Sinocism Now Blocked In China

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

Earlier today Hong Huang recommended the site to her 4.3m Sina Weibo followers. Within a few hours Sinocism was blocked by China’s Great Firewall, the first time I have had any content, let alone a whole site, fall victim to the Digital Curtain.

It is pathetic that China’s censors would waste their time on a small blog like Sinocism. Their actions undermine the nauseating claims by shills like Martin Jacques and Niall Ferguson that China has developed a superior model that will soon overtake the West. It has not and never will so long as its leaders are so paranoid.

One World, Two Internets.

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4 thoughts on “Sinocism Now Blocked In China

  1. Having already picked up on his thesis in his introduction,my criticism of Mr Jacques is that he assumes too much on the basis of a
    body of statistics supplied by the IMF and Goldman Sachs.

    Perhaps, it might be better if I too were not to assume, but with a 100 pages or so behind me, it is difficult not to see me agreeing with  Seth Faison who says, “his (Mr Jacques’s) predictions about the future get more flimsy” as he gets more specific”, and another reviewer on the same Amazon website who says that he “was particularly annoyed at the attitude of the author and his assumptions about the readers assumptions.”and that “the
    author is inconsistent at times and does not draw conclusions based on
    the evidence he presents rather than the feelings that he has about the

    Of course, only “wooly thinkers” like Jacques and Ferguson could praise the Chinese model and that is certainly not me saying that the hypocritical West should be held up as some sort of example. Nevertheless, for the time being at least, in  a world where everything is relative, there appears to be some freedom of expression where I am sitting.

    Was using 12vpn last year in China and most of my friends, Chinese and foreigners, were also using a VPN. Of course, that is not the point and certainly no the point being made. Moreover, when the 90th anniversary of the CCP was approaching these small minded idiots indulged in a bout of DNS poisoning. As I was leaving China, it only affected me for a few days.

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