The Sinocism China Newsletter 11.18.14

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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1. Tony Abbott seals free trade deal with Beijing–Sydney Morning Herald “It looks on the face of it that we’ve got a sensationally good deal here for the Australian services sector,” chief executive of the Australian Services Roundtable Ian Birks said. “It’s so far beyond what anyone expected that it looks to me to be more than just a trade deal with Australia but a statement by the Chinese government to the world,” he said, speculating on whether Mr Xi had used this bilateral deal with Australia to kick-start a much-delayed wave of services-oriented economic reform.  //  would not be the first time china has used foreign deals to push domestic reform

Related: Understanding the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement – Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade official government site about the FTA

Related: Commentary: Historic breakthroughs in China-Australia win-win cooperation – People’s Daily Online Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott have declared that the two Asia-Pacific giants have practically completed bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) talks and have also decided to lift their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. The two breakthroughs are of milestone significance, as they have placed Beijing and Canberra on a new starting line to further consolidate and enrich their relations for the interests of both countries. From a broader perspective, the landmark attainment in the China-Australia FTA process sets a good example for other countries committed to promoting Asia-Pacific regional integration and galvanizing the global recover

Related: A reality check for the China-Australia FTA | Business Spectator This author is not trying to be a party pooper.There is much to celebrate and we need Chinese capital in Australia as much as we need the Chinese consumer. The FTA is a great win for the Abbott government and opens up real opportunities for Australian firms especially in sub-sectors not designated strategically important for China like architecture and some dairy categories, as well as fruits and vegetables, and of course wine. But we should tone down the commentary about the special economic relationship that we are forming with China, or that China is about to dramatically embrace domestic reform and the global liberal economic order. Beijing knows exactly what it seeks to gain by signing agreements and offering concessions — and under what circumstances such concessions through other regulations will be drawn back. We should too. Dr. John Lee is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Sydney, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC, and a Director of the Kokoda Foundation defence and security think-tank in Canberra.

Related: Chinese president Xi Jinping praises Australian innovation | Video of Address to Parliament nice tie // Chinese president Xi Jinping has lauded Australia’s innovation and global influence during an address to federal parliament. Australia was no longer just a country “on the sheep’s back” or sitting on mineral deposits. “More importantly, Australia is a country of dynamism and innovation,” Mr Xi told MPs and senators on Monday.

2. Hong Kong May Start Clearing City-Center Demonstrators – Bloomberg About 67.4 percent of people surveyed said the activists should give up their street occupation immediately, a poll conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong from Nov. 5 to Nov. 11 showed. Those against the movement rose to 43.5 percent from 35.5 percent in October.

Related: Hong Kong Financial Hub Survives Protests Say 87% in Global Poll – Bloomberg Eighty-seven percent of the survey’s 510 respondents said the democracy movement that blocked major roads and shopping districts for seven weeks hasn’t diverted financial activity away from the city. Fifty-seven percent said the protests could drive away business if they continue, while 30 percent said that the protests were unlikely to affect the city’s position as a financial center. Ten percent said they weren’t sure.

3. 排污阳谋_专题频道_财新网 Caixin cover story on 2 month investigation of illegal polluting in western deserts after an egregious case in Tengger desert was exposed. Turns out that was far from an isolated case … //  今年10月初,国家主席习近平等中央领导就内蒙古自治区腾格里沙漠排污事件作出专门批示。内蒙古、宁夏两地开始紧急处理沙漠污染。存在排污问题的数个晾晒池随后被当地政府紧急关闭、填平;涉事的多家工业园区工厂被勒令关停;涉事的环保部门负责人被撤职查办。 财新记者历时两月,在上述三省份寻访到十余处共计30多个晾晒池,结果发现腾格里式污染绝非个案,已成了中国西部一种新的环境污染方式。其中10多个晾晒池池水黑臭,显然已沦为排污池。其他看似不错的排污池,经NGO进行池水检测后,参照《污水综合排放标准》(二级),也存在多项污染物超标。

Related: Factories dumping untreated waste in Tengger Desert – CCTV News – English report from September  //  An investigative report in the Beijing News says a number of chemical plants are continuing to dump untreated waste in the Tengger desert, in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. That’s despite similar media reports from four years ago, which led to a number of companies shutting down. The desert borders the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu Province. A newly released video shows the area dotted with pipes, all dumping contaminated waste-water.

4. Cnooc Sanctions Lawyer Over Conflict of Interest  – WSJ The Chinese energy company China National Offshore Oil Corp. said it sanctioned one of its top lawyers for conflicts of interest with Baker & McKenzie, a U.S. law firm that has often represented it and that in Beijing is led by the woman’s husband. In an email sent Monday to at least two major international law firms amid widespread industry talk about the relationship, Cnooc said it found that Karen Kang Xin violated unspecified national regulations and its corporate policies by accepting trips to Europe and Australia paid for by Baker, and that she subsequently helped the law firm win legal work. The note, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, said Ms. Kang dated and then married Baker’s chief representative in Beijing, Stanley Jia Dianan, “and did not withdraw from the conflict of interest after the marriage.”

5. China’s “positive” prescription for dissent – China Media Project The recent article in the Liaoning Daily has left some in China fearing that a new round of ideological controls is underway against those who dare to speak up — something akin, though this is so far a vast overstatement, to the anti-rightist campaigns of the 1950s..Zhang Ming, a professor at Renmin University of China and a former CMP fellow, wrote on Tencent Weibo this weekend: “For some time I’ve heard people talking about how there is a new anti-rightist movement underway. I didn’t buy this at first, but the Liaoning Daily open letter to teachers made me believe. How many on the right will be arrested this time around?” On Saturday, the Guangming Daily, published by China’s Central Propaganda Department, went so far as to identify a “group” of voices on the internet that it said sought to “slander” China with outright lies laced with quotes (Oh, horror!) from Westerners. An excerpt of the article, on page ten, follows:

Related: China’s rising army of voluntary “5 mao” | Offbeat China But as China’s tug of war between the left and the right, represented respectively by “public intellectuals” and “5 Maos,” evolves, there rises another camp who claims to be independent of both left and right, and “sides only with truth.” They call themselves “5 mao who brings their own food/feeds themselves (自带干粮的五毛/自干五).” Or as I like to call them, the voluntary 5 mao. “The rise of voluntary 5 mao is a result of the government’s lack of credibility among its people. Due to voluntary 5 mao’s independence of the government, their opinions are easily accepted by the public. “Voluntary,” instead of “5 mao,” lies at the heart of the concept. Independent thinking and self-sustainability are what make voluntary 5 mao different from professional 5 mao.” One of the crew summarized.

6. Buying houses for schools – Global Times totally rational to pay this much for a house you can resell when kid finishes school…otherwise looking at 1-300k+ RMB bribe that may not even work now after the recent enrollment reforms, or, if you can attend an international school, 100-250k RMB/yr for a lesser education // …now they will buy the 5-square-meter room in the alley at a price of 1.35 million yuan ($220,390). This means they are spending 270,000 yuan ($44,078) per square meter. “We have to do this for our son,” said Li. “Only with a registered house in this primary school district can our son’s hukou (household registration permit) be moved here, thus allowing him to enrol in this school.” The primary school Li was referring to is the Shijia Primary School, considered one of the top ten among about 1,500 primary schools in Beijing. In April the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued a rule, which stated that enrolment for primary schools should be based entirely on the student’s address and the proximity to the school, instead of some students being able to attend because their parents work in certain sponsor enterprises or public institutions affiliated with the schools. As a result, all primary schools can only enroll children whose hukou are registered in nearby residential communities.

Related: 北京就近入学标准将细化 不再简单看“学区房”_网易新闻中心 but new enrollment policies subject to “refinement”, folks buying uninhabitable hovels for hukou location next to good schools may be out of luck  //

7. China’s Brave Underground Journal by Ian Johnson | The New York Review of Books This rootless suburb is home to Remembrance, an underground journal that deals with one of China’s most sensitive issues: its history. E-mailed to subscribers as a seventy- to ninety-page PDF every other week, Remembrance’s articles and first-person accounts are helping to recover memories that the Communist Party would prefer remained lost. Remembrance has no listed address, let alone bustling editorial offices…Remembrance is part of the rise of unofficial memory in China, a trend that resembles the appearance in the Soviet Union during the 1980s of groups like Memorial, a historical research society that helped undermine the regime by uncovering its troubled past. Today’s China is more robust than the Gorbachev-era Soviet Union, but memory is still escaping the censor’s grasp, posing challenges to a regime for which history represents legitimacy. The government still controls official history through textbooks, museums, movies, and the media.

Related: Remembrance index only updated through January 2015

Related: 和吴迪对话:关于文革的记忆 – 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览 New York Times Chinese interview Remebrance’s Wu Di in July 2014, doesn’t look like was every published on the English site 

8. Sinica Podcast: Behind the Curtain at APEC Joining Jeremy and Kaiser for this analysis of the scene-behind-the-scene are two great political analysts and commentators tied closely to American geostrategy in Asia: Evan Feigenbaum, Vice President of the Paulson Institute and adviser on China to Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick, along with Damien Ma, fellow at the Paulson Institute and author of In Line Behind a Billion People.


Shanghai Stock Buying Through Exchange Link Reaches Limit – Bloomberg International investors purchased 13 billion yuan ($2.1 billion) of Shanghai shares by 1:57 p.m., triggering a halt in buy orders for the rest of the day. Mainland investors used about 1.8 billion yuan of their 10.5 billion yuan quota in Hong Kong. (HSI) Trading through the link is running smoothly, according to brokerages including First Shanghai Financial Holding Ltd. and Emperor Securities Ltd.

一汽集团数十名中高层遭调查 其中恐与芮成钢案有关-手机和讯网 Report says there may be connection between First Automotive Works, FAW-VW JV big corruption case and Rui Chenggang/Pegasus PR firm (now owned by Edelman)

Dairy co-op teams with Chinese company on $100 million powdered milk plant in Kansas | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City cooperative, owned by 13,000 dairy farmers, disclosed little about the deal except to confirm the partnership with Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group and that it’s an outgrowth of a strategic partnership formed two years ago with the Chinese company.

China opens first leg of high-speed railway in Xinjiang | Reuters and once fully connected to beijing-Lanxhou line hear just 15 hours from beijing to Urumqi  //  The 530 km (330 miles) stretch between Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi, and Hami is the first stage of the 1,775 km (1,100 miles) Lanxin railway connecting Urumqi to Lanzhou, the capital of central western Gansu Province. The official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday that the full length of the passenger railway is on schedule to open by the end of the year. Trains on the Urumqi-Hami leg could reach more than 200 kph (120 mph), halving the travel time between the two cities to three hours.

Laoganma Chili Sauce Founder Awarded A8888 License Plate by Govt – chinaSMACK Laoganma founder Tao Huabi, often regarded as the godmother of chili sauce in China, was able to build a business empire despite being illiterate and doing so without putting out significant advertising. Laoganma Chili Sauce have since became the mainstay in every Chinese kitchen and established itself as a global brand. For her contributions, the government recently awarded her with A8888 license plates for her Rolls-Royce and other luxury cars

白酒电商双十一价格战的背后:资本作局争夺渠道_证券时报网 Chinese liquor firms unhappy with single’s day discounting, one is suing…Single’s Day great for Alibaba and consumers, not so great for every merchant 

Competition for analysts heats up as credit risks rise in China | Reuters With high-profile defaults putting credit risk “front and center,” analysts are now in high demand, according to Wu. Bank risk departments and credit rating agencies that meld fresh-faced university graduates into analysts face a horde of firms seeking to poach away their trained talent. Headhunters and industry insiders say hiring is up by as much as 40 percent for credit risk analysts, approval officers and operations staff.

上市房企销售量价连涨三月 明年料复苏_公司新闻_中证网 Shanghai real estate firms have seen sales increase for the last 3 months  //  11月17日,链家地产市场研究部发布其监测的31家上市房企10月销售数据。10月份,31家上市房企销售额共计1688.3亿元,环比上升13.9%。8月、9月,上述房企的销售额分别为1167.5亿元、1481.9亿元,环比分别上升20.9%、25.2%。上市房企销售额已经连续3个月环比上涨。 链家地产对21家有可比数据的房企监测显示,2014年10月,21家上市房企的销售均价为11557元/平方米,环比上涨1.2%。8月、9月,上述房企的销售均价分别为10517元/平方米、11419元/平方米,环比分别上涨5.6%、8.1%。上市房企销售价格也已经连续3个月上涨。

房贷新政沦为空文:上海中工交建四大行均无利率优惠_行业动态_银行_金融频道首页_财经网 –  but Caijing says big 4 banks not giving mortgage discunts as PBoC suggested 9.30  //  从9月30日央行“首套房利率新政实施时隔一个月有余,这一房贷新政仍然只是来自宏观层面的指导意见,上海市内的商业银行对此采取的态度颇为一致:暂无行动。 据中国经济周刊报道,除了在8月就被曝利率打折的农业银行之外,其余中工交建4家银行都对首套房贷延续了强硬的保守态度。

Chinese firm says bank workers are investigated – WSJ A Chinese lighting business in a long-running dispute with its former chief executive officer said employees at big Chinese banks had helped the CEO improperly tap company bank accounts and that the bank workers were under investigation. At a news conference on Monday, Wang Donglei, CEO at NVC Lighting Holding Ltd., said employees at the banks “offered us false information, misleading the company as well as investors.” NVC identified the banks as Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. , China Construction Bank Corp. , Bank of China Ltd. and China Minsheng Banking Corp.

Beijing crackdown fails to stem inflated invoicing on exports | South China Morning Post According to Lu Ting, an economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the recent over-invoicing problem might be more related to attempts to skirt rules around export-value-added tax rebates. That would make the nature of recent dubious trade different from that in the first half of last year, when it involved more arbitrage and even illicit leakage of capital across the border through shadow banking. “Last year, we estimated that about one-tenth of [the mainland’s] exports were inflated,” said Lu. “This time, we estimate that at about 3 per cent.”

Tyson Stuck in ‘Holding Pattern’ in China After Food Scares – Bloomberg “Demand in China is still soft after the latest scare,” Donnie Smith, chief executive officer of Springdale, Arkansas-based Tyson, said during a conference call today. “We are in a holding pattern in China.” The government halted operations of Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group LLC’s operations in China after the discovery that it was selling repackaged chicken and beef past its sell-by date. Six employees of OSI’s Shanghai Husi unit were arrested by China’s Public Security Bureau amid investigations into activities at the plant.

China’s Maritime Silk Road is all about Africa | East by Southeast One way to understand the Maritime Silk Road is to envision a network of exporters formed of commercial interests from China and advanced economies in Southeast Asia sending manufacturing and food exports to Africa’s growing markets while importing valuable minerals and metals from African trading partners. This network’s ocean bound cargo fleet’s ships, whether coming or going, are never empty, and China, sitting at the helm of this network, receives the lion’s share of income and resources from trade.


Sixth NEA Official This Year Is Investigated for Corruption – Caixin Yu Yansha, director of the National Energy Administration’s (NEA) planning department, has been detained by prosecutors, the sources said. Yu is the sixth senior NEA official to come under scrutiny this year. The ruling Communist Party embarked on a major campaign against graft in late 2012. Yu is accused of manipulating industry research reports, a source familiar with the matter said.

央企薪酬改革方案有望下月公布_新闻_腾讯网 reports that the reform plan for Central SOE executive pay to be released next month

吴思委辞《炎黄春秋》总编辑 Luo Changping on Wu Si’s resignation letter as editor in chief of Yanhuang Chunqiu, sounds like didn’t end well for him there, not sure if confirmed yet that Hu Yanbang’s son Hu Deping and Lu Dingyi’s son Lu De are taking it over 

人民网:21次中央政治局会议传递出哪些政策信号_网易新闻中心 People’s Daily Online on “policy signals” from the 21 Politburo meetings under Xi 

China’s blitz against corruption hits some U.S. travel companies | Reuters One municipal tourism bureau from a medium-sized Chinese city needed its foreign affairs bureau’s approval to travel to the U.S. this year, said Haybina Hao, international development director for the National Tour Association, a travel trade group based in Lexington, Kentucky that recommends tour managers. Their review is still pending, Hao said. But if they are approved, their trip – they are only allowed one this year – must last less than eight days, Hao said.

高大伟 – Zheng Yongnian: Xi Jinping’s Political Roadmap Zheng’s analysis of Xi’s program is interesting. The question that must be asked is to what extent can a great man be trusted? There is a precedent in the case of Deng Xiaoping who tied the future of China and the Communist Party (both near collapse after the Cultural Revolution) to a program of opening and reform. Some Chinese historians see Deng as leading a second founding of the PRC since the policy direction of the first thirty years and second thirty years of the PRC were so different. Zheng expects Xi will be the third major figure in PRC history after Mao and Deng and expects that his imprint will be on China’s next three decades as Mao’s was on the first 30 years and Deng’s on the second 30 years.

形成高效的法治实施体系 Supreme People’s Court head Zhou Qiang has lead essay in latest issue of Qiushi 

把党的领导贯彻到依法治国全过程和各方面 核心要点: ■ 全面推进依法治国要在事关根本前途、根本命运的问题上明辨是非、站稳立场、增强定力。坚持党的领导,把党的领导贯彻到依法治国全过程和各方面,就是这样一个带有根本性、原则性的重大问题。 ■ 中国共产党是我国立法的科学领导者、执法的坚强保证者、司法的有力支持者、守法的带头倡导者。全面推进依法治国,要有利于加强和改善党的领导,有利于巩固党的执政地位、完成党的执政使命,决不是要削弱党的领导。 ■ 把党的领导贯彻到依法治国全过程和各方面,是我国社会主义法治建设的一条基本经验。全面推进依法治国,是一个系统工程。坚持党的领导、人民当家作主、依法治国有机统一,坚定不移走中国特色社会主义法治道路。 ■ 党领导立法,就是要完善以宪法为核心的中国特色社会主义法律体系;党保证执法,就是要深入推进依法行政;党支持司法,就是要保证公正司法,提高司法公信力;党带头守法,就是要带头弘扬社会主义法治精神。

河北亿元贪官遭查续:自称北京某高官是干爹|秦皇岛|小官巨腐_新浪新闻 more on the Hebei official caught with over 100m RMB cash and lots of gold…he told people a “high-level official in Beijing was his godfather” …the chinese term “gandie 干爹” is not the same as the term for mafia “godfather”

CPC halves Party regulations for better implementation – Xinhua The Communist Party of China (CPC) has cut the number of Party regulations, bylaws and other regulatory documents by more than half to ensure more effective implementation and enforcement. According to a decision by the CPC Central Committee which was published on Monday, about 58.7 percent of 1,178 Party regulatory documents issued by the CPC Central Committee will no longer be effective due to problems such as lack of adaptability or consistency. To date, a total of 322 such documents have been abolished, 369 been declared void and the remaining 487 remain in effect, according to a statement issued by the bureau in charge of Party regulations under the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.

北京公考报名锐减一半多 或迎“最好考年”_网易新闻中心 registrants for Beijing civil servant test drop by half from peak…good year to be taking the test 

China’s ‘Fox Hunt’ grabs 288 suspects in worldwide anti-graft net | Reuters China has arrested 288 fugitives suspected of committing economic crimes as part of an aggressive anti-corruption effort aimed at individuals who have fled abroad, the official government news agency Xinhua said.

人民日报:国家主席每月工资大概1万多元-新闻频道-手机搜狐 People’s Daily says Xi makes 10,000 RMB/mo

山西高平纪委书记被查 该市3任市长均于今年落马|书记|市委_凤凰资讯 more Shanxi officials detained

买官卖官潜规则:有人贷款买官 有人由民企赞助_新闻_腾讯网 Interesting Xinhua story on buying and selling of official positions, discussion of case examples…then was deleted, so can only see it via this version cached by Google 

苏氏于姐与“稀土王国”黑金 long Caijing piece on dirty rare earths dealings in Jiangxi and their ties to detained former Provincial Party Secretary Su Rong and his wife


Can China bring peace to south Asia? – The A-List – Blogs – During the past two months, the leaders of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have met with China’s powerful president Xi Jinping…they want Beijing to leverage its position of economic authority to help end the decades-old India-Pakistan-Afghanistan rivalry that is allowing a plethora of terrorist groups including the Taliban to flourish…In return, according to Asian and western diplomats who work closely with China, Mr Xi has demanded a harsh crackdown on the Uighur Muslim militants from the western Xinjiang province who receive training and battle experience in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Brisbane speech underlines Obama’s increasingly tough tone on China – Hugh White All of these points are much starker than any language he has used about China before. Obama’s stress on choices seems especially pointed, in view of successive Australian Government’s instance that ‘we don’t have to choose’ between America and China. And just to reinforce the point, a couple of days before Australia’s FTA with China is due to be finalised, Obama made two not-so-subtle digs at our economic relationship with China. At one point he spoke disparagingly of trade whose purpose is ‘simply to extract resources from the ground’, and at another he spoke of building a new economic structure in Asia under the US-led Trans Pacific Partnership in which countries are no longer ‘dependent on a single market’.

Xiangshan Forum to welcome senior security officials from Asia-Pacific – Xinhua So far 48 countries and international organizations have confirmed they will send official delegations, said Pi Mingyong, secretary-general of the China Association for Military Science, which organizes the event. The forum is expected to see delegates from 57 countries, Pi said. The biennial event, which has been held since 2006 and focuses on security in the Asia-Pacific region, will be held annually starting this year.

印军3年前入侵西藏 殴打中国边民拆除边防设施_网易新闻中心 当我们走进位于雅鲁藏布江大峡谷深处的墨脱县时,韦炳文19年坚守墨脱边防的军旅之路,渐渐呈现在了我们的眼前。仰望那些遍布韦炳文足迹的高山,我们相信,那就是韦炳文挥洒青春热血的地方,那就是共和国边关卫士守望和平的挺拔脊梁!

Commentary: No excuse for Western media to run unchecked in China – Xinhua the 4th editorial about the New York Times in official media since the Xi-Obama press conference. hope not a sign that this year’s visa renewal process is not going to go well  //  China’s journalists working overseas also have been duly advised by the Chinese government to comply with rules and regulations of the country or the region where they work, including the United States. There is no excuse for a foreign news organization which wishes to operate normally in China to ask for double standards and run unchecked in anarchy. It is highly advisable for certain Western media to do some self-examination homework before pointing fingers at others.

Questioning the president of China-CNN CNN talks to Mark Landler

牢牢把握新形势下侨联工作的正确方向 2014年11月13日 10:26:23 来源: 《求是》2014/22 作者: 林 军 – 党的十八大以来,习近平总书记对涉侨工作作出一系列重要论述,充分肯定归侨侨眷和海外侨胞是我国改革开放和现代化建设的宝贵资源和独特优势,是实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦的重要力量。这些重要论述,为侨联事业改革发展指明了前进方向,提供了根本遵循。我们要把深入学习贯彻习近平总书记的重要论述,作为全国侨联组织的重大政治任务…做到凝聚侨胞有载体。积极争取党委和政府的支持,充分依靠广大侨界群众,因地制宜地推进服务中心、活动场所、侨商会馆等实体及设施建设,加强侨商(华商)会、归侨联谊会等社团组织建设,努力建立上下贯通、左右协同、内外联动的组织架构。

Xi’s visit big chance to push NZ Inc – Business – NZ Herald News Xi will become the first Chinese head of state to visit this country since Hu Jintao in 2003 when he arrives in Auckland tomorrow evening for a two-day visit. Engagements will include a state luncheon at Wellington’s Government House on Thursday and a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister John Key. Xi, who last visited New Zealand as Vice-President in 2010, returns to Auckland on Friday where he will meet the NZ China Council, attend a food and beverage showcase lunch and visit the New Zealand Bloodstock facility at Karaka.

Radio broadcasts Nanjing Massacre survivors testimonies – Xinhua A Chinese radio station began broadcasting testimonies of Nanjing Massacre survivors on Monday to honor the state memorial day scheduled next month In February of this year, China’s top legislature designated December 13 as the National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims, asking people to mourn the 300,000 victims killed by the Japanese in 1937.

China denies training Pakistan troops, says reports ‘groundless’ : China- India Today China on Monday said reports in India suggesting that its army was providing weapons training to Pakistani troops in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) were “groundless”. “As far as what we have learnt, the relevant reports are totally groundless,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told reporters, in response to questions about a Border Security Force (BSF) report detailing the presence of Chinese troops providing training to the Pakistani army in PoK.

亚投行暗战|财经 Caijing on the US-led resistance to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank..

南海舰队清退违规住房231套 对难缠户停水停电_新闻_腾讯网 so far 231 flats returned to South China Fleet, holdouts to have power and water cutoff…part of PLA work-style cleanup campaign 


HKFS eyes mass entry to highlight China border ‘abuse’ Hong Kong protest leaders are discussing a plan to send big groups of students across the border to show how mainland immigration authorities have been “abusing their power”. Alex Chow, secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS), revealed the plan after he and two other student leaders were barred from a Cathay Pacific flight to Beijing on Saturday.


China just blocked thousands of websites | The Chinese censorship authorities have DNS poisoned *, which means all subdomains are blocked in China. EdgeCast is one of the largest Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in the world and provides its cloud services to thousands of websites and apps in China. We have acknowledged all along that our method of unblocking websites using “collateral freedom” hinges on the gamble that the Chinese authorities will not block access to global CDNs because they understand the value of China being integrated with the global internet. However, we can now reveal publicly that the authorities are doing just that – attempting to cut China off from the global internet. // right before the World Internet Conference. One world, Two Internets…

互联网大会聚焦网络安全与治理_特别报道_新京报网 China‘s World Internet conference to focus on security and governance

Universal Expands China Ambitions As It Opens Beijing Office | Variety Headed by veteran Disney executive, Joe Yan, who was hired in June, the new office will first take on the role of pitching and submitting the studios movies to the Chinese regulators. Under a previous arrangement those duties had been served by a partnership with iconic Hong Kong producer-distributor Bill Kong (“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” “Fearless”).

Apple Adds UnionPay Payment Option for App Store Customers in China | Business Wire “The ability to buy apps and make purchases using UnionPay cards has been one of the most requested features from our customers in China,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “China is already our second largest market for app downloads, and now we’re providing users with an incredibly convenient way to purchase their favorite apps with just one-tap.”

China’s internet TV sites in $1 billion battle for foreign shows | Reuters “You see this dragged-out war of attrition where everybody’s scrambling to buy the best content,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting. “This will ultimately narrow it down to the smallest handful of Goliaths, and then people start to make money.” But China’s regulators have the freewheeling industry in their sights, and are pinning it down with new licensing and quota restrictions – helping the domestic TV and film industry develop with less competition from mature foreign media, analysts say.  // “eventually they will make money” has been the line since Youku went public…wouldn’t bet on it any time soon

Wirelurker site in China taken down, suspects arrested | ZDNet Chinese authorities have shut down the web sites responsible for the Wirelurker malware and arrested suspects in the case, according to a statement by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service.

百度买快钱:两个都需要借力的小伙伴,自然会情不自禁在一起-看点-虎嗅网 is Baidu spending 2B RMB to buy also-ran payments provider 99Bill?


Pace of Chinese enrolments in US slows – The number of international students in the US grew 8 per cent to 886,000 this year, with growth driven mainly by Chinese and especially mainland undergraduates, the report said. Chinese student enrolments rose 16.5 per cent this year to nearly 275,000, down from 20 per cent growth or more every year since 2007. Undergraduate numbers rose 18 per cent, down from 26 per cent the previous year.

山西日报刊登习近平母亲往事:曾参加反日寇扫荡战斗–国际–人民网 Shanxi Daily runs long article on Xi Jinping’s mother Qi Xin, talks about her role fighting the Japanese

Kidambi Srikanth stuns Lin Dan to win China Open; Saina Nehwal wins women’s title – The Times of India FUZHOU (China): In a historic day for Indian badminton, top shuttlers Saina Nehwal and K Srikanth clinched the women’s and men’s singles title of the $700,000 China Open Super Series Premier respectively on Sunday. While Olympic bronze-medallist Saina had to draw from her reservoir of experience to stave off the challenge of the Akane Yamaguchi of Japan, young Srikanth notched up a stunning straight-game victory over two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan of China to register his maiden Super Series title.

被“泼粪”性学家:性不再被刻意关注才是进步_深度_新京报网 广州性文化节上,华中师大教授彭晓辉在做性科学演讲时,被一名女子掌掴、“泼粪”。连日来,“性”话题在网上持续发酵。彭晓辉16日受访称,性的外延很广,但太多人理解得太狭隘。如人们对待性更加平常,才是一种进步。


Los Angeles promotes medical tourism in China – Xinhua Los Angeles plans to attract more Chinese medical tourists after the city’s mayor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in southern China on Monday. Nine U.S. and Chinese partners of the Discover LA Medical Care, signed the MoU in Guangzhou, southern China. The new initiative aims to lure more Chinese tourists to the western U.S. city for treatment and care at five medical facilities

Sinopec Says It Has Spent 4 Bln Yuan This Year Fixing Pipeline Problems – Caixin Following disaster in Qingdao that killed 62, oil giant also pledges to spend another 28 billion yuan to ensure safety of facilities

FactCheck: does the new climate deal let China do nothing for 16 years? False. China has an extensive plan to curtail its emissions between now and 2030, including building renewable energy facilities on a far larger scale than any other nation. Honouring its new climate pact with the United States will involve doing a lot more than nothing.

湖北渔民捕获长3.3米重700斤中华鲟(图)_新闻_腾讯网 350KG, nearly extinct Chinese Sturgeon caught in Hubei  //  湖北渔民在长江打鱼时,意外捕获一条约700斤重的中华鲟。中华鲟在渔网中挣扎时,鼻子受了轻伤,且尾部有旧患,它身上有多处黑色斑点,应患有内伤。这是近20年来该区发现的最大一条中华鲟

How leaders and an army of staff turned Beijing’s grey into ‘Apec blue’ | South China Morning Post Revealing new details yesterday of the efforts, the China Environmental News, a newspaper under the control of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said President Xi Jinping , Premier Li Keqiang and Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli took a direct role in leading the clean-up. Xi and Li issued numerous written instructions on measures to curb air pollution and Zhang chaired meetings and oversaw the anti-smog campaign.


Disney Unveils Plans for Massive Shanghai Theme Park | TheNanfang Set to open next year, Shanghai Disney Resort has unveiled its plans for an enormous entertainment complex next to a manmade lake, reported Xinhua. Details released at the 2014 China International Tourism Trade Fair, indicated that the theme park will have two main hotels, one of which will feature a “Toy Story” theme.

Jing Daily: The Business of Luxury and Culture in China By the end of the year, these numbers will almost certainly surpass 2013’s total of 387,533 Chinese visitors and 24 percent year-on-year increase. But travel inland toward the hills of Bali’s artsy Ubud District, an area filled with rice paddies and coconut groves often referred to as the “soul of Bali,” and another very distinct side of the Chinese travel revolution emerges…Chinese travelers hoping for unique, experiential travel are flocking to the area.


潘小梅最后一班地铁 攒钱给父母盖房下班摆地摊-搜狐新闻 The Beijing News on the life story of the Hebei woman who was crushed to death between Beijing subway doors November 6.

北京:两老外5万假欧元换走37万真币(图)|外币|兑换_凤凰资讯 2 foreigners change 50,000 fake Euros in 370,000 RMB at Beijing’s Silk Market 

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