government’s fixation on secrecy — worse than ever under the Obama administration, as evidenced by its unprecedented war on whistleblowers — is so pernicious. It not only enables government officials to operate in the dark, which inevitably ensures vast (though undiscovered) abuses of power. Worse, it enables the government to aggressively propagandize the citizenry without challenge: Obama officials are free to make all sorts of claims about how great and targeted the drone program is and how it Keeps Us Safe™, while simultaneously suppressing any official evidence or information that would test those claims and/or contradict them (even as some evidence suggests these assurances are false).

    Worse still, it literally removes our highest political officials from the rule of law. The sole purpose of these vast claims of secrecy around the drone program — the absurd notion that they cannot even confirm or deny its existence without harming National Security — is to block courts from reviewing the legality of what they’re doing, which is another way of saying: they have removed themselves from the rule of law. Even Bush DOJ lawyer Jack Goldsmith, a vociferous advocate of executive authority and secrecy powers, understands how abusive this is:

  • Economist: World Bank Report on China Reform is "Garbage" – China Real Time Report – WSJ – But Mr. Tao says that the report’s well-intentioned proposals are doomed to fail, because they don’t strike at the underlying reason why China’s reforms have stalled: opposition from local governments and SOEs.

    Local governments and SOEs are the main beneficiaries of China’s current investment and industry-driven growth model, and the main barriers to reform, Mr. Tao says, adding that breaking their monopoly control of key sectors of the economy should be the keystone of reforms.

    China’s reform, said Mr. Tao, should start by breaking up the local governments’ monopoly of the land market and allowing farmers to develop land on their own. That would take local governments out of the real estate game and reduce their incentive to support the status quo.

  • Beijing Takes On Its Banks Over Barrage of Fees – China Real Time Report – WSJ – The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon may not have made its way to China – groups of angry people face considerable hurdles occupying anything in Beijing and Shanghai – but that’s not to say Chinese citizens are not hopping mad at their banks. But while governments elsewhere have seemingly been at a loss for how to address the occupiers’ complaints, Beijing might be on the cusp of unleashing its corps of crack bureaucrats in the cause of cooling the rage of frustrated depositors.

    Their objective: reining in the barrage of fees banks charge customers.

    Customers of Chinese banks have long had to deal with fees that overseas bank users don’t. Customers at a bank in one city will often be charged a fee when using the ATMs of the same bank outside the city. But over the past year, fees have become the source of rising frustration, with customers complaining about being charged for everything from transferring funds to not using their bankcards to changing their Internet banking password. And in a country where customer service is seldom a priority, some people have had enough.

    Regulators have come out with a number of regulations to pull the banks into line. Now, armed with China’s relatively new antimonopoly law, the National Development and Reform Commission is mobilizing around 10,000 officials from local offices across the country to make sure those rules get followed, according to MWE China Law Offices, the China partners of U.S. law firm McDermott Will & Emery.

  • Bo Xilai’s China Crime Crackdown Adds to Scandal – – As Bo Xilai, the dismissed Chongqing party chief, becomes immersed in an ever-more tangled scandal, disturbing details are emerging about one of his best-known initiatives, a crusade against organized crime on which he built a national reputation.
  • News Desk: Do Chinese Factory Workers Dream of iPads? : The New Yorker
  • 谁是海伍德? – 宏观 – 21世纪网 – who is neil heywood?
  • 新疆喀什砍杀15名群众案宣判 被告被判死刑 _新闻_腾讯网
  • 重庆人大主任陈存根不再任中共重庆市委常委_新闻_腾讯网
  • Warren Buffett’s NetJets Is Expanding Into China
  • Apple Plans Further Investment in China as Cook Visits – Bloomberg