Readings for 2010-09-08

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds | Business | Vanity Fair #
  • Dollar to maintain its dominance: China minister – Yahoo! News Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming?selling? $macro #
  • Dollar to maintain its dominance: China minister – Yahoo! News "Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming " real or ????? #
  • As China finds bigger place in world affairs, wealth breeds hostility still more welcome than americans most places #
  • China’s young officers and the 1930s syndrome – Pritchard-Evans "on collision course w US-dominated system" $macro #
  • Fan Gang – Enter the Dragon – fan gang now a contributor to Project Syndicate #
  • Japan envoy summoned over Diaoyu incident ???? #
  • AmCham-China-China's Brand-New Banks
    How strong Are China's New Bank Reforms-Carl Walter $macro #
  • Interview w beijing madame-A dry spell. 200 rmb for russian prostitute – GlobalTimes #
  • HIV poses rising risk to Chinese women 1/3 newly infected women got it from their husbands #
  • Ross Seeks Aid 2 Avoid `Negative-Equity Rat Hole' Bberg another "paragon of capitalism" seeking government handouts $$ #
  • Anti-Taobao Crusaders: Unfortunate Victims or Internet Terrorists? | @ChinaHearsay assume Taobao competitor behind this #
  • from july. interesting move by blackstone. Blackstone taking stake in China Animal – sources | Reuters #
  • Beijing's Lize Business District gets another Subway line. Massive development ???????????11?? ????14????? #
  • ticks ? causing illness/death's in Henan Shangcheng county. Lyme disease come to China? ???????????? -??? #
  • home proces not dropping, 2nd round of cooling measures looks more likely ?????? ????????????_21??? #
  • AP News: Chinese, Japan ships collide off disputed island #
  • Beijing Drum Tower plan shelved – GlobalTimes some developer is pissed, and probably very nervous #
  • Buffett And Gates Could Learn From This Man In China @GadyEpstein-Forbes 2 early. they just made it. give them decades #

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