The Sinocism China Newsletter 06.09.14

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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The Operation of the HYSY 981 Drilling Rig: Vietnam’s Provocation and China’s Position Ministry of Foreign Affairs lays out is justifications…the original Chinese version “981”钻井平台作业:越南的挑衅和中国的立场 //On 9 May 1965, the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam issued a statement with reference to the designation by the US government of the “combat zone” of the US armed forces in Vietnam. It says, “US President Lyndon Johnson designated the whole of Vietnam, and the adjacent waters which extend roughly 100 miles from the coast of Vietnam and part of the territorial waters of the People’s Republic of China in its Xisha Islands as ‘combat zone’ of the United States armed forces … in direct threat to the security of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and its neighbors …” The World Atlas printed in May 1972 by the Bureau of Survey and Cartography under the Office of the Premier of Vietnam designated the Xisha Islands by their Chinese names (see Annex 4/5). The geography textbook for ninth graders published by Vietnam’s Educational Press in 1974 carried in it a lesson entitled “The People’s Republic of China” (see Annex 5/5). It reads, “The chain of islands from the Nansha and Xisha Islands to Hainan Island, Taiwan Island, the Penghu Islands and the Zhoushan Islands … are shaped like a bow and constitute a Great Wall defending the China mainland.”

Related: State firms barred from Vietnam contract bids | South China Morning Post An official working at a state-owned enterprise, who asked not to be named, said the group had been informed of the move on the phone by the Ministry of Commerce. Three other Chinese contractors operating in Vietnam have also been told, sources with the firms said. A member of staff working at the ministry’s bidding permit office confirmed the suspension, but said it was not known how long the ban might last.

Related: Philippine, Vietnamese troops drink beer, play volleyball on disputed isle | Reuters Philippine naval officials billed the event on the Vietnamese-held island as a chance to show the world there can be harmony in the South China Sea despite a web of overlapping claims to the potentially energy-rich waters. The gathering on Southwest Cay in the Spratly archipelago also symbolises how once-suspicious neighbours are cooperating in the face of China’s growing assertiveness in disputed waters.

Related: China says Vietnam, Philippines’ mingling on disputed isle a ‘farce’ | Reuters “Don’t you think this small move together by Vietnam and the Philippines is at most a clumsy farce?” China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a daily briefing. “China has irrefutable sovereignty over the Spratly Islands and the seas nearby,” she said. “We demand that Vietnam and the Philippines stop any behaviour that picks quarrels and causes trouble … and not do anything to complicate or magnify the dispute.”

Related: China plans artificial island in disputed Spratlys chain in South China Sea | South China Morning Post The proposal to build an artificial island there had been submitted to the central government, said Jin Canrong , a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing. The artificial island would be at least double the size of the US military base of Diego Garcia, a remote coral atoll occupying an area of 44 square kilometres in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Jin added. The reef currently houses Chinese-built facilities including an observation post commissioned by Unesco’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

Related: China-Vietnam Tensions Rise as Both Say Ships Rammed Near Rig – Bloomberg Vietnam continues to send ships to the region near an oil rig placed by China off Vietnam’s coast, China’s foreign ministry said in a statement on its website yesterday. Chinese ships have now been rammed more than 1,400 times, it said. Vietnam accused China of again threatening its vessels near the rig. A Chinese boat struck a Vietnamese fishery surveillance boat on June 7, online news website VnExpress reported, citing Vietnam’s fishery control department.

Related: 国家海洋局–努力实现从海洋大国向海洋强国的历史跨越 Party Committee Secretary of State Oceanic Administration Party Secretary on becoming a maritime superpower  //  国家海洋局党组书记、局长 刘赐贵       近年来,特别是党的十八大以来,习近平总书记对我国海洋事业发展作出了一系列全面而精辟的论述。总书记的重要讲话,理论联系实际,博大精深、内涵丰富,视野开阔、思想深邃,对当前海洋工作有很强的针对性,是我们发展海洋事业的重要遵循,为我们从海洋大国转变为海洋强国指明了前进方向。

India hails major talks with China – Channel NewsAsia Wang [Yi] is expected on Monday to meet Modi, who has extended olive branches to traditional rivals China and Pakistan since coming to office despite his hardline nationalist reputation. Modi has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit later this year, an offer that Wang told India media had been accepted. Wang told the Hindu newspaper he had travelled to the capital as a special envoy of Xi to “cement our existing friendship and explore further cooperation”.

Related: Borders a Source of Tension in China-India Ties – But as the two giant neighbors attempt to reinvigorate their relationship with the first in a series of top-level meetings this week, one image may interfere: that of a Tibetan man who was led to a seat near the front at Mr. Modi’s swearing-in last month…“I thought, ‘Maybe I will get to sit at the back end, as long as I can sit in the shade.’ But then I showed them the ticket, and they told me to go to the front,” said Mr. Sangay, head of the Central Tibetan Administration, which has been arguing for three traditionally Tibetan provinces to be granted “genuine regional autonomy” within China.

Related: Commentary: China, India strategic partners, not rivals – Xinhua The mutual complementarity of the two economies provides great potential for China and India, one being a global manufacturer and the other a major service provider, to jointly boost cooperation in bilateral trade, investment, financial services and new and high technologies. Besides, both being members of the BRICS (namely, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and emerging economies, China and India can cooperate and coordinate closely within regional and global frameworks. The two countries are also expected to grasp the opportunity of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the declaration of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence and the Year of Friendly Exchanges to deepen bilateral exchanges.

Related: India rolls red carpet for Chinese FMs first trip – The Hindu India is keen to narrow the vast trade deficit of $31 billion, even as the two countries close in on their goal of $100 billion bilateral trade by 2015. Commerce and Industry MoS Nirmala Sitharaman also tweeted that she had been briefed on bilateral trade issues by Indian Ambassador to China Ashok Kantha ahead of Mr. Wang’s visit. The two sides are also scheduled to talk about issues such as energy cooperation, Afghanistan and counter-terrorism, especially Jihadi terrorism, in the wake of a rise in attacks emanating from China’s Xinjiang province.

Cryptome-China: The Three Warfares-Prepared for DoD 2013 June 7, 2014  A very interesting report…psychological warfare, media warfare (aka public opinion warfare), legal warfare (aka lawfare)…may help explain much of what China is doing in East and South China Seas

China’s Central Bank Prevails in Policy Battles Over Economic Future – WSJ In the latest battle, the country’s top banking regulator on Friday said it would ease rules to make it easier for banks to lend only to small companies. That followed a decision a week earlier by the State Council, the government’s top decision-making body, to target more bank funding for small businesses and farms. The central bank fended off calls to cut interest rates, at least for now, the people familiar with the situation said, by arguing that a rush of new credit could add to already ballooning debt and funnel money to the real-estate sector, which is struggling with a housing glut that is dragging down growth and threatening to trigger loan defaults.

Related: PBOC Vice Governor’s Star Rises – China Real Time Report – WSJ Yi Gang, a vice governor at China’s central bank who is in charge of managing the country’s nearly $4 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves, has quietly been named a senior official in the Communist Party’s top economic advisory group–a body akin to the White House’s National Economic Council, according to officials with knowledge of the matter. The appointment suggests China’s leadership continues to put a priority on financial reforms, the officials say, and reflects the growing clout of Mr. Yi and his mentor, central bank Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan.

《面对面》 20140608 吴春霞:“被精神病”的女子_新闻频道_央视网( CCTV “Face to Face” on the the case of Wu Chunxia, the Henan petitioner who was put into mental institution by police and tortured, then recently won her lawsuit against the police…interesting that the 20+ minute segment starts with an introduction to Zhang Yimou’s 1992 movie “The Story of Qiuju, says her case is like the movie…this case has gotten a lot of official media attention…she was petitioning to keep custody of her child after divorce from abusive husband…she went all the way to the National-level All China Women’s Federation..discusses her detention in a Beijing black jail, her kidnapping from a courtroom, CCTV anchor talks about the violation of her rights as a citizen…quite a remarkable report

Related: China’s new repression a bitter echo of the past–John Garnaut and then there is this  //  A month ago, on May 3 Pu Zhiqiang calculated  the time had come to step outside the line. Carefully,  he replicated a commemoration of Tiananmen as had been done five years earlier, in the privacy of a friend’s home. In other words, Pu effectively sacrificed himself to highlight exactly how far the boundaries have recently contracted under Xi Jinping.  Pu and four other prestigious civil society leaders at the same event were charged with “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”, when five years earlier there’d been no repercussions. “They are the conscience and cream of Chinese intellectuals,” wrote Monash University’s Warren Sun, an authority on Chinese elite political history, explaining why he had brought one of them, Xu Youyu, to Australia for a study and speaking tour. In echoes of the Cultural Revolution, three of Pu’s close associates have also been arrested on similar charges, like hostages to encourage Pu’s confession. Pu and Xu are cut off from the outside world and their lawyers have been gagged.

After powerful start, Li Keqiang’s frustration grows with resistance to reforms | South China Morning Post According to mainland media reports, Li chaired at least two cabinet meetings over the past two weeks to focus on ways to streamline and delegate government regulatory powers. At one meeting, on May 30, Li reportedly pounded the table as he blasted local officials for inertia in carrying out central government directives. He accused departments of micromanaging the economy and wasting time and resources examining and approving projects and deals that were entirely commercial matters unrelated to national security or strategic industries.

Related: 国务院为何点名这些省长开会_财经频道_一财网 上 周五,中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理李克强在中南海主持召开部分省市经济工作座谈会。 8位省长、市长汇报了今年以来贯彻落实党中央国务院决策部署情况、存在的问题和下一步打算。 他们分别是,北京市市长王安顺、河北省省长张庆伟、山西省省长李小鹏、黑龙江省省长陆昊、江苏省省长李学勇、浙江省省长李强、广东省省长朱小丹、四川省省长魏宏。

China’s Central Bank Releases Details of Reserve Ratio Reduction – Bloomberg Some banks’ reserve ratios will fall by 0.5 percentage points effective June 16, the People’s Bank of China said in a statement 定向下调存款准备金率引导信贷资源支持“三农”和小微企业-中国人民银行  on its website today. The reduction will apply to about two-thirds of city commercial banks, 80 percent of non-county level rural commercial banks and 90 percent of non-county level rural cooperative banks, the PBOC said.

Related: Top China Securities Paper Says Reserve Cut A Policy Option | MNI A leading Chinese securities newspaper said Monday that monetary conditions now argue for a system-wide deposit reserve cut, warning of a shortfall in base money creation as capital inflows shrink. The official China Securities Journal said in a front-page piece that a system-wide cut can complement government efforts to “fine-tune” the existing prudent monetary policy stance, alongside other tools such as the central bank’s relending facility. The article, which carried the byline of the newspaper’s research center, could point to a shift in thinking on policy amid signs that economic conditions aren’t picking up sufficiently.

Troubled welds on the San Francisco Bay Bridge — The Sacramento Bee The Chinese company hired to build key parts of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge had never built a bridge. Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. Ltd., after all, was a manufacturer of giant cranes for container ports. The California Department of Transportation agreed to contract the company known as ZPMC in 2006 because it had established a reputation as fast and cost-effective, offering savings of about $250 million compared to the competing bidder.



Banks Are Digging Into Metal-Backed Loans – WSJ the banks and trading houses deserve whatever their losses are..negligent or worse if they did not understand this risk…utterly predictable here //  The banks, including Citigroup Inc. and Standard Chartered, provided loans to trading firms that were backed by metals such as copper and aluminum stored at one of China’s biggest ports, the people said. The trading firms hold the deed to the metal, which can be used to secure financing, but the metal stays in a warehouse. Banks fear a private Chinese company may have used the metal as collateral to get multiple loans, potentially defrauding the lenders and trading firms. Two of the people with knowledge of the matter estimated the value of the loans and collateral at several hundred million dollars.

China’s Focus on Growth Goal Risks Reform Delay, World Bank Says – Bloomberg “The government should have sufficient room for those policies, but they may perpetuate China’s traditional growth model that relies on government-led investment fueled by credit expansion,” the Washington-based lender said in a report (here on WB web site) today. “A policy focus on meeting growth targets could distract from pushing through the structural reforms intended to put long-term growth on a more stable footing.”

China taps tech training to tackle labor market mismatch | Reuters The government has said it plans to refocus more than 600 local academic colleges on vocational and technical education – replacing literature, history and philosophy with technology skills such as how to maintain lathes and build ventilation systems. Course curricula will be tailored to meet employers’ specific needs. Pilot programs will be launched this year, and 150 local universities have signed up for the education ministry’s plan, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.

Stock Advisor Touting Huge Returns Is Accused of Duping Investors – Caixin Tang Yonggang bragged his picks returned some 125 percent last year, but a source in his brokerage says mock portfolios were finessed to fool clients

Listed Firms Use Spare Cash to Become Stars of TV and Film – Caixin Growth of entertainment industry has copper alloy producers, catering companies and others looking to invest, but stardom’s bright lights aren’t for everyone

China May Exports Rise More Than Estimated as Imports Decline – Bloomberg Overseas shipments rose 7 percent from a year earlier, the Beijing-based customs administration said today. That compared with the median estimate for a 6.7 percent gain in a Bloomberg News survey of analysts. Projections of 43 analysts ranged from a decline of 1.8 percent to an increase of 10.4 percent. Imports dropped 1.6 percent from a year earlier, the administration said. That compared with a median estimate for a 6 percent increase from analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News, with forecasts ranging from a gain of 0.3 percent to 13 percent.

CITIC Securities Analyst Suspended after Disclosing Drug Firm’s Compensation Plan – Caixin Zhang Mingfang, a top analyst in the medicine field at CITIC Securities, disclosed information about the compensation plan on June 6 via the messaging app WeChat. She put details about Lizhu’s plan in multiple chat groups for investors and fund managers on June 6, screenshots of the messages show. She wrote that the information would be announced on June 10.

CSRC Strengthens Rules for IPOs, Dismaying Investment Banker – Caixin The securities regulator has tightened rules for initial public offerings again, to the dismay of an investment banker who wants the market to decide how shares are priced. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has told IPO candidate companies to promise not to raise more funds than their prospectuses aimed for and to cap their offering price-to-earnings ratio at their industry’s average level, sources close to the regulator said…Critics say the CSRC has backtracked on several important areas of progress made in December, when a policy for new share issuance was introduced.

CICC Investment Banking Managing Director Resigns – WSJ “I have resigned from CICC,” Mr. Nicholson wrote in the email to colleagues on Wednesday last week, adding that he will be staying in Hong Kong. Mr. Nicholson joined CICC, China’s first joint-venture investment bank, two years ago from BOC International Holdings Ltd., an investment banking unit of state-backed Bank of China Ltd

北京高端二手房神秘抛售 分析称或与反腐相关 业内人士认为,高端房的走势受整体楼市观望氛围的影响,出现降价抛售在所难免,但现在看还未出现恐慌性抛售

China Home Prices to Fall 5% on Supply Pressures, S&P Forecasts – Bloomberg does the S&P report break out its prediction by cities?  //  Home prices will fall 5 percent this year compared with an 11.5 percent gain in 2013, the New York-based ratings company said in an e-mailed report today. Sales volume will improve in the second half of the year and rise 10 percent for the full year, boosted by price cuts, according to the report.

国企改革复杂性前所未有_中国经济网——国家经济门户 Economic Times interview with SASAC research center head Chu Xuping on the “unprecedented complexity” of SOE reform  //  访国务院国资委研究中心主任楚序平

Shanghai Island Shows Property Boom Promise as Debt Balloons – Bloomberg On the south side of town, wealthy people from Shanghai are buying villas along the coast as investments or vacation homes, according to Zhu Ana, a saleswoman at Boee Real Estate, a Zhejiang-based developer. The company built Tuscan-style villas priced up to 16 million yuan in the area, which also has a five-star hotel, the Hyatt Regency. Second-hand housing prices in Chongming Island have climbed more than those in Shanghai every month this year, rising 19.8 percent in May compared with 15.8 percent in the financial hub, according to data compiled by Anjuke, a Shanghai-based property-listings site



Xinhua Insight: China’s Guangdong ferrets out 1,000 “naked officials” – Xinhua | After two months of investigation, the Guangdong committee of the Communist Party of China said on Friday that it had found more than 1,000 officials whose spouse or children had emigrated. Mocked by the general public as “naked officials”, these people have suddenly found themselves at the center of the anti-corruption campaign currently in full swing. Question are being asked about how salaried civil servants can afford to have their families living abroad. An official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that some 200 public employees had asked their families to return, while 866 agreed to accept demotion, including 9 at mayoral level.

高层对裸官治理提要求:不能身在曹营心在汉 The Beijing News on the crackdown on “naked officials” //  “裸官”和贪官之间有相互转化关系,“裸官”更容易变成贪官,贪官往往会选择做“裸官”,所以“裸官”俨然成为外逃贪官的“预备队”。在反腐形势日趋严峻的背景下,治理“裸官”必须釜底抽薪,从制度层面约束所有“裸官”。

China denounces Tibet exile leader, says is a separatist | Reuters Lobsang Sangay told Reuters on Thursday he was hopeful Chinese President Xi Jinping would resume formal talks and soften China’s handling of Tibet. But the unusually harsh comments by Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei suggested the chances of that happening were remote.

江平等法学家联名建议废止收容教育 Legal experts sign letter suggesting that “custody and education” is no different than re-education through labor, should be abolished…issue getting lots of media play in the wake of the recent detention of actor Huang Haibo for solicitation in Beijing

People’s Daily warns against “trap” of Western-style democracy – Xinhua The flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC) carried a signed article [on page 4 警惕西式民主陷阱(人民论坛)] on Monday, calling on people to guard against “the trap of Western-style democracy.” “Copying Western-style democracy would probably lead to disaster” and “‘street politics’ usually leads to domestic turmoil and even civil war,” according to the article by Mi Bohua. The article acknowledged that democracy is good, but said it should be realized in different forms in different countries.

In Communist Party Parlance, Adultery Has Many Names – In a statement titled “Through a Buzzword: Looking at Party Rules Being Stricter Than National Laws” [Chinese] posted on the commission’s website on Saturday, adultery is defined as “voluntary sexual behavior between a married person and a person of the opposite sex apart from his or her spouse, a behavior in violation of socialist morality.” The statement explains that while adultery is not prosecutable under Chinese law, it is punishable under Communist Party rules, and that “party members and cadres must not only obey national laws, but also — even more so — party rules.”

With a Constant Stream of Media Directives, China’s Leaders Micromanage the News | Freedom House As part of a larger research project to be published in the fall, Freedom House has analyzed over 300 censorship directives that were issued by the central authorities and posted on CDT between November 2012 and May 2014—the first year and a half under the new party leadership headed by President Xi Jinping. Although the sample is by no means exhaustive, it is sufficiently robust and detailed to provide valuable insight into areas of particular sensitivity and insecurity for the regime. A preliminary analysis of these directives has shed light not only on the breadth of censored topics, but also on the variety of strategies employed to amplify or manipulate coverage of sensitive issues. Rather than merely blocking news of protest movements or critical opinions, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operates a finely tuned propaganda machine that seeks to guide coverage, delivering the news on its own terms.

【践行社会主义核心价值观】核潜艇之父黄旭华 一句誓言一辈子_新闻频道_央视网 Monday CCTV Evening News on the “father of nuclear submarines” Huang Xuhua and living a life embodying Socialist Values…Socialist Values the subject of a new and intensifying propaganda campaign



Joseph Nye: Shale Gas Is America’s Geopolitical Trump Card – WSJ Russia’s $400 billion natural-gas deal with China pales beside the significance of U.S. drilling innovations.

Chinese Ex-General Warns U.S. Over Magazine Article – General Wang’s ire was not aimed at the Pentagon’s annual report on the Chinese military, published last week, but rather an earlier article in the American magazine The National Interest, titled “Five American Weapons of War China Should Fear.” In it, the author, Kyle Mizokami, while assuring readers that the chances of war between China and the United States are remote, listed the weapons “China likely fears most,” including American aircraft carriers, the fifth-generation F-22 Raptor jet and the Virginia-class submarine. The article was published in mid-May but has only recently been circulating in Chinese translation.

China, Along With 22 Other Countries, Will Join RIMPAC Naval Drill Organized By US Military China’s navy on Monday confirmed that it will attend, for the first time, a drill organized by the U.S., along with 22 other nations, state-owned news agency Xinhua reported, citing the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA. The Rim of the Pacific exercise, commonly known as the RIMPAC exercises and last held in 2012 in Hawaii, is the largest maritime exercise organized by the U.S. Navy, and has more than 40 ships and submarines taking part in drills, and this will be the first time that China will participate in the event.

国防大学副政委:把军队党建摆在更突出的位置-中新网 要针对党内生活存在的薄弱环节,采取有力措施,增强政治性、原则性、战斗性、严肃性,坚决反对自由主义、好人主义,使各种方式的党内生活都有实质性内容,都能有针对性地解决问题,使党员干部在每一次党内生活中都能有所悟、有所得。 (作者系国防大学副政治委员 吴杰明)

China Focus: China, southern neighbors seek trade balance – Xinhua At the ongoing second China-South Asia Expo, which kicked off Friday in Kunming, capital city of southwest China’ s Yunnan Province, officials and businessmen from China and South Asian countries have pledged to expand investment, upgrade exports and domestic industries to seek import and export balance. Trade between Sri Lanka and China reached more than 3.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, with Sri Lanka exports to China accounting for only about 100 million U.S. dollars, said Sri Lanka’ s Industry and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen at the expo on Saturday.



Hong Kong journalists held in Shenzhen ‘because magazines have mainland subscribers’ | South China Morning Post Two Hong Kong journalists were detained in Shenzhen for “operating illegal publications” because they sold political magazines to two subscribers and to casual buyers on the mainland, a lawyer for one of the pair said. Veteran journalist Wang Jianmin, a publisher of two Chinese-language magazines in Hong Kong, New-Way Monthly and Multiple Face, and his colleague Guo Zhongxiao were detained by police on May 30, Wang’s lawyer, Chen Youxi, confirmed yesterday.

Beijing ‘freezes’ cooperation talks with Taiwan over stalled trade pact | South China Morning Post Woody Duh, Taiwan’s economics vice-minister, confirmed today that since April the mainland has not scheduled any more negotiations with Taiwan over the merchandise trade agreement supposed to be signed at the end of this year. “It is not surprising for the mainland to adopt such a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude” given the delay, Duh conceded.

Smoggy Skies: Hong Kong Sees Most Polluted Day of 2014 – China Real Time Report – WSJ meanwhile Beijing has had a terrific run of good air, the longest I can remember in years  //  Though Hong Kong’s air problems generally aren’t as serious as those in the mainland—like the off-the-charts pollution that hit Shanghai late last year or the crazy bad of Beijing in 2013—it still is in a “situation of great concern,” said green group Clean Air Network. A survey released by the group in January suggested Hong Kong’s air quality worsened in 2013 from 2012, with  data showing pollutant levels at all roadside stations exceeding the recommended standards.



The Alibaba culture: kung fu commerce with a dash of theater | Reuters But the corporate culture of China’s biggest e-commerce company also draws heavily from Western values in a mix of East and West that Ma dubbed ‘Hupan culture’ after the apartment block in Hangzhou where he set up his business. These core values, now named the ‘Six Vein Spirit Sword’ – customer first, teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion and commitment – shaped Alibaba Group Holding, which began as an online bulletin board for companies in Ma’s Hupan Huayuan apartment complex in eastern China.

Apple Steps Up Campaign to Woo China Developers – Bloomberg Apple is now mounting a furious campaign to woo more developers in China, in a bid to replicate an ecosystem of games and other widgets that has helped it drive iPhone and iPad sales in the U.S. and elsewhere. Since 2011, Apple has steadily beefed up its developer-relations team in China so new apps can be approved in the country, and it has opened a new office in downtown Beijing where the China App Store is operated. Apple has also smoothed the process for how customers buy apps in China, and built new Chinese-language-specific software to benefit developers.

[2014 Q1 Umeng Insight Report] The Third Tier – Revealing China’s Lar… lots of data/charts on China Mobile Internet usage

WeChat Opens Contents to Tencent-backed Search Engine Sogou | TechNode Shortly after releasing a mobile search app this May, Sogou, the search and Internet service provider of Sohu, unveiled today a new search engine where users can find all the contents generated on WeChat platform. The users can search WeChat contents either by public service accounts or by keywords of articles. The contents generated by authenticated accounts will be put on higher rank on the search result list.

China Mobile set to buy stake in Thailand’s True Corp – sources | Reuters State-owned China Mobile Ltd is poised to buy an 18 percent stake in Thai telecoms group True Corp valued at around $581 million, people familiar with the matter said, in Thailand’s first major corporate deal since a coup last month. True Corp, backed by billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont’s Charoen Pokphand Group, also plans to offer new shares via a rights issue on the basis of seven new shares for 10 existing shares, one of the sources said.

China Tops U.S. IPO Return Ranking Amid Web Shopping Boom – Bloomberg The 10 biggest Chinese companies that completed initial public offerings in the U.S. in the past 12 months have returned an average of 44 percent since their offer dates, compared with 25 percent for all U.S. IPOs of more than $100 million in the same period, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Inc. (WUBA), which provides online classifieds, has surged 140 percent since its October IPO and Autohome Inc. (ATHM), a car information website, has gained 110 percent since December.

今日头条之惑:法律、商业和创新的矛盾-看点-虎嗅网 根据创业公司的宣传纪律,A轮、B轮融资必须低调,树大尚怕招风,何况幼苗破土,到了C轮,通常已经翅膀硬了,可以出来讲讲故事。照此既定节奏,“今日头条”刚刚想要包装一个“创新奇迹”——5亿美元的阅读类App估值,相当抢眼——只是,很多媒体认为今日头条贪天之功,在空手套版权的同时,横夺内容创作的收益。



Climber admits she got a lift – Xinhua A Chinese entrepreneur who claimed to have climbed the world’s highest mountain admitted on Friday that she had used a helicopter to avoid risks. Wang Jing, 40, co-founder of the domestic outdoor sportswear manufacturer Toread, responded to a week of accusations by acknowledging that she in fact used a helicopter while climbing Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest in the West, on May 23.

“全能神”京郊传教:秘密聚会像“间谍接头”_深度_新京报网 The Beijing News on former members exposing the activities of the “Almighty God” cult in Beijing  //  宋兰、陈雅曾经是“全能神”的信徒,据她们称,“全能神”长期隐秘存在于京郊农村,“带领”多是跨省而来,信徒以教名互称,不使用通讯工具,每次聚会的保密规定具体到每个细节。招远命案发生后,北京“全能神”举报增加,相关部门已展开调查。

特招腐败揭秘:校董年捐百万换“点招”指标_网易新闻中心 more details on the People’s University case and corruption in admissions in general  //  今年高考前夕,中国人民大学招生就业处原处长蔡荣生因涉嫌受贿罪被逮捕。经查,蔡荣生在学校特殊类型招生过程中为考生提供帮助,收受贿赂1000余万元。蔡荣生案背后隐藏的高考招生腐败牵动公众的神经,高考特殊类型招生暗藏哪些腐败环节?如何杜绝“特招”腐败?

From China, With Pragmatism – seek truth from facts?  //  These days, it seems that pragmatism is more commonly embraced by Chinese intellectuals than by Americans. In China, enthusiasm for Dewey’s philosophy in particular is growing rapidly, while back home interest in it languishes. The dean of my school in Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor Sun Youzhong, explained that an extensive new translation of Dewey’s voluminous works is underway at East China Normal University in Shanghai, and these will include many lectures that Dewey gave when he lived in China from 1919 to 1921. There have also been recent conferences on Dewey’s philosophy in Beijing and Shanghai

Chen Anzhi: China’s Most Popular Motivational Speaker | New Republic Chen Anzhi, who also goes by Steve Chen, is practically a household name in China. His books and CDs line airport shelves, with titles like The Biggest Secrets of Success, Diamond Success Methods, Super Success Studies Action Handbook, and Success for Kids. He tours constantly, holding three-day conferences where newbies can hear an introductory lecture and enlist as one of his “disciples.” For 20,000 yuan ($3,207), students can attend four basic courses over a year. An “entry-level disciple” pays 250,000 yuan ($40,080) to join Chen’s “private club” of 400 followers; an “ultimate disciple” pays one million yuan ($160,576) to have Chen as life coach for life. According to his spokesperson, his students number more than 32 milliom



Shenzhen Holds Auction for Carbon Emission Quotas – Caixin Over 300 companies in the program have emitted more carbon dioxide than their quota, and they were qualified to attend the auction, city authorities said. Only 94 companies participated in the two-hour event on June 6. They were bidding for permission to emit 200,000 tons for a total of 2.6563 million yuan. That quota is far below what companies need, Shenzhen authorities said. Each company could only bid for 15 percent of its extra emissions.

北京将大规模建设汽车充电桩 Good news for Tesla? Beijing planning large rollout of electric car charging stations-People’s Daily

京港澳高速将建电动汽车充电站 plans for electric car charging station on beijing-Hong Kong highway // 另据了解,根据国家有关规划,明年京港澳高速公路将全线建成智能充电服务区。从今年起,国家电网公司将在京港澳高速北京至湖南段全长1500公里内,平均每38公里建设一对电动汽车智能充电服务区,并在明年实现全线覆盖。

[视频]【全面深化改革进行时】大医院人满为患 分级诊疗势在必行_新闻频道_央视网( Monday CCTV Evening News on deepening health care reform, this report on how hard it is to get good care at hospitals…CCP knows it needs to improve the health care experience if it wants to improve its performance legitimacy

习近平:坚定不移创新创新再创新 加快创新型国家建设步伐-新华网 At a meeting of top Chinese scientists Xi Jiping says that “we must have core technology in our own hands” // 习近平在中国科学院第十七次院士大会、中国工程院第十二次院士大会开幕会上发表重要讲话强调 坚定不移创新创新再创新 加快创新型国家建设步伐 李克强刘云山张高丽出席

Scientists warn against China’s plan to flatten over 700 mountains | Environment | Scientists have criticised China’s bulldozing of hundreds of mountains to provide more building land for cities. In a paper published in journal Nature this week, three Chinese academics say plan to remove over 700 mountains and shovel debris into valleys to create 250 sq km of flat land has not been sufficiently considered “environmentally, technically or economically.”



教改新政致北京学区房涨价:最高每平米30万元_网易新闻中心 根据教育部文件要求,到2015年,19个大城市所有县(市、区)实行划片就近入学,100%的小学划片就近入学;90%以上的初中实现划片入学。 北京市要求取消共建生,小学免试就近入学,小升初实行单校划片或多校划片入学,压缩特长生招生规模。上海市也明确规定,坚持公办义务教育学校全部划片“免试就近入学”原则。 在许多孩子家长看来,上述政策总体“利好”,不仅促进了教育公平,也让一些“没权没势”的家庭看到孩子上名校的希望,还能省去“上奥数、学乐器、练体育”之苦。但不少家长却依旧难言轻松,甚至陷入新的苦恼。

Estimation of amphetamine and methamphe – PubMed Mobile The concentration ratios between AMP and METH in influents at most STPs were close to the rate of AMP excretion following METH ingestion, indicating that AMP in sewage in Beijing was predominately from the metabolism of METH. Much higher METH loads were observed in the center part of the urban area in Beijing, indicating a strong correlation between METH use and economic level and entertainment activities. Seasonal variation in METH loads was significant, with greater use in summer than in winter. Significant difference in METH loads between weekdays and weekend days were observed in winter but not in summer.



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