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"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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Alibaba Files to Go Public in the U.S. – Last year, the value of all merchandise sold on Alibaba exceeded $248 billion, more than the volume on eBay and Amazon combined. Nearly 20 percent of those purchases were made through mobile phones in the last three months of last year. American companies like Google and eBay can only dream of making the kind of profit margin that Alibaba enjoys. Last year, Alibaba had net income of $3.56 billion on revenue of $7.95 billion. That translates into a profit margin of roughly 45 percent. // The F-1. Time for investors to Open Wallets

Related: I.P.O. Revives Debate Over a Chinese Structure – –  In Alibaba’s case it is using a straightforward V.I.E. structure. Investors in the United States offering will not be buying shares in Alibaba China. Instead, they will purchase shares in a Cayman Islands entity named Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

Related: Alibaba sets the VIE gold standard | China Accounting Blog I have long argued that the least risky VIE structures are those that minimize the amount of business conducted in the VIE. My old gold standard for the best VIE structure was Baidu. I now award that to Alibaba. Here is the proof, including for comparison New Oriental, which is perhaps the lead standard.

Related: What is Alibaba? – nice interactive graphic

Related: Son Set for Key Alibaba Role With Board Seat, Stake – Bloomberg not sure how many Chinese realize Alibaba is 1/3 Japanese-owned. So increasing tensions with Japan could be a risk factor? // SoftBank also will remain the largest investor, keeping its stake above 30 percent, the Hangzhou, China-based company said in a filing yesterday.

China’s leaning towers | FT Alphaville Both Nomura and UBS have as their base case government attempts to limit the impact of property downturn with GDP staying in or around 7.3 – 7.4 per cent. They think the measures could include relaxing current property policies, speeding up social housing construction, a quicker removal of hukou barriers in lower-tier cities, increasing infrastructure spending, and finally, monetary and credit easing. Whether that will do anything more than put off, and exacerbate, a problem that will be have to be dealt with anyway is the obvious long term question, while the short term issue is whether the government can in reality support a sector which threatens to get out of its control. As we said before, the property market in China may well pose the kind of systemic risk that banks and LGFVs do not and China’s scope for stimulus is narrowing.

Related: Xinhua Insight: Worries reasonable, housing price tumble unlikely – Xinhua “A housing price tumble is unlikely, and the real estate slump is an entirely exaggerated forecast,” said Jia Kang, director of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science at China’s Ministry of Finance. //Chinese Xinhua appears a bit more negative about prospects for housing 量价齐跌:楼市是否拉开“跳水”序幕? Local media seem to be working to change expectations for Chinese to get them to believe the days of price rises are over, perhaps in advance of relaxing the myriad demand repression policies and letting the market take a more decisive role?

Related: More Chinese cities loosen property controls as economic slowdown bites-Reuters- By softening the rules, the local governments are effectively reversing a near-five-year-old policy of reining in China’s frothy property market, underscoring policymakers’ resolve to support an economy growing at its slowest pace in decades.// 多地欲为楼市限购松绑 专家称仅靠政策难救市_新闻_腾讯网

Terrorism in China: the global dimension | Philip Potter | Comment is free | China’s Uighur militants appear to be getting more sophisticated, with links to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s time to take them seriously

Related: 人民日报评论员:大力加强民族团结–观点--人民网 page 1 Wednesday People’s Daily commentary on learning from spirit of Xi’s speeches during Xinjiang inspection tour, strengthening ethnic unity // —— 三论学习贯彻习近平同志新疆考察重要讲话精神 本报评论员

Related: China’s Terrorism Problem – WSJ Editorial If Beijing is serious about addressing its growing terrorism problem, an important first step would be to do a better job distinguishing between those Uighurs who really are terrorists, and the many millions more who are not.////interesting how the western media narrative on the Xinjiang-related attacks has changed over the last few months

Related: Uygur students: “We will stay silent no more!” – Xinhua We appeal to people of all nationalities to be fully aware of the massive conspiracy of domestic and foreign hostile forces to orchestrate tragedies so as to create panic, undermine unity, divide society and split the country. We have to keep our eyes open and be determined not to let the enemies’ conspiracy succeed or fall into their trap. The enemies fear that we unite, which speaks for the power of unity. The more the enemies want to destroy our unity, the more we must keep united. We must unite. All nationalities must unite against terrorism. We can stay silent no longer and we will remain silent no more. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder and deliver a blow to violent terrorists. (The article was written by eleven Uygur university students at 5:13 am on May 1, 2014) //very difficult to be Uighur these days, perhaps that is part of the extremists’ strategy, as more desperation and repression begets more extremism…an evil cycle we have seen repeat across the Middle East

How Do You Say ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ in Chinese?–Foreign Policy Beijing’s deployment of its billion-dollar oil rig sends a clear message to Vietnam: We’ll drill where we damn well please.

Related: China media threatens Vietnam over oil rig row – Channel NewsAsia China should give Vietnam a “lesson it deserves to get” if Hanoi ratchets up tension in the South China Sea, an aggressive editorial in state-run media said Tuesday.

Related: Vietnam demands China withdraw from territorial waters — Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus) Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh spoke on the phone with Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi on the afternoon of May 6 on China’s drilling rig HYSY-981 and its ships operating in Vietnam’s waters.

The Tiananmen Square Meeting That Sparked a Crackdown in Beijing – China Real Time Report – WSJ 29 more days, clearly going to be a tense month in Beijing // Chinese authorities have detained Pu Zhiqiang, one the country’s most visible and prominent rights lawyers, after he attended a meeting held to discuss the June 4th Tiananmen Square crackdown. The small gathering, held in Beijing May 3, involved prominent liberal intellectuals, dissidents and several whose lives were altered drastically in the wake of the 1989 crackdown.

关于深化经济体制改革的若干问题 _ 2014/09 _求是理论网党的十八届三中全会对全面深化改革作出了战略部署。经济体制改革是全面深化改革的重点,核心问题是处理好政府和市场的关系,使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用和更好发挥政府作用。我们要立足于我国长期处于社会主义初级阶段这个最大实际,坚持社会主义市场经济改革方向,充分认识深化经济体制改革的重要性和紧迫性,深刻理解其科学内涵和本质要求,扎实有力地做好各项改革工作,发挥经济体制改革牵引作用,协同推进其他领域改革,形成强大的改革合力。//Li Keqiang’s lead essay in latest issue of Qiushi /(Seeking Truth), on deepening economic structural reforms

Agriculture: Bring back the landlords | The Economist Officials have long spoken of the virtues of scale farming, but of all the ways of achieving this—including renting land to agri-businesses or to farmers from other areas—the idea of family farms run by locals has a particularly strong appeal. In recent months at least nine of China’s 31 provincial-level governments have published guidelines for giving subsidies and other support to family farms. Zheng Fengtian of Renmin University in Beijing says they have a strong incentive

Evan Osnos–China’s Censored World – The most difficult part of writing about contemporary China is capturing its proportions: How much of the story is truly inspiring, and how much of it is truly grim? How much of its values are reflected in technology start-ups and stories of self-creation, and how much of its values are reflected in the Great Firewall and abuses of power? It is tempting to accept censorship as a matter of the margins — a pruning that leaves the core of the story intact — but altering the proportions of a portrait of China gives a false reflection of how China appears to the world at a moment when it is making fundamental choices about what kind of country it will become. // this year’s must-read China book, here on Amazon


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China To Force State Firms To Boost Payouts This Year | MNI China’s biggest state firms will be required to increase their dividend payouts by 5 percentage points from this year as part of the Communist Party’s broader attempt to streamline industry and boost competition. // 关于进一步提高中央企业国有资本收益收取比例的通知 

China’s Popular Internet Funds To Be Hit By RRR: Press | MNI  Sheng Songcheng, head of the PBOC’s statistics department, said at the weekend that deposits made by internet money market funds should be subject to the deposit reserve requirement, which is currently fixed at 20% for large institutions. //probably painful for Alibaba’s Yu’e Bao

China’s Bitcoin Exchanges Pull Out of Summit After PBOC – Bloomberg BTC China Co. said it and four other bitcoin trading platforms agreed to adopt stricter practices such as halting margin trading and short selling. They also agreed to not participate in bitcoin marketing conferences and gatherings, according to a statement posted yesterday on the website of BTC China, the oldest of the nation’s bitcoin operators.

China PBOC Says Could Fine-Tune As Needed But Sees Econ Stable | MNI The People’s Bank of China said Tuesday that it will “fine-tune” its policy bias when needed but maintain the official “prudent” monetary policy stance, arguing that the Chinese economy will remain stable while external demand is only set to improve. The bank’s latest monetary policy report also highlighted the perceived risks associated with rising debt levels onshore, with the PBOC saying that it will step up monitoring of local government finances

China’s PBOC to Boost Property, LGFV Credit Supervision – Bloomberg The People’s Bank of China is taking steps to minimize potential contagion to the entire financial system from risks in those areas, according to a quarterly monetary-policy report posted on its website yesterday. China will also strictly control lending to high-emission industries and those with overcapacity,the PBOC said in yesterday’s report.

深圳中小银行调降首套房贷利率 汇丰和招行先行_证券时报网 some loosening of rates for first mortgages in Shenzhen // 整体来看,深圳范围内的首套房贷款利率有所松动,但同比去年,整体仍处于高位。

China Property Slump Adds Danger to Local Finances – Bloomberg Land sales in 20 major cities fell 5 percent in March from a year earlier, the biggest drop in at least a year, according to China Real Estate Information Corp. data compiled by Bloomberg. The value of land sales in third-tier cities declined 27 percent last month, according to SouFun Holdings Ltd., the nation’s biggest real-estate website owner.

China unleashes yuan bears, but can it cage them again? | Reuters “The market had expected the yuan’s weakness to last no more than a few weeks, but the PBOC has now sent clear signals that it is the central bank, not the market, that will decide when the yuan’s weakness will end,” said a trader at a European bank in Shanghai.   “With the PBOC giving no signal that it intends to do so, corporates have become alarmed, and many are now building dollar positions to hedge.”

SOE Blames Loss in Billions of Yuan on Steel Trade Deals – Caixin China Railway Materials Co. Ltd. says it had net loss last year of 7.65 billion yuan, mostly due to 6.1 billion yuan it had to set aside to cover soured steel deals

余永定:中国近期发生金融危机可能性不大_金融_中证网 Yu Yongding says risk of a near term financial crisis in China is not high

光耀地产多项目停工被曝资金链危机_财经频道_一财网 Real Estate firm Guang Group looks to be out of money, stopped many projects in Guangdong

Bank Hiring in Asia Gets a Closer Look From Regulators – The Securities and Exchange Commission in early March sent letters to a group of companies including Credit Suisse Group, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and UBS seeking more information about their hiring in Asia, according to the people. It is examining whether the banks or their employees violated antibribery laws by hiring relatives of well-connected officials. | SEC Charges Toronto-Based Consultant and Four Others in Reverse Merger Schemes Involving China-Based Companies The SEC alleges that S. Paul Kelley and three of the associates acquired controlling interests in two U.S. public shell companies in order to orchestrate reverse mergers with China Auto Logistics Inc. and Guanwei Recycling Corp. //scum. remember that none of these Chinese frauds could have gotten to US markets without the assistance of foreign service providers

Yuan Yafei, Sanpower chairman – ‘Only strange people can succeed’ – In the presidential suite of a Hong Kong hotel, Yuan Yafei starts his morning with a glass of warm green tea, a pack of cigarettes and a long, thick Cuban cigar. “You want?” the Chinese tycoon asks, breaking into English to offer a cigar before launching back into the story of how he ended up buying House of Fraser, the British department store chain that in better days also owned Harrods.

李佐军:中国经济进入增长速度换挡期-中国社会科学网 DRC’s Li Zuojun on the downshifting period in China’s economy



Six wounded in knife attack at southern China rail station | Reuters Despite earlier reports on state media that up to four assailants may have been involved in the latest attack, Guangzhou police said their initial inquiry found there was just a single suspect. He had been shot and wounded. “After verbal warnings were ineffective, police fired, hitting one male suspect holding a knife, and subdued him,” Guangzhou police said on their official microblog. They neither identified the attacker nor gave a possible motive.

公安部两位副部长夜赴京沪火车站严查安保(图)_新闻_腾讯网 2 vice ministers of Public Security make late night inspections at train stations

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down in China’s ‘Jerusalem’ | Gleanings | ‘Human shield’ fails to save megachurch from demolition in China’s largest Christian city [Wenzhou].

四川信托总裁辞职 传被调查公司未予回应_财经频道_一财网 Sichuan Trust chairman under investigation? // 针对媒体日前报道的陈军由于涉嫌受贿正在接受调查,四川信托有关人士对《第一财经日报》记者表示,对有关报道的真实性持保留意见,并不做任何回应,一切以公告为准。

郑州公安局长带队10万人半夜开展涉黄涉赌清查_国内新闻_环球网 100,000 people involved in overnight Zhengzhou raids on houses of vice…wonder how many of the folks who had to participate in the raids considered themselves lucky as they had to work and so avoided getting caught playing? // 昨晚,一场声势浩大的“反暴恐、净环境、调纠纷、稳大局”专项行动在郑州市拉开序幕。郑州市委常委、政法委书记、郑州市公安局长黄保卫带领公安民警、户籍协管员、交通协管员、联防队员、巡防队员、保安队员、物业安保、治安积极分子等各种综治力量近10万人,通过设卡盘查,对治安乱点清理清查,在重点区域、路段开展武装巡查。

北京市劳教局调整为教育矫治局 由司法局管理_网易新闻中心 Beijing’s Reform Through Education Bureau is now called the Educational Correction Bureau and is overseen by the justice bureau

港媒爆中纪委整肃在港央企 贪污卖国将遭严查 HK media says beijing 2 launch crackdown on corruption in SOEs hk branches, in part due 2 espionage fears //【环球时报】香港媒体5日披露称,华润集团前董事长宋林涉嫌严重违纪案引发连锁反应,中纪委针对在港内地官员和央企高层的反腐风暴正在进一步扩大。中纪委上月拍板通过,针对央企在港澳人员进行反腐大整顿,将对华润、中银、中信、光大国际及招商局这五大中资集团进行审计。

Inquiry Reveals Tangled Web of Graft Linking Officials and Businessmen – Caixin a very abridged translation of Caixin’s multipart series on the Sichuan cases…too bad, so many more interesting details in the original Chinese // Several sources said Li, along with Guo and Li Chongxi, the former chairman of the Sichuan’s People’s Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body, were three of the favorite subordinates of Zhou Yongkang, Sichuan’s party chief from 1999 to 2002. Zhou retired from the Politburo Standing Committee, the party’s top decision-making body, in 2012. From 2007 to 2012, he headed the party’s Central Politics and Law Committee, meaning he handled the nation’s public security affairs.

国网华北分部主任朱长林被调查_政经频道_财新网 State Grid executive under investigation

重庆人大副主任谭栖伟涉嫌严重违纪违法被调查_新闻_腾讯网 Chongqing NPC deputy chair Tan Qiwei detained for serious disciplinary violations, may be related to the Lei Zhengfu video case

China claims to have tamed Tibet with a velvet glove, not an iron fist | The Australian The Chinese government has grown sufficiently confident about its control of Tibet that it no longer has People’s Liberation Army troops patrolling the streets of Lhasa, where in 2008 the police dispersal of a peaceful demonstration near Ramoche Temple triggered rioting by Tibetans in which police cars, fire engines and other official vehicles, as well as Han-owned stores, were set on fire, and 18 Han civilians were killed.

习近平告诫北大学生:当官别想发财 想发财别当官–教育–人民网 Xi Jinping tells Peking U students that should not become officials if they want to get rich

习近平考察北大 同老教授汤一介促膝谈心-中新网 5月4日电 据新华社官方微博“新华视点”消息,4日,总书记来到北大人文学苑,87岁的著名哲学家汤一介从研究室走出来欢迎习近平,总书记快步迎上去同汤教授亲切握手。在汤教授研究室里,总书记同他促膝交谈,了解《儒藏》编纂情况,赞扬他为中华优秀传统文化继承、发展、创新作出了很大贡献 //Xi met with Tang Yijie during his Peking U visit

Minitrue: Condemn Violence, Stress Ethnic Cooperation – China Digital Times (CDT) All media platforms that cited Xinhua’s non-regulated English-language draft on the Urumqi incident must immediately delete coverage and wait for the Xinhua News Agency’s Chinese-language wire copy.

Factbox: China’s reform tally since November policy meeting | Reuters Implementation since then has been slow but steady. China has eschewed riskier, game-changing reform but the incremental steps promise to reach enough critical mass to sustain momentum and help the world’s second-largest economy shift down fairly smoothly after decades of red-hot investment-fuelled growth. Following are some of the significant steps taken since the Communist Party Central Committee’s Nov 9-12 policy conclave:

Freedom of information: Right to know | The Economist Government departments, at all levels, still do not release everything they should. But Mr Wu, the lawyer, found they are less able to opt out without a good reason. Guangdong province’s Health and Family Planning Commission initially rebuffed his OGI request, saying “internal management issues” prevented compliance. Mr Wu tried again. On April 1st Guangzhou Intermediate Court ruled in his favour. The commission was ordered to reprocess his request. He awaits word of its decision

中国宗教学会会长:不给宗教极端思想任何市场–观点–人民网 为了有效抵制、清除宗教极端思想,我们要全面贯彻落实党的宗教信仰自由政策,遵守国家宪法对宗教信仰自由的保障,让全社会善待宗教;同时我们要积极引导宗教与社会主义社会相适应,使宗教活动“遵守国家的法律、法规和方针政策”。特别值得指出的是,我们要鼓励宗教界人士努力挖掘和发扬宗教中的积极因素,努力对宗教教义作出符合社会进步要求的阐释,积极弘扬宗教教义中扬善抑恶、平等宽容、扶贫济困等与社会道德要求贴近的积极内容。让宗教社团和宗教信众在建设中国和谐社会、促进世界和谐中做出有效的贡献。



Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO | Reuters Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, concerned about China’s rising military spending and disputes with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea, signed a new partnership agreement with NATO on Tuesday. The accord, signed by Abe and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen during Abe’s visit to NATO’s Brussels headquarters, will deepen Japan’s cooperation with the Western military alliance in areas such as counter-piracy, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

人民日报钟声:安倍拒绝反省历史就是自我孤立–观点–人民网 Zhong Sheng not happy with Abe’s refusal to “reflect upon history”

Inside China: General hits U.S. in Africa – Washington Times Speaking April 27 at a banquet in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, Lt Gen. Qi Jianguo, deputy chief of staff for the People’s Liberation Army, launched a tirade against the United States and praised Zimbabwe’s 90-year-old dictator, Robert Mugabe. Gen. Qi was the guest of honor for Gen. Constanine Chiwenga, chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces

国安蓝皮书:政府机构成暴恐主要袭击目标(图)_网易新闻中心 National Security blue book looks interesting

PACAF Gen. Carlisle Warns China On New Air Defense Zones;  « Breaking Defense WASHINGTON: Pacific Air Forces commander Gen. Hawk Carlisle, who has come to serve as a key Pentagon spokesman on Chinese issues, told several hundred insiders that China may be considering creation of two new Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) and warned the rising power against any such move.

San Diego burn unit treats Chinese fishermen – Yahoo News The men were being treated for burns at the University of California, San Diego, regional burn unit — less than 24 hours after Air Force rescuers hoisted them off the Venezuelan boat and airlifted them to California, said Maj. Sarah Schwennesen of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

North Korea Holds Key to a China Nightmare – This is China’s nightmare: a nuclear arms race on its doorstep, and one that adds muscle to its rival Japan as the two wrangle over a set of islets in the East China Sea. But will China’s leaders act? “They are looking at North Korea increasingly as a strategic liability rather than an asset,” says a senior South Korean Foreign Ministry official.

China Takes Wary Steps Into New Africa Deals – Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is using an official visit to Africa this week to pledge more loans and trade deals to governments that control the commodities and oil that Beijing needs to fuel its economy. But Mr. Li’s pledges so far—trade agreements with Ethiopia and an expansion of a credit line to African nations to $30 billion from $20 billion—belie the fact that China is taking a more-cautious approach to the continent after a series of big loans and investments in resource deals over recent years have failed to pan out.

Beijing to step up crackdown on military corruption-SCMP 1 year since the new rules on white license plates. it has been implemented remarkably well, to the point that some have told me it is more of a hassle to have one than to not.  // 中央军委发文:深入推进军队惩治和预防腐败体系建设 – 中国军网 

China gives 10-year sentence to leaker of military secrets | Reuters Over a month, they became friends, and the user, whom the paper called a “spy from outside China’s borders,” was revealed to be male. The user adopted the moniker “Flying Brother,” and paid Li to subscribe to secret military publications via China’s National Library. Li also leaked a large amount of information on the development of military bases and pictures of military gear, the People’s Daily said.

境外情报机构网络策反大学生 鼓动报考涉密岗位-财经网 网络策反学生的案例中,境外情报机构主要以积极兑现酬金的形式吸引和黏住学生,兼以要挟等手段,但不见面。涉案学生多数是个体行为,较为恶劣的案例中,境外间谍会诱导、建议学生发展自己的同学。2008年四川成都某高校就发生一起“窝案”:本科生吴某通过Skype找英语聊友,结识自称“外籍华商”的境外间谍。吴某介绍同学冯某加入,冯某又在校内论坛发布招聘广告,吸收同校研究生刘某、赵某。4人均在联系初期即觉察到对方“网特”身份,但仍签订“保密工作合同”,先后提供国内政治、经济、教育等领域大量内部期刊资料,其中包括多份“秘密级”刊物。案发时,4人共获得报酬4万余元。

How the China lobby is building a Great Wall of influence | Business Spectator Since the publication of Bob Carr’s Diary of a Foreign Minister, much of the subsequent media coverage has focused either on his snobbish tendencies or on his supposed singling out of the Israel lobby’s influence on Australian foreign policy. Yet little has been made of the other lobby Carr refers to in the book — namely, the China lobby. Unlike the Israel lobby, which boasted its own faction within caucus — the self-described ‘falafel faction’ — the China lobby is altogether less cohesive and organised. Nonetheless, Carr saw fit to refer to them as such and, early on in his term as foreign minister, was keenly aware of their concerns.

组图:中国船队在越军眼皮底下扩建赤瓜礁_新闻_腾讯网 pics of china expanding structures on Johnson South Reef reef, w PLAN ships protecting



About Us | Thinking Taiwan  Thinking Taiwan, a product of the Thinking Taiwan Foundation, is the nation’s premier source of nonpartisan analysis and commentary about politics, society and culture in Taiwan and the region. With original material in English, Thinking Taiwan brings together established scholars and emerging thinkers, and endeavors to give a voice to Taiwan’s leaders of tomorrow // new site about Taiwan. Money appears to be coming from DPP side as the Thinking Taiwan Foundation was set up in 2012 by former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文). That does not make it less useful or necessarily biased, just that it is very important to follow the money in media, and especially in Taiwan right now. It is launching with an impressive collection of contributors

Taiwan Executes 2 on China Cops’ Evidence | Asia Sentinel Legal analysts say the brothers lost their constitutional right to cross-examination because the Taiwanese courts flatly accepted Chinese authorities’ contribution to the trials, warning that a precedent has been set with ominous repercussions for the hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese expatriates living in China.

In Hong Kong, Property Developers Try Discounts – The new units are still expensive even after the givebacks—some are commanding US$2,500 a square foot, or more, which rivals new luxury condos in Manhattan. But the price cuts mark a sharp break from the overheated market of just two years ago, before the government stepped in to cool price increases.

Junket Figure’s Disappearance Shakes Macau’s Gambling Industry – Huang Shan Is Believed to Owe Up to $1.3 Billion, Leaving Investors Struggling to Get Their Money Back



阿里巴巴招股书批露投资UC详情:持有66%股份|阿里巴巴|UC|神马移动_互联网_新浪科技_新浪网 Alibaba owns 66% of mobile browser firm UCweb, invested nearly 700m into it in 2013//

Caixin Explains: How WeChat Handles O2O Commerce – Caixin How is this different from what Alibaba offers?–Without a star app for consumer interaction, Alibaba wants to draw attention to its ability to analyze and collect consumer data. The e-commerce giant has accumulated huge amounts of data through its two shopping sites – Taobao and Tmall – over the years and plans to share some of the information with partnered businesses. WeChat will not provide analysis on data it collects, said Liu Hantao, an executive at WeChat. In addition, Alibaba also plans to make its collaboration model with traditional business such as retail groups a template for others who want to build a closer connection with the Internet.

Alibaba’s long road home | Business Spectator One possible next step, resulting in a (typically Chinese) ‘face saving’ resolution for all parties, would be for Alibaba to undertake a secondary listing of its shares in Hong Kong after the US listing is completed. Hong Kong’s requirements for companies seeking a secondary listing are significantly relaxed, with many listing rule requirements readily waived under the assumption that the overseas ‘primary’ regulator (in this case, the US SEC) carries most of the responsibility for regulating the company and protecting investors’ interests.

刘强东机场与娱记起冲突 保镖打伤记者毁相机(图)_新浪四川资讯_新浪四川 Chinese media reporting CEO Liu Qiangdong flew back to Beijing Tuesday. So IPO roadshow has not started, or problems with the deal?

Central Gov’t Announces Guidelines for Digital Publishing Industry – Caixin The source in the publishing industry said companies would face high costs as they transformed from producers of physical to digital goods and there were many funding models. Some large companies, such as Apple Inc., and China Mobile, invested more to develop the market, and some venture capital also took part, the source said, but government funding would give publishers long-term capital support.

Facebook Business Aiding China Exporters Grows Amid Ban – Bloomberg Facebook Inc. (FB), the operator of the world’s largest social-networking site, said its business aiding China’s exporters to reach global markets is seeing fast growth even as its main Web services remain blocked in the nation. Facebook also has “thousands” of application developers in China, Vice President Vaughan Smith told the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing today

SINA Announces Receipt of Government Notices – Yahoo Finance it received two notices from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television stating that the Company’s Internet Publication License and License for Online Transmission of Audio-Visual Programs would be revoked due to certain unhealthy and indecent content from third-parties or by users on its portal, i.e., on its online reading channel and on its website The Company also received a notice from the Beijing Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Unit, which imposed an administrative fine of RMB5,085,183 (US$815,038) on the Company in connection with the content referred to above //released on a friday afternoon…

Paula Wagner, An Ann, Naomi Foner Team Up For Flying Tigers WW2 Epic – The Hollywood Reporter The film is based on the novel of the same name and it tells the the story of Rita Wong, a Chinese nurse who cared for injured US airmen from the group known as the Flying Tigers during World War Two.



文革红卫兵袖章是怎么来的?1966年8月18日之前红卫兵是否佩戴袖章,如果佩戴袖章是什么样的,我没有做过考证。但自从那天,宋彬彬在天安门城楼上给毛泽东戴上红卫兵袖章之后,这一款红袖章就成了全国红卫兵袖章的标准样式。唯一不同的是,给毛泽东配戴的袖章字体颜色为黑色,后来袖章上字体的颜色为黄色。这款红袖章的设计和制作就出自女附中红卫兵之手-作者系北京师范大学附属女子中学(今北师大附属实验中学)1967年初中毕业生 // interesting history of the origin of the Red Guard armband in the Cultural Revolution



China’s coal solution has carbon downside across globe | Special reports pages | The Seattle Times Global carbon-dioxide emissions are climbing at rates that pose severe risks to the planet, and reversing that trend is heavily dependent on China making cuts in its emissions. // interesting series from the Seattle Times

中国地表水检出68种抗生素类污染物_政经频道_财新网 68 types of antibiotics found in China’s surface water // 《中国科学》发表一项研究成果指出,中国地表水中抗生素总体浓度水平与检出频率高出西方国家。此外还检出90种非抗生素类PPCPs



Live Beijing Music | The Chinese Capital Reference interesting site

Dramatic Sandstorm Hits Day 2 of Beijing’s Midi Music Festival – YouTube just missing Mad Max

Beijing outer expressway ring to complete by 2016 – Xinhua7th ring road // The integration of transport infrastructure is a priority for coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, said a Beijing transport official. The big outer ring has about 850 km in Hebei Province. It includes several expressways, such as the one linking Zhangjiakou and Zhuozhou cities and the Zhangjiakou-Chengde expressway in Hebei, and another linking Zhuozhou and Miyun County in Beijing.



China Learning Expedition | Mobile Asia Expo In this immersive, interactive five-day program organized by The Drucker School of Claremont Graduate University and taking place in Beijing and Shanghai, Matt Pillar, a Harvard-trained China business expert and Drucker Senior Fellow, and a selected group of other highly experienced, well-regarded China experts present real-world observations on how to navigate this complex, fast-growing market and establish a platform for lasting success.


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