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1. Xinhua Insight: Xinjiang prepares for tougher counterpunch against terrorism – Xinhua The punishment, unusual in the far west, echoes the words of Zhang Chunxian, Xinjiang Party chief, on Wednesday demanding a tougher counterpunch against terrorism. Zhang, also member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made a “new year resolution” on the region’s security work at a meeting on Wednesday, saying Xinjiang will push forward the “People’s anti-terrorism war”, digging out the root of terrorism and sparing no effort to “educate and reform” terrorists to win the war. Zhang warned that the region’s fight against terrorism has entered a new phase that is “more complicated and more intensive,” though the security situation in general is under control. // Paris slaughter will only strengthen resolve and deepen crackdown

Related: Xinjiang legislature approves burqa ban – Xinhua The legislature of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has approved a regulation banning the wearing of the burqa, an Islamic garment that covers women’s faces, in public places in the regional capital of Urumqi. Burqas are not traditional dress for Uygur women, and wearing them in public places is banned in countries such as Belgium and France..

2. Xi places importance on propaganda to control internet|WantChinaTimes The Chinese president, who also serves as the general secretary of the CPC, said during the conference that propaganda officials should not only strive to be kept abreast of the trends but also aim to understand the bigger picture to plan strategies and provide proper responses. He told propaganda officials that they need to focus on the fact that China has an online population of nearly 600 million, including many younger users who read news stories from online sources, instead of the mainstream media.

Related: 陕西省委网信办传达学习习近平总书记重要批示-新闻频道-西部网 陕西新闻网 Shaanxi media report reveals party held national work conference on Internet propaganda management  //  西部网讯(记者 沈晓芳) 今天(1月9日)下午,陕西省委网信办召开会议,传达学习习近平总书记对网信工作作出的重要批示、全国网络宣传管理工作会议精神以及中省媒体座谈会精神。     会上,陕西省委网信办主任孙琳传达了习近平总书记的重要批示和全国网络宣传管理工作会议精神,强调了今年全省网信工作的重点。省委网信办副主任张琳传达了中省媒体座谈会精神。     会议强调,要把学习贯彻全国网络宣传管理工作会议精神和中省媒体座谈会精神与我省网信工作实际相结合,切实把思想和行为统一到中央和省委精神上来,把智慧和力量凝聚到完成全年工作任务上来。

Related: GFW upgrade fail – visitors to blocked sites redirected to porn | This upgrade of the GFW effectively disabled many anti-DNS-poisoning tools. Because GFW used only a small set of fake IP addresses, these tools could discard the fake IP addresses easily and access the correct IP addresses to bypass any block. Now this is no longer possible as legitimate IP address are used to poison other domains. In addition, the authorities may be experimenting with a new way of hiding censorship from the people by redirecting them to random sites that are accessible – making it seem that the problem rests with the host website.

3. China’s rising Internet wave: Wired companies | McKinsey & Company so far increasing Internet control not bad for Internet businesses, or at least most domestic ones // A new McKinsey Global Institute report looks broadly at the coming transformation.1 Our research shows that Chinese companies are investing heavily in the building blocks of the Internet economy: cloud computing, wireless communications, new digital platforms, big data analytics, and more. Across six sectors (Exhibit 2), which accounted for 25 percent of Chinese economic activity in 2013, we find that increased Internet adoption could add 60 billion to 1.2 trillion renminbi (about $10 billion to $190 billion) in GDP to individual sectors by 2025. About one-third of these gains will come from the creation of entirely new markets, the remainder from productivity gains across the value chain. When we scale up this level of growth across all sectors of the economy, we find that Internet adoption could add 4 trillion to 14 trillion renminbi to GDP by 2025. The Internet is also expected to contribute 7 to 22 percent of total GDP growth from 2013 to 2025.2

4. Sony Documents Show Studio Dealings in China – WSJ wish they posted the relevant emails, probably much more interesting things about the China film business in them. Per this story DMG is in regulators’ sights as well // Sony received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding possible violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which makes it a crime to bribe an overseas government official, in June 2013, according to emails that have been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. As recently as October, Sony was preparing a detailed response to the federal agency. The SEC’s questions to Sony dealt primarily with potential bribery related to the release of “Resident Evil: Afterlife” in China in 2010, according to email communication between Sony’s in-house and outside legal counsel. A Sony-led investigation that followed the SEC subpoena examined the company’s distribution efforts more broadly, the emails show.

5. 萧功秦:习近平新政两周年的回顾与展望_共识网 Xiao Gongqin in Gongshi on Xi Jinping’s first 2 years in office and outlook for the future. Xiao a longtime proponent of “new authoritarianism”, says ideological crackdown needed as a way for Xi to buy time to push through reforms. Is the idea of modern governance reform just new authoritarianism repackaged?  //  新权威主义已经是中国政治生活中的现实。它是人类现代化历史的产物,也是执政党的历史经验与中国人的智慧相结合的产物,可以说,当今中国的现实与改革的历史,只有从新权威主义的角度,才能得到最清晰的、最有说服力的解读… 问题2 海外有人认为,习近平新政严控意识形态,这在海外一些知识人中比较受争议。您对此有什么评价,认为他为何要这么做? 萧功秦:从总体上而言,新权威主义在一定时期内实行意识形态领域的管制,是现代化功能所要求的,历史上,几乎所有的传统集权国家在走向改革开放时,都会面临我说所的“薄壳效应”的挑战。众所周知,地壳最薄处是最易发生火山喷发的,我们可以用这一自然现象来比喻传统集权体制一旦进行改革开放后,就可能发生的“政治参与爆炸”现象,如法国大革命,俄国革命,清末新政后的辛亥革命,都是这传统集权国家在进入改革开放以后,是没有成功地应对“薄壳效应”的挑战而陷入革命危机的典型实例...正是在这个意义上,在意识形态领域进行适度管控,防止左右激进主义对改革大方向的干扰,有助于强化政府的执行力与维持政治稳定。为深化改革赢得宝贵时间。我把这种功能称之为“延时效应”,即用改革政治家的铁腕维持相对低度的政治参与,在有效维持稳定的时间段内,籍助于强势政府的经济改革政策,来解决长期遗留的矛盾与问题。从而化解自下而上的、街头式的政治参与的井喷与压力。

6. Arrest of inspirational editor Shen Hao marks end of an era for Chinese journalism – The Washington Post “Corruption is absolutely endemic in Chinese media, and it has only gotten worse in the past five years,” said David Bandurski, editor of the China Media Project at the University of Hong Kong. “Part of the reason is the pressure the media is under. In the case of Shen Hao, you have to ask what their other agenda is, why this case has been pursued so aggressively with him made a very public example of.”  //  probably more than one agenda, from anger at earlier coverage to targeting one of the most high-profile media firms to make an example to cleaning up business media as part of broader effort at stock market reforms? It seems hard to find anyone who thinks Shen and his team are innocent, but if the law were applied equally which media firms wouldn’t be affected?

7. Taxi strike has widened to Nanjing- China Daily Taxi drivers in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, joined a strike that has swept the country since Thursday afternoon demanding a reduction of the monthly franchise fees paid to taxi companies, which eat up a large share of their revenues. On Thursday, hundreds of taxis were parked near Nanjing’s two railway stations, the long-distance bus station and the airport. Many taxis on the road refused to carry passengers. //several cabbies in Nanjing beaten 南京出租车停运后发生多起司机被殴打事件 

Related:  Uber Says China’s Endorsement of Licensed Car-Sharing Boosts App – Bloomberg The company said the fee-for-service side of its China operations, which connects ride-seekers with professional car-rental firms instead of private vehicles, was running as normal after the ministry’s statement Thursday. The government saw a “positive role” for software that relies on licensed operators, even as it banned private cars from acting as taxis, the backbone of Uber’s model in other markets.

8. What One Of China’s Top Pick-Up Gurus Taught Me About Dating-Buzzfeed A gender imbalance has created a “singles crisis” for Chinese men. That means there’s a growing demand for dating advice. But, as I found out, the tips on offer couldn’t be further removed from the sleazy tactics of Julien Blanc



Building a global infrastructure for growth—commentary-Nathan Sheets, Under Secretary for International Affairs at the US Treasury first official US statement on what it would take to join the AIIB? // Two new institutions seem poised to join this existing architecture: the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRICS’ New Development Bank, whose primary mandates will be to finance infrastructure. We believe that each new addition to the architecture should be designed to add value to the system as a whole, and have a clear role alongside of, and complementary to, the existing institutions. Also, any new institution – to add constructively – must incorporate the principles that we have described which have helped ensure that activities of the existing institutions remain effective and responsive, and must implement sound governance policies at the outset.

China’s “big four” banks lose out as savers gain sophistication | beyondbrics China’s “big four” state banks are losing share in the country’s fast-growing retail banking market as customers embrace a more sophisticated array of products and swell a burgeoning fashion for digital banking, according to a survey of savers conducted by McKinsey, the consultancy.

China central bank to maintain ‘prudent’ monetary policy in 2015 | Reuters However, the central bank said it would quicken the pace of market-oriented interest rate reform and push forward on increasing yuan convertibility in the capital account. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) also said it would take steps to prevent systemic risks in the financial sector, a sign that regulators will maintain pressure on off-balance sheet lending and shadow banking.

Shanghai Stock Exchange to Allow Same-Day Trading for ETFs – Bloomberg The Shanghai Stock Exchange will allow same-day trading for ETFs later this month in the first move to allow investors to minimize their settlement risks. The bourse plans to introduce rules from Jan. 19 allowing “T+0” trading for cross-border open-ended exchange traded funds, meaning market participants will be able to buy and sell securities and settle the transactions the same day, SSE said today in a statement. China currently operates a T+1 system, which settles a transaction a day later. and Tencent Holdings to invest $1.55 billion in Bitauto | Reuters Tiger Global must be happy, big shareholder in both JD and Bitauto I believe  //  E-commerce company and Tencent, best known for its communications app WeChat, will also invest a total of $250 million in Bitauto unit YiXin Capital Ltd. “…The three companies will work together to provide enhanced online automotive transaction services to car buyers across China,” Bitauto said. The two companies will invest about $1.15 billion in new shares priced at $73.31 each. Each share represents one ADR.

Three Creditors ‘Ask Shenzhen Court to Freeze Assets of Developer Kaisa’ – Caixin China Citic Bank, Bank of China and China Resources subsidiary said to be among financial institutions trying to cut losses with troubled firm



【独家】京都“令氏豪宅”持有人亮相_政经频道_财新网 a very strange Caixin story, seems to be debunking a rumor but in reality bringing it to attention of many more readers, and leading some to point another tiger. So what is this story signaling, beyond reporting that the Kyoto houses rumored to be owned by Ling Jihhua’s wife and son and another state leader are owned by former Morgan Stanley senior Asia executive Zhang Songyi and his wife? Anything to do with the rumors that have been gathering around Li Yuanchao?  //  传闻中李友送给令计划儿子令谷的两栋“价值5亿美元的京都豪宅”,实际持有人为前摩根斯坦利香港公司董事总经理张颂义夫妇…一个月前,“润心庵”引起国内媒体的高度关注,源于一篇“细节丰富”的网文:北大方正集团CEO李友“给谷丽萍与令谷在日本京都花3.8亿美元买了两套豪宅”“目前市场价值超5亿美元”;在2012年3月令谷出车祸之后,“大约一年前”,李友将其中一栋豪宅从令家转给另一位国家领导人的孩子及小舅子,“这两人居然用真名与李友女儿一起通过三层信托架构来持有”。谷丽萍和令谷为全国政协副主席令计划的妻子和儿子。令计划已于2014年12月22日因涉嫌严重违纪遭到调查。李友也于2015年1月4日被司法机关带走协助调查。

明鏡新聞網–王岐山動用心腹大秘查辦江蘇幫 the rumors are flying, though looks like the idea that there is now a very targeted campaign against Jiangsu officials, perhaps similar to what has gone on in Shanxi, may be correct // 9月上旬,來自中南海的消息人士曾告訴《中國密報》,中紀委書記王岐山在山西政壇反腐攻勢進入高潮階段,就把江蘇省列為下一個反腐主戰場,因為自季建業被拿下後,中紀委已掌握更多的江蘇高官腐敗線索,而現任江蘇省委書記羅志軍──不但是令計劃的四大金剛之一,而且早已卷入周永康和令計劃的政變陰謀──與江蘇腐敗大案都有牽連,是中紀委重點調查對象。

Li Yuanchao – One of China’s Top Future Leaders to Watch Li was born in 1950 in Lianshui County, Jiangsu Province (some unofficial biographers name Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, as his birthplace, and Lianshui as his ancestral home). In 2000, he was transferred to Jiangsu Province where he first served as its deputy party secretary (2000–02), and then concurrently as party secretary of Nanjing City (2000–03). Li served as party secretary of Jiangsu Province (2003–07). // all just speculation, but been hearing for more than a year that he could have issues

媒体称政泉控股老板被带回国 曾举报方正CEO李友_新闻_腾讯网 The Founder Group scandal just gets more and more interesting, waters run very deep with this one  //  新京报讯:1月9日下午有消息称,方正集团与政泉控股纠纷的另一个主角郭文贵被相关部门带回国,或已被要求协助调查。郭文贵为政泉控股实际控制人,也是此前持续举报方正的主导者。不过,政泉控股否认郭文贵回国协助调查的消息。该公司人士对新京报表示,并没有任何机构要求郭文贵协助调查,“他目前仍在国外”。 1月9日有媒体发布消息称,政泉控股实际控制人郭文贵已于1月8日被相关部门从意大利带回国,或已被要求协助调查。

敏感时刻 江泽民妻侄传将调职安徽_中国-多维新闻网 is Shenzhen Party Secretary Wang Rong Jiang Zemin’s nephew (on his wife’s side) and has he been transferred to a powerless post? Duowei looks at the rumors // “深圳市委书记王荣将调任闲职”的消息相传已久,外界盛传王荣是江泽民妻子王冶坪的侄子。近日再有香港爆料,1月8日下午深圳官场再度疯传王荣将被调离深圳到安徽省任职。不过,此消息未获官方证实,当天下午王荣依然出现在深圳市人大常委会议上。 香港《经济日报》1月8日报道称,深圳官场当天下午疯传,即将要出现重要的人事变动。人事变动涉及市委书记王荣。消息指,王荣即将结束在深圳的职务,正在五洲宾馆办理交接手续,最快9日离开深圳,据称他会调往安徽省工作。消息还指,接任王荣的是陕西省委宣传部部长景俊海。

蘋果日報- 國安部副部長 涉貪被雙規 Mingjing reports deputy Minister of State Security Ma Jian has been detained for “corruption”, rumors been going around that his colleague who brought Wang Lijun back to Beijing also in trouble //《明鏡郵報》報道,國安部副部長馬建涉貪腐問題,今日被雙規(規定時間、地點交待問題)。馬建是中共國安系統最資深的高級官員之一,原本有望競逐國安部長的職位。 馬建的官方簡歷訊息不多,指他是中共黨員,研究員,畢業於西南政法學院。國家安全部黨委委員、副部長, 副總警監,中國法學會兼職副會長。

Chinese Official Is Removed From Post, and, Again, Salacious Details Flow – The most salacious item to emerge so far about Mr. Yang is that he “introduced TV anchors to Zhou Yongkang and slept with the anchors himself,” the state-run China Daily reported on Thursday, quoting the Hong Kong Commercial Daily. A woman who worked in the Wuxi government and who was said to be Mr. Yang’s mistress has also been detained, The Beijing News reported on Thursday.

习近平谈传统文化:抛弃传统等于割断了自己的精神命脉–理论-人民网 编者按:“中华文化源远流长,积淀着中华民族最深层的精神追求,代表着中华民族独特的精神标识。”研读习近平总书记关于文化建设的系列讲话,我们总能体会出他对中国传统文化怀有的浓厚感情。对于保护与传承中国传统文化,习近平年轻时在福建工作期间就身体力行,关心和支持文物及文化遗产保护,并亲自当讲解员。在就任总书记之后,习近平发表重要论述强调传统文化的重要意义,谈到“不忘历史才能开辟未来,善于继承才能善于创新。只有坚持从历史走向未来,从延续民族文化血脉中开拓前进,我们才能做好今天的事业。”

标记当代中国文化新高度——全面深化文化体制改革述评-时政频道-新华网 Xinhua runs long recap of 2014 as the year of cultural system reform



Kishida meets with Chinese envoy to Japan for first time in more than a year – The Asahi Shimbun Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida held an official meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Japan for the first time in 13 months on Jan. 9, agreeing on efforts to repair strained bilateral ties. “We want to build up mutual cooperation and bolster momentum for improved relations,” Kishida was quoted as saying to Ambassador Cheng Yonghua during his courtesy call to the foreign ministry.

China, CELAC deepen cooperation with major documents – Xinhua • According to the plan (2015-2019), China will invite 1,000 party leaders from CELAC members to visit China.  • Both sides will strive to achieve a trade volume of 500 billion U.S. dollars within a decade.  • China promises 6,000 government scholarships for CELAC members from 2015 to 2019.

Xi Jinping Consolidates Power by Promoting Alumni of the Nanjing Military Region | The Jamestown Foundation Does the PLA actually publicize all its corruption detentions? Because what Lam says below does not jibe with what i am hearing through the grapevine //  Compared to the dozens of ministerial-level cadres that the Party’s CCDI nabbed in 2013 and 2014, only three senior PLA officers have been put under investigation: General Xu Caihou, Lieutenant General Gu Junshan and Lieutenant General Yang Jinshan. That relatively few “tigers” have been disciplined in the army probably reflects Commander-in-Chief Xi’s anxiety to preserve unity among the top brass.

Jinglue Haiyang: The Naval Implications of Xi Jinping’s New Strategic Concept | The Jamestown Foundation In studies of Chinese expansion in the near seas of East Asia, one topic that has been almost entirely ignored is the concept of jinglue haiyang ]经略海洋], recently endorsed by the Party-state as a facet of China’s maritime power strategy. The word jinglue is not in common usage; indeed, most dictionaries do not define it. It is a verb combining jing, the character for manage or administer, with lue, the character for strategy or stratagem. According to the 1979 edition of the Cihai Dictionary, it means “handling an issue on the basis of prior planning.” A useable translation might be “strategically manage,” with the full phrase rendered as “strategic management of the sea.” Chinese official and quasi-official sources, the naval press in particular, now regularly cite this new concept, often identifying it as a cornerstone of Chinese President and Commander-in-Chief Xi Jinping’s strategic thought// 习近平:进一步关心海洋认识海洋经略海洋-推动海洋强国建设不断取得新成就-2013年07月31日 

PLA makes rare revelation about Chinese pilot’s death during training over South China Sea | South China Morning Post The pilot, Tang Xiaofeng, died after his fighter jet plunged into the sea during a low-latitude attack training session, the PLA Daily’s official news website said. Tang served the same marine corps that lost another pilot, Wang Wei, when his jet and a US surveillance plane collided in 2001, news site 81.cnsaid. Tang’s death was the first time Chinese official media was publicly acknowledging the death of a marine pilot in a sea crash during training. But the report did not give details of the time, place and reasons for the crash.

China’s DDGs Set To Outnumber Neighbors’-Defense News China’s Navy will outnumber the largest competitor in the region — Japan — in the number of phased-array radar-equipped destroyers in 2018, if production continues on schedule. On Dec. 22, China commissioned its fifth 052C destroyer, the Jinan, leaving one last ship of that type to be finished.

Vietnam leery as China’s infamous oil rig heads for Indian Ocean | Politics | Thanh Nien Daily Vietnamese agencies have kept a close eye on the path of a giant mobile oil rig since China Central Television announced it was setting off for the Indian Ocean on an “overseas assignment”. According to local authorities on Hainan Island, China’s southernmost province, the Haiyang Shiyou 981 Rig (the same one that bedeviled Sino-Vietnamese relations last year) set began heading toward Singapore on January 1. The rig has been moving at around four nautical miles per hour in the East Sea, the Vietnamese term for the South China Sea.

Video-PLA holds maritime comprehensive enforcement drill – Xinhua  The People’s Liberation Army has held a maritime comprehensive enforcement drill near Yongxing Island of Sansha City, in south China’s Hainan Province. 21 ships and about 260 armed personnel were involved in the exercise

CogitAsia Podcast #1 | cogitASIA CSIS Asia Policy Blog This week our host Colm Quinn reviews key news stories in Asia, discusses Southeast Asia’s air travel infrastructure in the wake of the AirAsia crash with Sumitro Chair Ernie Bower, and interviews CSIS Japan Chair Michael Green on what to expect for the U.S. rebalance policy in Asia during the last two years of President Obama’s second term.

How Close Is China to Another South China Sea Airstrip? | The Diplomat Beyond the positional advantages that land reclamation would confer, having an airstrip at Fiery Cross Reef would be a significant addition to China’s power projection capabilities. Simply put, by having an airstrip in the Spratlys, Beijing’s aircraft can reach the far southern parts of the South China Sea easily, quickly and frequently when they otherwise might not have been able to due to range or refueling issues. That in turn would enable China to carry out more air patrols over its claimed territory and provide greater cover for its ships around the area. Given the patterns of Chinese behavior over the past few years, which show increasing incursions into the southern parts of the South China Sea affecting Malaysia and Indonesia, these countries should be worried about what this might mean for them once this becomes a reality.

The North Korea Regime Change Debate | The Diplomat-Joseph Bosco Western pressure needs to be applied to Beijing as well as Pyongyang. Indeed, it may well be true that regime change in North Korea will not happen until there is regime change in China, which itself is an outlier on international norms. U.S. policymakers need to devise specific non-kinetic policies, overt and covert, to encourage that result in both problematic systems.

After Decades of Conflict, Time to Engage North Korea’s Kim Dynasty | Doug Bandow. The Cato Institute North Korea is an international problem with no good solution. Eventually the North as we know it will disappear. Until then the country will pose a difficult challenge for all of its neighbors, including the PRC. There’s no need for America to continue to take it on as a responsibility. Washington is busy elsewhere in the world. It’s time the U.S. stopped trying to do everything. It’s time to let someone else take the lead dealing with North Korea.

China’s Secretive Space Program Takes A Step Into The Open – The Economist After decades hiding deep in China’s interior, the country’s space-launch programme is preparing to go a bit more public. By the tourist town of Wenchang on the coast of the tropical island of Hainan, work is nearly complete on China’s fourth and most advanced launch facility. Tall new towers are visible from the road. Secrecy remains ingrained–soldiers at a gate politely but firmly decline to say what they are guarding. Visitors, they say, are prohibited. But nearby there are plans to build a space-themed amusement park. China is beginning to see new moneymaking opportunities in space.

中国军网-警惕历史虚无主义的危险-洪文军 PLA Daily warns against historical nihilism, says recent reports about doubting Lei Feng are part of an Internet “cultural cold war” launched by the West // 当下,国际形势波涛频起,暗流涌动,世界仍不太平。一些西方国家加紧策动“颜色革命”,实施网上“文化冷战”和“政治转基因”工程。实际上,一些西方国家的“政治转基因”战略早已剑指中国,而且已在各条战线隐蔽展开,妄图达到其不可告人的目的。 历史虚无主义的危险须警惕。中华民族的脊梁、英雄、精神,是弥足珍贵的财富,赋予我们今天奋力前行的不竭精神动力,对此我们应倍加珍惜、精心呵护,让其成为守护民族自信心和凝聚力的精神高地。

解放军将实施基层军事主官和政治主官对换岗位_新闻_腾讯网 据国防部网站昨日消息,总政治部日前印发关于开展部队基层军政主官换岗锻炼的意见,首次全面系统地对全军和武警部队推开基层军政主官换岗锻炼工作作出部署安排。《解放军报》报道称,军政主官换岗也是贯彻落实习近平重要指示和全军政治工作会议精神,按照强军目标要求加强干部队伍建设的又一重要举措。知情人士告诉北青报记者,这是部队重视利用基层培养和锻炼军事人才的又一表现。

‘Timing good’ to take Senkaku issue to ICJ, U.S. law professor says | The Japan Times Japan should take its disagreements with China over the Senkaku Islands to the International Court of Justice, Jerome Cohen, a New York University law professor and expert in Chinese law, said in an interview. “I want Japan to use international law,” Cohen said, stressing that Japan should follow in the steps of the Philippines, which in 2013 sought international arbitration over China’s claims to almost all of the South China Sea.



Arrest of Hong Kong Union Leaders Imminent – International Trade Union Confederation he names of HKCTU officials Lee Cheuk-yan (General Secretary) and Mung Siu-tat (Executive Director) are included on a list of persons who are to be summoned to police stations where they will be arrested. Commissioner of Police Andy Tsang recently announced that the police would arrest the “key organizers” of the Umbrella Movement within three months. Several other members of the HKCTU were arrested during the clearance of the peaceful assembly in the Admiralty area of Hong Kong

Cheung Kong to Buy Out Hutchison in $24 Billion Restructuring – Bloomberg The reshuffle will end Hutchison Whampoa’s 37-year history as a separate listed company, which Li kept after he became the first Chinese to control a British colonial trading company in 1979. The deal will simplify Li’s empire that has grown to stretch beyond Hong Kong, allowing investors to more easily choose between a local property business and growing global assets in more than 50 countries. The streamlined business also paves the way for Li to hand the company to his elder son, Victor, currently Cheung Kong’s deputy chairman.



Ayla’s gaunxi gives the startup a foothold in Chinese online life – SFGate Ayla, which makes cloud software that simultaneously connects multiple devices to the Internet, is one of only a small group of foreign companies to boast an Internet content license from the government. The license, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Industrial Information, allows the startup to operate from servers inside China….In addition, Ayla is backed by SAIF Partners, one of the largest private-equity firms in Asia, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Ayla also recently announced that Jeff Xiong, a former chief technology officer with Chinese Internet powerhouse Tencent, will serve as an adviser.

WeChat and Ayla Networks Debut Smart Hotel System at CES 2015 – TechNode Similar to the smart office solution previously unveiled by WeChat and Ayla, the WeChat public account for a suite will automatically be added to a user’s WeChat after scanning the relevant QR code. The guest can then control the suite’s connected devices, including dimmable lights, blinds and curtains, thermostats, door locks and plugs, via WeChat.

组图:郑州首家苹果店开业 千人排队围满三层楼_新闻_腾讯网 slideshow of lines for opening of first Apple store in Zhengzhou, Henan.

老农民_百度百科 have not watched this miniseries yet but recommended by some friends “old peasant”, video free online here// 《老农民》是由山东影视集团制作的农村剧,并由张新建执导,高满堂担任编剧,陈宝国、冯远征、牛莉、蒋欣等人主演。 该剧讲述了由北方农村的一场土地改革所引发的长达半个多世纪的故事,关注中国当代农村现实生活和农民精神世界60年的发展演变历程。



民大副教授萨茹拉被暂停工作 曾被曝卖书索贿_新闻_腾讯网 1月5日开始,多名民族大学学生在微博、微信等公众社交平台上传大量聊天截图,爆料民大经济学院副教授萨茹拉多次向学生推销自己的书籍,并索贿。而萨茹拉被称为“拉面”的粉丝团也是需要交200元或者400元的年费才能进入的VIP群.有媒体还报道,1月7日起,陆续有多名学生到该校纪委作证,反映该教师强迫购书等问题,称其以“有考试内容”为由,在课堂上推销自己所编著的书籍,很多学生都购买了这本标价28元的书,但在课堂和期末考试中,均未涉及过该书内容。

CCTVNews – Chinese professor in trouble for courting fans According to, the professor, named Sarula, who teaches human resource management at the university, had posted ads in group chats, asking students to join her fan club. Not just that, she’d even asked one of her students to pay the membership fee.

International Arts Manager Is capitalism harming the arts in China? – International Arts Manager A fear of the bottom line, not government censorship, is leading to conservative arts programming in China, says Alison Friedman

He Zhenliang Dies at 85; China’s Olympic Crusader – “He was the bridge between China and the outside world and, in particular, between China and the I.O.C.,” said Susan Brownell, who translated the biography “He Zhenliang and China’s Olympic Dream” into English. “I just don’t know if there was anybody else who had the international understanding and the political commitment it would have taken to be that bridge all those years.”

China Focus: Shanghai auto show may ban sexy models – Xinhua Yang Xueliang, director of public relations for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd, said on his microblog on Friday that he was informed by the organizing committee of the SAE that “auto show models are to be banned this year.” “It is best to cancel the performances, so as to let visitors enjoy a quiet exhibition,” he said. Xinhua received a statement from the organizing committee that said that the proposed ban is not a final decision. “We are soliciting public opinion to improve the exhibition,” it said. “We haven’t ruled out the possibility of banning auto show girls.”

An Informal Education – Caixin Practices like these give me the impression that the school’s philosophy is extreme. Duancun School’s Fuxi Program is one of several across the country developed under the guidance of Professor Wu Hongqing, a former professor of Chinese classics and calligraphy at Beijing CCTV and Radio University. Wu pledged to work toward Chinese educational reform as a reaction to what he saw as an over-emphasis on homework and a lack of moral teaching in his son’s education. “To me, it’s most important to allow students to study in a relaxed atmosphere, and to grow up happily,” he says. Wu believes that through studying the Chinese classics, students will grow up more well-rounded and better able to contribute to society.

Shanghai Blocks Access to Bund Stampede Site – WSJ Tall black wooden barriers now block access to major parts of the Bund, one of China’s leading tourist attractions, which in the days since the stampede had become a makeshift shrine heaped with flowers in memory of the fallen victims. A news portal run by Shanghai’s government,, said in a report Saturday (in Chinese) the closure of the area through April 15 is related to an upgrade of facilities, describing it in part as a conservation plan.

New guideline on crowd control at scenic spots – China Daily The national Tourism Administration has asked all tourists hotspots in the country to calculate their respective maximum bearing capacity and formulate appropriate emergency plans to control the flow of visitors. This is the first time that a uniform set of guidelines have been issued nationwide.

上海停办“豫园灯会”等三大新年民俗灯会_新闻_腾讯网 Shanghai cancels three big Chinese New Year’s Lantern Festivals over crowd control fears

Asian Cup round-up: China upset Saudi Arabia | Football | The Guardian China saved a second half penalty then scored a fortuitous goal that took a wicked deflection off a defender to upset Saudi Arabia 1-0 at the Asian Cup. Two days into the tournament, everything had gone according to plan, but China tore up the script at Lang Park by producing the first real upset of the event.



非法代孕产业链:”卖卵”女大学生按姿色标价(图)_网易新闻中心 CCTV looks at the illegal business of surrogate mothers and trade in eggs, focusing on college students  //  央视新闻:【央视曝光#非法代孕# #高三女捐卵还信用卡#】代孕被明令禁止,黑中介却大发其财。捐卵的大学生按姿色标价,网络海选。一名高三女孩,捐卵子竟为还信用卡…中介骗女孩绝无影响,其实可能导致绝育!代孕中介一胎能赚到40万,代孕者怀上女孩却会被强行打胎!扩散!别让女孩再受骗!

China to allow online sales of prescription drugs as early as this month: sources | Reuters China will allow online sales of prescription drugs as early as this month, a policy that will open up an over 1 trillion yuan ($161 billion) market to online pharmacy operators like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

兰州石化回应被政府要求道歉:官方逼我们搬新区_新闻_腾讯网 A CNPC Lanzhou subsidiary in a dispute with the Lanzhou government after an official blames it for pollution and demands it apologize, company says criticism a government tactic that is part of its efforts to force the plant to relocate to a new Lanzhou district, which could cost 10s of billions of RMB  //  [摘要]“说白了,兰州市政府就是想让兰州石化尽快搬迁到兰州新区去,以数百亿元的搬迁工程挽救兰州新区目前日渐式微的发展形态。这是一种事实上的逼宫。”多位兰州石化中层人士干部也向记者描述称。

Number of Black-necked cranes rise in Tibet due to protection – Xinhua saw many when there last August// Black-necked cranes are seen in the Linzhou County, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Jan. 9, 2015. The number of black-necked cranes, the first-level state protected wildlife, has kept rising in the past years thanks to a series of protection measures taken in Tibet.



农村土改进入试点阶段:进城农民宅基地有偿转让_新闻_腾讯网 近日《关于农村土地征收、集体经营性建设用地入市、宅基地制度改革试点工作的意见》由中共中央办公厅和国务院办公厅联合印发,这标志着我国农村土地制度的改革即将进入到试点阶段。 国土资源部负责人介绍,试点将在新型城镇化综合试点和农村改革试验区中选择,封闭运行,确保风险可控。试点工作将在2017年底完成。

Potato Invasion; Classification As Staple Food Cause For Concern Chinese rice lovers are concerned over government plans to substitute local diets with more potatoes. The government has announced their intention to reclassify potatoes to make them the fourth big staple food in China, alongside rice, wheat and corn. According to reports by Chinese media, by 2020 it is expected that 50 percent of potatoes will be used for the production of staple foods as opposed to an ingredient in small side dishes, as is currently the case.



China to launch direct air route to Caribbean – Xinhua China will launch its first direct air route to the Caribbean on Sept. 28, according to an announcement by Air China. Operated by Air China three times a week, the new route will fly from Beijing to Havana, with a stop to refuel in Montreal, marking a huge cut in travel time between China and the Caribbean.

25 air passengers investigated by police after opening emergency doors – China Daily  Passengers finished boarding the aircraft at 1:40 am and then waited for ice on the plane to be cleared. An elderly woman felt uncomfortable after hours of waiting. Concerning her physical condition, many other passengers demanded explanation by the captain. According to a passenger, the vice captain explained to the travelers, but failed to pacify them. “He was quite emotional, swore and cursed to us,” said a passenger at 4:50 am on microblog with his nickname Fengyunzhe Tianxingjian. “Some passenger called police, but the pilot insisted on taking off. So passengers opened three emergency doors in an attempt to stop the flight,” he said. “The pilot (vice captain in fact) has lost control and we couldn’t risk to let him start.”



Think Renting in Your City is Bad? Try Beijing | ChinaFile Can China’s Renters Survive the Demands and Costs in the Country’s Cities?

Beijing Land Prices Set to Rise after Years of Softening | the Beijinger That a developer, in this case China Resources, was willing to pay so much for a site in Fengtai, long considered a Beijing backwater (it was the last Beijing district to get a McDonald’s), demonstrates two things about the local real estate market: demand for space, especially residential space, in Beijing remains strong, and the supply of available space, especially in or near Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) is very limited.

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