The Sinocism China Newsletter 06.24.14

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Ludicrous to let online poll decide HK fate – Global Times Western media claims that China’s central government is facing enormous pressure from the international community because of this poll. However, the West has kept imposing political pressure on Beijing every year. And they will still make waves even if Hong Kong is tranquil. And whenever the West pressures China, is there a positive correlation between the eventual effect and the degree of the pressure? Hong Kong’s opposition groups will find their efforts to convince most of the electorate to be in vain. Even if they can deceive more than half of Hongkongers, Beijing will never compromise on sovereignty-related issues. The simplest reason is that the Basic Law reflects the will of the whole nation as well, and therefore more than 1.3 billion people have the right to speak on Hong Kong’s political reform.

Related: China State Media Calls Hong Kong Vote ‘Mincing Ludicrousness’ – What impact the Hong Kong vote is having within the Chinese mainland is unclear. But there are indications that some people are aware of it, and there is potential for the debate to spread, given the often intense interest in more democracy in China. Hong Kong-related posts were the most heavily censored on Sina Weibo on Sunday, according to, according to Weiboscope, a Chinese social media data collection and visualization project run by the Journalism and Media Studies Center at the University of Hong Kong. Posts with “voting” and “democracy” followed closely.

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive in China takes autocratic turn – The message is clear: the authority to decide who is corrupt and who is not is the exclusive domain of Mr Xi and his closest allies. As the purge rumbles on, many of the pundits who initially compared Mr Xi to Deng Xiaoping, the architect of market reforms and modern China, are starting to think he may be more like Mao.//so far he has not mobilized the masses..Mao learned much from studying Chinese imperial history, and was famous for reading the Comprehensive Mirror in Aid of Governance 资治通鉴 many times…perhaps Xi has also taken lessons from imperial court intrigue and history? The brutal Chinese political culture long predates Mao. Of course Xi was influenced by Mao, but the roots of what Xi is doing look to run much deeper. Xi has also been very clear that the Party is doomed if it does not tackle corruption, and he is right. So perhaps he means what he says, though of course these corruption arrests can also bring political benefits

The Debate Over Confucius Institutes | ChinaFile Last week, the American Association of University Professors joined a growing chorus of voices calling on North American universities to rethink their relationship with Confucius Institutes, the state-sponsored Chinese-language programs whose policies critics say are anathema to academic freedom. We asked contributors to discuss the debate. Specifically: the costs and benefits of having a Confucius Institute on a university campus; the economic forces at play; and the role of China in university life more broadly

Related: The price of Confucius Institutes – The Washington Post Washington Post editorial  //  Many worry about the secrecy of the undisclosed contracts between China and school administrators. Some elite universities, such as Stanford, negotiated restrictions away, but others have not done so. China offers hundreds of thousands — in some cases millions — of dollars, in addition to what the London School of Economics’ institute director calls “a ready-made partner.” But academic freedom cannot have a price tag. Universities should publish their agreements to show there is no possibility of Chinese discrimination and suppression. If they can’t or won’t do so, the programs should end.

Related: China Voice: Fear, ignorance behind calls to stem Confucius Institutes – Xinhua The great Chinese sage Confucius might have pardoned the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) for their criticism of Confucius Institutes might come from either fear of other cultures or ignorance — or both. In a recent statement, the AAUP called on universities to cease their cooperation with the institutes, saying the institutes are “ignoring” academic freedom.// No mention of the investigations into foreign funding of NGOs in China or the general, increasing paranoia about foreigners. Could the US fund “Jefferson Institutes” in China? Perhaps the China Daily author should remember this from Confucius-衛靈公:子貢問曰:「有一言而可以終身行之者乎?」子曰:「其恕乎!己所不欲,勿施於人。」Wei Ling Gong: Zi Gong asked, saying, “Is there one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life?” The Master said, “Is not RECIPROCITY such a word? What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”…I am for people learning Chinese, but there needs to be much more transparency around the CIs 

Video of Lu Wei, China’s top Internet regulator, giving keynote speech at ICANN meeting London video has English translation. Chinese text 鲁炜:互联网不能成攻击他国“利器”

Related: China’s ‘Sovereign Internet’ | The Diplomat China’s goal for this dialogue would be to codify its own interpretation of “Internet sovereignty” into international law, much as Western countries have been able to codify their idea of “universal values.” The People’s Daily article sees cyberspace as a contested zone where the U.S. wields too much influence; it seeks to combat this by pushing for international consensus modeled on its own vision for the Internet.

Related: China Argues for ‘Internet Sovereignty.’ Is It a Good Idea? – China Real Time Report – WSJ In a full-page spread on the Monday, the Communist Party’s mouthpiece newspaper laid out China’s position on how the Internet and its supporting infrastructure should be dealt with across the globe. The page featured interviews with five Chinese experts, including the so-called “father” of China’s Great Firewall Fan Binxing. The upshot: They believe each country should have ultimate power to determine what Internet traffic flows in and out of its territory. It’s a concept China has termed “Internet sovereignty,” and though the opinions of each expert in the article varied, the core message is that each nation should have the right to govern the Internet as it sees fit.

广电总局整顿互联网电视盒:要求关闭视频APP|视频|互联网电视|电视盒_互联网_新浪科技_新浪网 first round in online video crackdown? the agency formerly known as SARFT is going after Internet TV set-top boxes. Alibaba-backed Wasu one of the named offenders// 6月24日上午消息,据消息人士透露,广电总局出手整顿互联网电视盒市场,禁止浙江、上海两地电视盒预装未经审核的视频APP,并要求两家牌照方华数和百视通进行整改。此举对大举进军客厅领域的视频网站们来说,无疑是一个坏消息,没有视频版权的盒子产品以及没有硬件支持的视频网站将面临策略调整。//Wasu responds-华数回应互联网电视客户端清理整顿事件_公司频道_财新网 

What China Should Say at the U.N. Climate Change Summit | ChinaFile By Li Shuo of Greenpeace China-With a little more than 100 days to go, countries are gearing up for Ban Ki-moon’s New York climate summit, the first climate convention of world leaders since Copenhagen and a meeting that aims to catalyze new commitments and mobilize political will.

Ai Weiwei, art without compromise – The Washington Post But he remains as confrontational as ever in his life and art. Of late he has gone from fighting the government to warring with others in China’s art community, criticizing some for surrending too readily to government pressure and censorship. Recently, after his name was left off a press release about an exhibition at Beijing’s influential Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Ai pulled his work from the exhibition and posted transcripts on Instagram of embarrassing conversations with the director about government pressure to omit his name. Then, he went a step further and began taping interviews with other artists about what they thought of the omission, demanding that they choose a side: to stand with him or against him.// Ai Weiwei Interview with Phil Tinari -Instagram Time: 25th May, 2014 Location: UCCA cafeteria Recording method: Video Participants: Philip Tinari Director of UCCA Ai Weiwei (part one) A: So I’m sorry I didn’t even know you were here. I’m sorry I came because it’s so many things happened, in one month my name has been taken down twice, in two museums. I have to say something about it. P: I totally understand but I need to explain to you some of the reasons….Part 2 in which Tinari says that 798 management made them pull Ai’s name from the show’s press release

Film | The Road to Fame The Road to Fame tells a unique story of coming-of-age with Chinese characteristics. The film chronicles the staging of the American musical Fame—China’s first official collaboration with Broadway—by the senior class at China’s top drama academy as their graduation showcase. During the eight-month process, five students compete for roles, struggle with pressure from family and authority, and prepare to graduate into a cutthroat and corrupt show business. Part of China’s Single-Child generation, they were spoiled growing up but are now obliged to carry on the failed dreams of their parents. They must confront complex social realities and their own anxieties, and, in the process of staging Fame, negotiate their own definitions of and paths to success in today’s China.



Beijing hits out at banks and foreigners as property market bears – People’s Daily accused property bears of trying to pressure Beijing into relaxing house purchase restrictions, loosening credit and implementing other measures to boost the market. Some analysts have urged more aggressive action such as an interest-rate cut or a loosening of city-level restrictions that prevent buyers from purchasing second and third homes “This way, developers can continue to enjoy profits from high prices and extend their fragile funding chains and house hoarders can also see the wealth they’re sitting on keep increasing,” the paper said. Foreign investment banks also came in for criticism, with analysts at Morgan Stanley and Société Générale singled out for pessimistic assessments.

JPMorgan Buys Larger Developers as Bubble Deflates: China Credit – Bloomberg JPMorgan Asset Management and Invesco Asset Management say China’s cooling property market is an opportunity to boost dollar bond holdings as the government’s targeted stimulus benefits the largest developers

Challenge of Internet Finance Has Inspired Banks: CMB Executive – Caixin As of March 31, demand deposits have fallen to 33.7 percent of the total in the bank, after having remained steadily above 36 percent for several years. Hu Tao, general manager of CMB’s retail banking department, said CMB is not too worried about losing clients to Internet companies touting greater investment returns, but it conceded the bank faces challenges and needs to innovate services. In a recent interview with Caixin, she said Internet finance has not contributed much to the innovation of financial products, but the way they work and satisfy consumers has inspired traditional banks including CMB and compelled them to do likewise.

Ni hao, y’all: US hinterlands woo Chinese firms – AP Local officials assembled all the public agencies and utilities Golden Dragon will have to deal with — from Alabama Power to the Port of Mobile — in one room on one day so company executives could have their questions answered at once. The message, Day said, was: “If you come here, we’ll hold your hand.” A banquet was organized with both traditional Southern fare, such as pinkeye purple hull peas, and Chinese dishes from Thomasville’s New China Buffet restaurant. When the visiting Chinese were seen devouring homemade banana pudding, “we took them the whole tray,” Day says. To prepare for future banquets, Thomasville is buying Chinese-style dining tables with built-in turntables.

China Ting Says Borrowers Default on Entrusted Loans – Bloomberg The company said it’s seeking legal advice on recovering interest and principal, is working with the lenders through which it made the advances on recovering collateral and may sue the borrowers through the banks. Entrusted loans, in which companies lend money through banks, are part of China’s shadow banking system, estimated by Barclays Plc to be worth about $6.2 trillion. China is seeking to reign in this type of financial activity to prevent defaults from spurring market turmoil.

Vice premier: China backs new global credit rating system – Xinhua China supports the development of a new international credit rating system that is objective, just, rational and balanced, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said here on Monday. During a meeting with international personages attending an Asian credit system forum in Beijing, Zhang said China is ready to work with all other countries to push for the perfecting of the existing credit rating system and the establishment of an Asian credit rating system and standards that suit regional characteristics. Present at the meeting were former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. The international guests are members of the newly founded International Advisory Council for the Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG), a Hong Kong-based rating organization co-sponsored by China, Russia and the United States.

Chinese official pledges decisive role for market – Xinhua Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on Monday vowed a decisive role for market forces in allocating resources while letting the government better serve its duty. Wang made the remarks at a conference of the Standing Committee of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing.

China HSBC June Flash PMI Shows First Expansion In 6 Months | MNI TAKEAWAY: The flash PMI reading is the latest evidence that economic conditions in China are stabilizing after a difficult start to 2014. The report suggests that the government’s low impact measures to help activity may be paying off in terms of supporting sentiment. The pick-up in activity seen in the report wasn’t backed up by corresponding improvements in either orders or export orders relative to the final May report. Without a substantive improvement in domestic, if not overseas, demand, it’s difficult to see much upside from here.

Guangdong Labor Bill Puts HK Companies, Workers at Odds – Caixin Proposal to give laborers the right to collective bargaining has Hong Kong manufacturers in southern province up in arms and laborers saying they want more

Beijing’s Long-Term Economic Overhauls Get Short Shrift – WSJ “Unfortunately we haven’t really noticed a meaningful pickup in reforms, and it’s probably going to be more of a 2015 story than this year,” said Nomura economist Zhang Zhiwei, who recently raised his 2014 forecast for growth in gross domestic product to 7.5% from 7.4% after new stimulus measures were announced. “My expectations are pretty low.”

Camp Alphaville: China panel question bleg | FT Alphaville Camp Alphaville is just over a week away and I’m going to have two hours and a microphone with Michael Pettis, Carson Block, Anne Stevenson-Yang, James White and Diana Choyleva to talk about China….We’ll do our best to get through the big stuff — broadly summarised by the question “How fecked is China?” — but do let us know if there is anything specific you’d like us to discuss.//looks like a very balanced panel…Any sign of James Kynge or anyone from China Confidential at this conference?

China property sales fall in June, smaller cities hit hardest – beyondbrics – Blogs – Home sales from the 42 cities, monitored by China Confidential, fell 16 per cent in the first 15 days of the month from the same period in May. This followed some signs of recovery in May, when transactions rose 4 per cent month on month. On a year on year basis, property unit sales fell 29 per cent, representing a deepening of the declining trend seen in May – when sales were down 14 per cent year on year – and in April, when sales were down 23 per cent.

楼市下行致一二线土地市场降温 6月溢价率大幅回落 新华社——经济参考网 land sales are cooling off in tier 1 and 2 cities

国企所有制改革陷认识误区 出现走形式一刀切等弊端 新华社——经济参考网 Economic Information says it has discovered problems and misunderstandings in mooted SOE reform… // 随着新一轮国企改革大幕将启,混合所有制成为这一轮国企改革的焦点。但《经济参考报》记者近期在国内一些省市采访调研发现,各方对混合所有制改革依然存在着不同理解和认识,部分官员和国企人士甚至存在“为混而混”、“一混就灵”的心态,导致改革实践出现“走形式”、“一刀切”、“一阵风”等弊端。对此,不少企业高管、基层官员及专家学者表示担忧,认为应当进一步厘清认识统一思想,出台细化推进混合所有制改革的措施,避免改革“乱刮风”和“一刀切”。

商院关注:揭秘中国国企9大隐性福利_新浪教育_新浪网 nice look at some of the “hidden benefits” for SOE employees discovered in the recent NAO audit report…the vested interests are not just the bosses and big shareholders but also the employees…

自发自还地方债首单落地广东(政策聚焦)–时政–人民网 6月23日,我国首只自发自还的地方政府债正式亮相广东,共计发行148亿元人民币,期限包括5年、7年和10年,对应的计划发行规模分别为59.2亿元、44.4亿元和44.4亿元,上述三期债券的中标利率依次为3.84%、3.97%和4.05%。通过公开招标方式,中国建设银行、中国工商银行、中国农业银行及交通银行等4家机构中标成为2014年广东省政府债券主承销商;作为首只进行评级的地方债,本次发行的广东债获得了AAA的评级。

保险版以房养老试点下月开闸 险企谨慎_财经频道_一财网 Pilots launch month to allow retirees to use their homes to fund retirement // 目前尚无试点公司和试点产品的报备。不过,有保险公司的产品正在开发设计中。北京、上海、广州、武汉四地落地,试点期定为2年。// China Securities has set up a micro-site to explain the pilot 中证网专题 – 问路养老金改革 



Former Top Official in China to Face Graft Trial – The prosecutors did not give a date for the trial, but the fallen administrator, Liu Tienan, is likely to be the next former senior official displayed by state media before a court as a show of President Xi Jinping’s moves to head off corruption. In a succession of economic policy jobs, Mr. Liu “sought to make private gains for others and illegally accepted wealth and goods from others, in amounts that were particularly huge,” said the announcement of Mr. Liu’s indictment

发改委原副主任刘铁男被提起公诉 以受贿罪究刑责-中新网 some details of Liu Tienan’s bribe-taking…including 9KGs of gold

原农行副行长落马因升职摸底 避免“带病提拔” | 每经网 some details of former Ag Bank VP Yang Kun’s corruption released..took bags of cash, a Qi Baishi painting, gold bars from Wang Yaohui, developer of Beijing’s Solana Mall and a well known art collector, in exchange for approving a loan for the project…Yang was under consideration for promotion to run the bank, his problems were discovered during the vetting process

China vows crackdown on terrorist, separatist publications – Xinhua China will stem illegal publications whose content involves “Tibet independence” as well as terrorism, separatism and extremism, according to the National Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications Office. At a Monday meeting, Jiang Jianguo, vice head of the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, stressed that the country’s campaign against illegal publications should safeguard long-term social stability and security.

暴恐袭击调查:暴徒接触极端思想1月参与砍杀 -中新网 CCTV show “News 1+1” runs longer video of jailhouse interview with Xinjiang slasher who apologized for axe attack in a gambling hall… //  近一两年来,当我们目睹了多起这种暴恐袭击之后发现,有些人简直就是亡命之徒,甚至采用的是自杀式袭击,去给人民的生命造成巨大的损伤。当寻找原因的时候,很多不了解情况的人会脱口而出,这是宗教给他们洗了脑了。话该这么说吗?真的是宗教洗了他们脑吗?来,我们看一段记者在监狱里头对一个19岁青年人进行的采访。

32 Terrorist Groups Smashed in Xinjiang, China Says – Officials in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang said Monday that an antiterrorism crackdown that began in late May had resulted in the smashing of 32 terrorist groups and the sentencing of 315 people to prison terms, death row or other punishment, according to state news reports. The sentences were handed out in 120 separate court cases, according to a lengthy report posted on the website of Legal Daily. In their investigations, the police confiscated 264 explosive devices and more than three tons of explosive material, the report said.

Uyghur Scholar’s Case Heading For Trial, Not There Yet: Lawyer Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have transferred the case against jailed ethnic minority Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti to the state prosecutor’s office, paving the way for a trial, according to his lawyer. Lawyer Li Fangping said he was notified about the development by the police department in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi. Li had previously received an unconfirmed report that Tohti, an outspoken critic of Chinese policies in the restive Xinjiang region, had been put on trial and sentenced in secret on separatism charges.

CPC disciplinarians name and shame five graft-busters – Xinhua The disciplinary watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday named and shamed five officials who violated principles of the CPC’s campaign against undesirable work styles. All five cases involved misconduct by graft-busters, who themselves are tasked with investigating corruption, according to a statement from the official website of the CPC’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

中纪委驻教育部纪检组组长约谈14所高校纪委书记(2)_前瞻资讯 – 前瞻网 CCDI calls in the inspection commission secretaries for 14 institutes of higher education to remind them of the importance of combatting education-related corruption…incomes likely way down for some school administrators

北京等18城市拟试点刑案速裁_国内_新京报网 Beijing and Shanghai among 18 cities to trial accelerated criminal procedures for qualified cases  //  北京、上海、广州等全国18个城市,拟试点刑事案件速裁程序。适用速裁程序的案件,法官当庭确认被告人自愿认罪,可不进行法庭调查、法庭辩论,并适当缩短办案期限,但必须听取被告人的最后陈述意见。

四万余网友为加强党纪支招(前沿观察)–时政–人民网 CCDI polls online users about anti-corruption work //  这是6月12日至18日,中央纪委监察部网站推出的“坚决克服‘组织涣散、纪律松弛’现象网上调查”中的问题。短短一周内,41119名网友参与投票,给出了他们心目中合适的答案。统计结果显示,绝大部分网友承认看到了党的十八大以来党中央坚定不移、动真碰硬抓纪律建设,党员干部在遵守和执行党的纪律方面有了新面貌、新风气,但数据同时也反映出广大网友对组织涣散、纪律松弛现象高度关注,希望强化监督,严肃纪律,提高党纪的约束力。

《习近平总书记系列重要讲话读本》出版发行-新闻中心频道-新华网 collection of important Xi Jinping speeches published



Audio of Former US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley’s Comments at World Peace forum Recorded by an audience member and posted to his blog// Xinhua-Chinese scholar Wu Xinbo refutes former U.S. official’s criticism of China’s Asia-Pacific diplomacy

U.S. prepares for awkward military engagement with China in Hawaii – The Washington Post The People’s Liberation Army of China will participate in the exercise for the first time, sending ships that include the missile destroyer Haikou, the missile frigate Yueyang, the oiler Qiandaohu and the hospital ship Peace Ark. The Chinese were invited to join two years ago by Adm. Samuel Locklear, the chief of U.S. Pacific Command, and will do so now as Chinese President Xi Jinping pushes an overhaul and expansion of the Chinese military. But the engagement, which starts June 26, comes at an awkward time

The Nine-Dashed Line Isn’t China’s Monroe Doctrine | The Diplomat–James Holmes how did the United States comport itself during its rise to nautical eminence? To what uses did it put its burgeoning sea power? Well, for one thing, it never claimed ownership of the greater Caribbean, however much it coveted primacy there. There was no American counterpart to the nine-dashed line. Nor, despite occasional glances toward Cuba and other islands, did Washington regard these jewels of the Caribbean as rightful U.S. property. Nor did any significant school of foreign-policy thought regard southern waters as a seaward extension of the North American landmass. Still less did official policy consider the sea sovereign territory or “blue national soil,” to borrow the ubiquitous Chinese phrase for the near seas. Instead, the Monroe Doctrine was a unilateral directive forbidding European empires to reconquer American republics that had won their independence. The doctrine was popular in Latin America for decades. In 1906, for instance, the Brazilian government constructed Palácio Monroe in Rio de Janeiro. This majestic edifice honored James Monroe’s bequest on the occasion of the Third Pan-American Conference.

South Korea, China protest Japan’s ‘comfort women’ apology review | Reuters South Korea and China on Monday protested against Tokyo’s review of a landmark 1993 apology to women, many of them Korean and Chinese, forced to work as wartime sex slaves in Japanese brothels, urging it to stop trying to whitewash history.

China Threat: Air-Sea Battle vs. Offshore Control? | Defense News | Offshore Control, Hammes said, offers an alternative to Air-Sea Battle that is based on affordability with no kinetic operations against mainland China. The dominant phase of fighting would be outside the range of China’s assets. Offshore Control would establish concentric rings that deny China the use of the sea inside the first island chain, defend the sea and air space of the first island chain nations, and dominate the air and maritime space outside the chain.

China and America: Dancing Around the Containment Question | The National Interest Blog Washington’s Asia re-focus started in the last two years of the Bush administration and was accelerated and declared as a pivot/rebalancing under Obama. The cumulative effect of its multiple elements over the past eight years undermines America’s not-containing-China assurances.

Latest Version of Ronald O’Rourke’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report: “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress” | Andrew S. Erickson Potential oversight issues for Congress include the following: whether the U.S. Navy in coming years will be large enough to adequately counter improved Chinese maritime anti-access forces while also adequately performing other missions around the world; the Navy’s ability to counter Chinese ASBMs and submarines; and whether the Navy, in response to China’s maritime anti-access capabilities, should shift over time to a more distributed fleet architecture.



Wang, Zhang won’t discuss sensitive issues: MAC – The China Post Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Wang Yu-chi (王郁琦) and Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Minister Zhang Zhijun (張志軍) will not discuss highly sensitive issues of a political nature in their upcoming meeting, the MAC said yesterday.



As China reaches 700 million mobile internet users, people send only about 1 SMS per day–TechInAsia New figures from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) show that people in China send an average of 39.8 text messages per month – which is barely more than one per day (well, 1.3 to be precise). In these new figures for January to May 2014, MIIT says that people in China sent 314.62 billion SMS in that period, which is down 18.4 percent from the same period in 2013.

Fosun to Invest in Ex-Warner Bros President’s Filmmaker – Bloomberg The Shanghai-based company signed an agreement to invest in Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8, Fosun said in a statement today, without giving details. Robinov spent 17 years at California-based Warner Bros, including his last stint as film chief.

我所知道的黑暗创投圈-看点-虎嗅网 Huxiu on some of the dark side of IT investing in China// 原来科技媒体就是帮创业者对得起当年和投资人吹下的牛逼的。 投资人/机构指挥媒体,媒体指挥创业者,创业者再用糟糕的产品反哺投资人和机构的影响力。如果最后盈利了就是用户买单,没盈利就靠着信息沟通障碍漂洋过海让希望国的股民买单。也许你并不是一个创业者,但当你阅读完本文,也该知道你手机里面那些一个又一个体验像翔一样的产品是怎么样生产和流传开来的了吧?

上市漩涡中的阿里巴巴_杂志频道_财新网 long Caixin piece on Alibaba..the company is remarkably under-covered in Western media given its size //  阿里巴巴在非公开市场的估值一路飙涨,但有价无市,各路人马加紧运作,试图分一杯羹,进入上市倒计时的阿里巴巴暗流涌动

Nightmares uncovered after girl dies at Chinese web addiction rehab school Several days ago, a Chinese reporter from the newspaper The Mirror (法制晚报) spoke to police authorities in Zhengzhou about the case of 19-year-old Ling Ling. He wanted to know how Ling Ling, a female student who had recently died during “training” after being enrolled in a web addiction rehab school called the Zhengzhou Boqiang New Conceptual Life Training School, had died. Her autopsy, police told the reporter, showed that Ling Ling’s death had been caused by contact between a rigid object and her head, which caused fatal skull and brain damage.

网络版权第一“大案”:今日头条被调查_21世纪网 popular and well-funded News aggregator APp “Today’s Headlines” is under investigation for copyright violations //  互联网发展至今,从早期的传统媒体与门户网站之间的版权之争,到游戏厂商的版权战,再到眼下今日头条的侵权门,中国的版权保护正处在一个关键的时间节点。

互联网企业鏖战网络彩票市场_公司新闻_中证网 Big Internet firms now going after the online lottery market



A Most Rare Vision: Shakespeare in China – Stepping in for an ill colleague at the last minute to play Peter Quince, the bumbling director of the troupe of Mechanicals who put on a play within the play, was the show’s own director, Tim Robbins. For two and a half hours, Mr. Robbins and 13 other actors performed their minimalist rendition of this fantastical Shakespeare classic before a packed theater of 500 people, most of them Chinese, in the National Center for the Performing Arts, the sleek elliptical structure known as the Egg.

全能神解析:教主美国豪宅里遥控传教 冒称佛教道教基督教|全能神|教主_凤凰资讯 media going after the Almighty God cult and its founder, now based in the US//现在,赵维山居住在美国纽约一个豪华别墅小区里。表面上看,他遵守美国的法律,深居简出;实际上,他精心挑选香港、韩国作为“中转站”,利用这两地距离中国大陆近、经济交流频繁、人员往来多的优势,继续遥控指挥中国大陆的“全能神”教活动,继续过着轻松敛财、大肆传教的生活。2012年,仅山东“牧区”交给他的“奉献金”就高达4400万元。为了不断扩大“全能神”的影响力,仅2013年,他就斥资1000多万元,在香港的多种中英文报纸上刊登广告,并买下一些街头摊位,向路人发放“全能神”教宣传资料。

‘Plank-off’ in Beijing claims new Guinness World Records title: Shanghaiist Also joining in was “Yoga Godness” Mu Qi Miya and former US Ambassador to China Gary Locke.

北京高考分数线公布:本科三批次均文升理降_网易新闻中心 Gaokao results released for Beijing, along with score thresholds for the University tiers…top scorer in sciences from Beijing Normal University #2 Affiliated High School, top in humanities from Tsinghua University Affiliated High School //  昨天,高考成绩可查询,同期,北京教育考试院公布了今年高招录取分数线。其中,本科一批录取线文科565分、理科543分,文科比去年高16分,理科比去年降7分。今年文科共有270人超650分,理科共有2046人超650分。另据了解,理科头名为北师大二附中刘倩莹,总分为719分,文科头名为清华附中孙一先,总分为704分。

Chinese leaders urge support for vocational education – Xinhua too many university graduates lacking skills and job opportunities // Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday urged the nation to intensify its efforts to develop vocational education. Xi said vocational education is an important part of both the national educational system and developing a skilled labor force, in an instruction to a two-day national work conference on vocational education, which was convened on Monday// 更好支持和帮助职业教育发展



贵州国家森林公园改建高尔夫球场 2万亩山林被毁_新闻_腾讯网 golf course built in national forest in Guizhou, 20,000 mu (almost 3300 acres) of forest destroyed



Airport International Connectivity Ranking: China vs. US | East by Southeast Route maps usually display the route network of a single airline, but the maps I made for this series are different. They show all the possible destinations that can be reached nonstop from a single airport, regardless of the airline. A map likes this can tell us a lot about a city’s place in the world, letting us make inferences about tourism, immigration patterns, and city’s role in the global and in regional economies. I started this project with a very local focus, looking only at flights emanating from China’s Yunnan province, where I’ve been based for the last five years. The provincial capital Kunming opened a brand new airport to much fanfare in 2012. The city is only ranked 24th in China by population, but its airport ranks 7th in traffic



北京住宅库存超8万套 创18个月以来新高_网易新闻中心 Beijing unsold housing inventory at 18th month high…wonder how long until Beijing loosens its purchase restrictions //  今年以来持续萎缩的成交量让北京市的住宅库存节节攀高,截至6月20日,北京市期房住宅和现房住宅的库存分别为46117套和34727套,合计库存80844套。这是继2013年1月1日北京市住宅库存达到80038套的高点之后,该数据再次达到8万套以上,并创下近18个月以来的新高。进入2014年,北京市住宅的库存量已经从五年来的最低点5.5万套猛增至8万套以上。

北京长辛店拟古镇复兴 重现明清风貌_国内_新京报网 Beijing to restore a village in the south part of the city to its former Ming dynasty appearance..Changxindian was on the Imperial road entering Beijing…project part of shantytown renovation  //  据相关负责人介绍,长辛店古镇改造计划将于年内启动,恢复明清时期风貌,重现当时的商业氛围。改造方案拟将长辛店分为南北两区,南区拟采取整体拆迁,北区拟进行渐进式更新的模式,即走一户改造一户。


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