Readings for 2010-06-11

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Director Yan Po badly cut by gang hired by a jilted lover: Paper "several bone fractures and a severed Achilles tendon" #
  • Chinese Govt targets foreign fat cats dodging taxes "to catch evading high-salary foreign residents." #
  • SEC approves curbs to avoid repeat of 'flash crash' pause when stocks move up/down 10%. just like in China. $$ #
  • New York Times Runs Yet Another Banking Industry Propaganda Piece « naked capitalism sad #
  • Rent a White Guy [in China]- Magazine – The Atlantic #
  • The Spill, Scandal and the President | Rolling Stone how Obama failed to crack down on the corruption of Bush years #
  • Redefining Education…in a Tree House @sarahcuda on "the Green School in Bali" #
  • @lorettac sounds like google has more than map license 2 worry about? ????????? ????????????_??? #
  • @fuzheado @granitestudio What's Your China Fantasy?-Foreign Policy recommend this debate bween Mann & David Lampton #
  • The Democratic Party and Blanche Lincoln – Glenn Greenwald - bloated, corrupt, corporatist cesspool? #
  • Bronte Capital: The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform proposal from Goldman Sachs would benefit goldman. shocked.. $$ #
  • FT-Property tax offers path to Chinese reforms dyer says likely in a few months. unlikely #
  • SpyTalk – Soldiers and diplomats still lack language skills c this in bejing, ambassador excepted #
  • The coming confrontation with Canada over the Northwest Passage – By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense annex baby annex #
  • Senators Question Administration’s China Policy – w reason? #
  • Autonavi, the Beijing-based parent of Mapabc, a company that provides maps used in Google's Chinese map service, just filed 4 US IPO #
  • Google Seeks Chinese License to Provide Mapping Services – #
  • Iran Hit W New UN Sanctions,China Urges Diplomacy-Bberg toothless, as sinica predicted in april #
  • Revalue Renminbi or Dogs Unleashed, Patterson Says: Tom Keene – going to get ugly? #
  • Beijing Urban dwellers' dreams of rural life demolished ""small property right"" "small property right" ??? #
  • Marine Corps Scientist: BIG [non-nuke] Bomb Could Seal Gulf Oil Leak – Washington Wire – WSJ #
  • 300 explosives found at Beijing construction site-mayb from "a Japanese army camp" #
  • PLA's UAVs achieve 'combat effectiveness' #
  • Film director Yan Po heavily injured in Beijing knife attack #
  • 4 Chinese reporters robbed in South Africa @goldkorn #
  • Ratcheting Up Rhetoric Towards China; South China Sea Emerging Hot Spot | Defense Tech #
  • Views Show How a North Korean Policy Spread Misery – #
  • BP and Officials Block Some Coverage of Spill – y have people not yet been arrested? #
  • AIG's problems far greater than Bush officials told public | McClatchy $aig $gs #
  • Paulson/Geithner Committed Fraud in AIG Disclosures | The Big Picture but did they perjure themselves? #

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  1. The FP comment is completely broken and only the response linked is viewable. Everything else, nothing.

  2. The FP comment is completely broken and only the response linked is viewable. Everything else, nothing.

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