The Sinocism China Newsletter 11.26.14

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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1. Clearing the Air with a Sino-U.S. Climate Pact – Caixin translation of this week’s Caixin cover story  //  China’s climate talks chief Xie Zhenhua describes the consensus reached and future goals of a major greenhouse-gas agreement…In an exclusive interview with Caixin on November 15, Xie offered his take on the Sino-U.S. climate pact. His comments came as the Chinese government is under mounting pressure to combat air pollution, and world leaders are gearing up for a fresh round of global climate talks in Europe. Xie expects the pact’s latest emissions goals for China will give Beijing authorities a new springboard to push reform projects.

Related: China fears US Republican opposition in climate change talks – “Because of internal politics in the US the Kyoto protocol was not ratified, so we are worried that we might face the same problem in the 2015 pact,” Xie Zhenhua, vice director of the national planning agency and the chief negotiator on climate change, told reporters on Tuesday. The Lima negotiations will be followed by a round in Paris next year where a global climate agreement could be sealed.

2.  习近平亲自决定巡视单位或因利益集团势力大_网易新闻中心 Xi Jinping personally selects the targets of the CCDI inspections, reviews the reports, gives guidance on how to proceed?  // 前两天,微信公号“人民日报政文”刊发了一篇文章,由该报专门联系中纪委的记者执笔。该文透露了一个细节:无论多忙,“习近平都要亲自确定巡视的对象,亲自审阅每份巡视报告,亲自听取每轮巡视成果汇报、发表重要讲话,指导下一轮巡视开展的思路”。

Related: 中纪委网站评论:专项巡视将成”新常态”_网易新闻中心 article on CCDI website says the inspection tours are the “new normal”  //  24日起,中央巡视组陆续进驻各单位。值得注意的是,此轮巡视全部为专项巡视。根据中央安排,今后大多数巡视任务都将通过专项巡视来完成,这将成为巡视工作的“新常态”。

3.  LIVE: Joshua Wong arrested as police and bailiffs begin clearing Nathan Road’s Occupy barricades | South China Morning Post Student leaders Joshua Wong, of Scholarism, and Lester Shum, from the Hong Kong Federation of Students, were among those taken away by police.

Related: 香港警方拘捕80名激进分子 港媒称“占中”大势已去_国际新闻_环球网 Global Times on the clearing of the remaining Hong Kong protesters

4.  Sinica Podcast: Internet Wrangling in Wuzhen With Jeremy Goldkorn conscripted into family duties as father of lucky newborn Felix Goldkorn, Kaiser Kuo hosts alone this week as we turn our attention to the World Internet Conference last week, when a last minute attempt by Chinese organizers to foist the so-called Wuzhen Declaration on participants provoked an international backlash over concerns it was attempting to make the international community complicit in even sharper restrictions on Internet usage China seems poised to impose under the country’s new Internet Tsar, Lu Wei. Joining us to bring everyone up-to-date with a combination of insider-gossip and academic analysis is Rogier Creemers of Oxford University, founder of the China Copyright and Media Blog

Related: At China online coming-out party, Beijing spells out Internet control ambition | Reuters “This place (Wuzhen) is crowded with tourists, who are perfectly orderly,” Lu Wei, China’s Internet tsar and director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, said at the opening ceremony. “Cyberspace should also be free and open, with rules to follow and always following the rule of law.” Many attendants saw China hosting the summit as a step forward. Yet for sceptics, the controlled environment of the summit reinforced industry concerns that Beijing’s lip service to a “free and open” Internet rings hollow, with the government’s iron grip on the online industry intact.  //  “sceptics”?

Related: 国家网信办副主任任贤良接受本报独家专访:力推互联网企业A股主板上市_股市聚焦_市场_中金在线 Cyber Administration of China deputy director Ren Xianliang wants to push Chinese Internet firms to list on Chinese stock exchanges, says it is an important goal for the CAC and something are researching  //  对此话题,任贤良明确对上证报记者表示,“除了在新三板、创业板(上市),帮助互联网企业在主板市场上市无疑是我们的重要目标。”这是国家网信办高层首次表达支持互联网企业在主板市场上市。任贤良指出,互联网看上去虽然只是一个产业,但从中可以看出一个国家实力的强弱。既然时代赋予我们机遇,我们就一定要牢牢地抓住互联网发展的话语权。任贤良透露,如何创造条件让中国互联网公司在境内市场上市,这是国家网络信息办公室成立后,正在着重研究的一个重要课题。

5.  The dogs of positivity – China Media Project Hua Qianfang is the nom de plume of Ning Xueming (宁学明), a “grassroots online peasant writer” from Liaoning’s Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County (清原满族自治县). He is a member of the local official writer’s association in Fushun, and he has been called — along with Zhou Xiaoping (周小平) — one of the “four principal online positive energy writers (中国网络正能量四大写手之一)…Posting on Weibo about attending of the conference, Hua wrote that, “In its determination to lead the Information Age, China already has the heart of Sima Zhao.” Who is Sima Zhao? Si Mazhao (司馬昭) was a war general during China’s Three Kingdoms period (AD 220–280) that followed the end of the Han dynasty…The problem with Hua Qianfang’s remark is that Sima Zhao is a historical figure associated with deception, with knavish intrigue that despite its supposed secrecy everyone knows is happening. This is why the ancient adage goes: “Even those passing on the road know what secrets Sina Zhao harbours in his heart”(司馬昭之心,路人皆知也). And this is what makes Hua’s statement so blindly astute.

Related: 网络作家花千芳当选辽宁抚顺市作协副主席(图)-中国社会科学网 “positive energy” blogger Hua Qianfang is elected vice chairman of the Fushun, Liaoning branch of the Chinese Writers Association 

6.  Xi Risks Silk Road Backlash to Reclaim China as Center of World – Bloomberg Xi’s vision for a bloc that involves at least 60 countries has left government advisers from Almaty to Delhi largely in the dark about the details. While Kazakhstan’s leaders have voiced support, enticed by billions of dollars in infrastructure funding, analysts in the country say the strategy involves greater Chinese influence that may be a harder sell to its people. “Xi’s proposed idea is to form the foundation of a new geopolitical concept of China,” said Konstantin Syroezhkin, an adviser to the Kazakh president. “All discussions before were mainly around the economic component of China’s relations with this region, but Xi has put forth a vision that is much broader.”

7. China mulls family abuse law – Xinhua The Chinese government is consulting the public on a draft of a national Law on Family Violence, the first law of its kind in the country. The draft gives social organizations and individuals the right to dissuade, prevent and report physical and psychological abuse from within the victims’ family. Governments at all levels will allocate funds to combat family violence, according to the draft, published by the legislative affairs office of the State Council.

Related: Comment now on China’s draft Anti-Domestic Violence Law | Supreme People’s Court Monitor After at least 15 years of pressure by women’s groups, lawyers, and publicity in China, as well as by the international community, the draft Anti-Domestic Violence was issued by China’s State Council Legislative Affairs Office on November 25. It follows many years of academic and professional exchanges and international conferences on domestic violence legislation.  The timing may be to coincide with the UN’s Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. // a full translation here

Related: 反家暴法征求意见 同居施暴不算家暴_国内_新京报网 昨日,国务院法制办公布反家庭暴力法征求意见稿,首次明确家暴范围。同时明确,有恋爱、同居、前配偶等关系人员之间发生的暴力行为,与一般社会成员之间的暴力行为没有实质区别,由治安管理处罚法、刑法等法律调整。

8. Microsoft to pay China $140 million for ‘tax evasion’ | Reuters According to an article published by China’s Xinhua official news agency on Sunday, an unnamed U.S. multinational must pay the Chinese government 840 million yuan ($137 million) in back taxes and interest, as well as more than 100 million yuan in additional taxes a year in the future. The article refers only to a company whose name starts with “M,” is one of the world’s biggest 500 firms and which established a wholly-owned foreign subsidiary in Beijing in 1995. Microsoft is the only company that fits that description.  //  bashing of foreigners, or Microsoft guilty? Or both?


China’s Central Bank To Wait For Q4 Data – Business Insider BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s central bank will wait until fourth-quarter economic data is out and monitor U.S. and Japanese monetary policy before considering any more rate cuts or easing, a central bank adviser said on Tuesday.

中国证券报:明年M2增速可适度下调|货币政策|M2_新浪财经_新浪网 p1 article in Wednesday’s China Securities Journal says 2015 M2 growth can be moderately reduced  //  降息引发对明年M2增速走向的不同猜测。分析人士认为,预计明年经济增长速度继续放缓,加之通胀在低水平徘徊和结构性改革深入推进,M2增速可适度放缓。由于外汇占款在基础货币的形成机制中发生的作用减弱以及对外资本输出步伐加快,货币政策在保持稳健基调的同时,仍有一定放松空间。但货币政策放松仅是提供正常的融资环境,政策基调没有也不宜发生根本性改变,关键是要加快推进金融体制改革。

China Vanke Sees Modest Gains in Key Beijing Market – WSJ “The market bottomed in June and things are improving,” said Mao Daqing, senior vice president at China Vanke Co. and head of the developer’s Beijing operations. Home resales are improving, and the country’s four biggest banks have indicated that they will offer more favorable mortgage terms for home-buyers, he said. “But does this mean that the housing market will now see explosive growth or sharp gains?” Mr. Mao added. “There aren’t any factors to support that either.”..Inventories of unsold new homes in Beijing have moderated to 11 months’ worth of sales from a peak of 15-18 months in August, said Mr. Mao. He added that while 11 months is far from the five to six months seen when the city’s housing market was at its peak, it is an appropriate level.

China Savers Prioritized Over Banks by PBOC – Bloomberg On the central government’s website a graphic explained that an interest-rate cut taking effect that day would protect returns on savings deposits while slicing at least 0.15 percentage point off lending margins. The government site has since posted four news articles referencing the switch. “This asymmetric interest rate cut makes the banks pass on their profits to benefit enterprises and savers,” said a Xinhua commentary accompanying the graphic.

Costs, liabilities grow quickly in Chinese state firms – Xinhua Operating costs of state enterprises grew 4.8 percent year on year to 38 trillion yuan (6.2 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first ten months, outpacing a 4.5 percent increase in operating revenue, according to MOF data. Liabilities rose 12.1 percent to 65.5 trillion yuan, 0.2 percentage points faster than the growth in assets. Despite all the pressure, China’s state firms reported nearly 2.1 trillion yuan in profits from January to October, up 6.1 percent year on year. In the first nine months, the profits increased 5.9 percent.

Residents in ‘model Disney relocation homes’ fear building collapse: Shanghaiist The structural integrity of the Disney relocation homes in Shanghai is being questioned by their residents, many of whom are fearful that the poorly built structures could collapse at any moment, reports Shanghai Daily…The two apartment blocks, which were built in 2012, are situated at No.17 and 18 West Huaxia Road in Xinyuan West Community, Chuansha Town and were built to house residents that were moved in order to make way for the Shanghai Disney Resort

Pipe Dreams: How A Chinese State Company Sought to Ride the US Energy Boom-Paulson Institute Case Studies New paper explains how and why Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO) sought to pump $1 billion-plus into building a seamless pipe manufacturing facility in Gregory, Texas.

A difficult and frustrating place | China Accounting Blog | Paul Gillis According to a Reuter’s report by Soyoung Ho that is currently behind Reuter’s paywall, PCAOB chairman James Doty said some discouraging things at the recent meeting of the PCAOB’s Standing Advisory Group about the prospects for an inspection agreement with China.  Doty is quoted to have said that the PCAOB’s effort to inspect auditors in China is “in a difficult and frustrating place”.

Japan carmakers struggling to keep up with foreign competitors in China -The Asahi Shimbun “Competition is especially fierce for compact cars,” said Tetsuo Iwamura, Honda’s executive vice president. Although this category had long been a strength of Japanese automakers, their Western competitors have introduced new models of their own, such as Volkswagen AG’s Polo and General Motors Co.’s Sail. Hiroto Saikawa, a representative board member of Nissan, said, “The effects (of increased competition) are greater for manufacturers that have a higher proportion of smaller vehicles.”

China ETF Demand Overwhelms Quota as Premium Surges – Bloomberg The $633.5 million X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF closed 5.1 percent above the value of its holdings on Nov. 24. The manager capped new creations at 50,000 shares, or one unit, for the second time in less than three months as it exhausted a government quota for buying onshore securities. Traders have poured $148 million into the exchange-traded fund in the past three weeks as the opening of the Hong Kong-Shanghai bourse link and China’s interest-rate cut sent stocks surging.

China masters core technology of high-speed train – Xinhua China CNR Corporation (CNR) said on Tuesday that the company has successfully produced two core components, a traction electric driver and a network control system, through independent research and development. The company’s CRH5A train model equipped with the two parts will soon finish its 5,000 km-test, the last testing stage, in north China’s Harbin, CNR said.

央企拟定薪酬方案年底前报批 部分负责人降薪40%_宏观_中证网 Economic Information says central SOE executive salary reduction plan to be submitted for approval before year end, some execs may see 40% pay cuts  //  记者从权威人士处获悉,随着央企负责人薪酬改革进入最后倒计时阶段,目前中央管理企业正在抓紧拟定薪酬管理政策,并向有关部门报送其年度中央企业在岗职工平均工资进行审定,相关工作将于年底前完成。   “本次薪酬改革的重点,就是将企业职工的平均工资和央企高管的工资紧密挂钩,再根据所在行业、行业性质、市场化程度等多个方面进行综合考评,制定相应的系数来确定所在央企高管薪酬。”人社部系统一位内部人士对记者说

“马云系”该否被妖魔化 从电商到金融到文化到X-中国资本证券网 Alibaba investors should read this. Is Jack Ma’s empire getting too big?


最高法:巡回法庭即代表最高法 判决为终审_新闻_腾讯网 Supreme People’s Court official Hu Yunteng tells The People’s daily that the new circuit courts will represent the SPC, their verdicts will be final //  党的十八届四中全会《决定》提出:“最高人民法院设立巡回法庭,审理跨行政区域重大行政和民商事案件。”以往,我国只在基层法院设置派出法庭,便于当事人诉讼。为何要在最高人民法院设置巡回法庭,设立之后如何运作,与最高法是什么关系?11月21日,记者专访了曾作为《决定》起草人之一的最高人民法院审判委员会专职委员胡云腾。

中共將帥之后談軍隊反腐:對腐敗分子零容忍–時政–人民網 more support for Xi and corruption crackdown from red nobility //  中新社桂林11月25日電 (楊陳 趙琳露)“國家、軍隊出現的這些腐敗問題,必須嚴厲打擊,對軍隊腐敗問題必須零容忍,否則對不起當年為國捐軀的先烈。”中國共產黨創始人之一、開國元勛董必武之女董良翬25日在桂林表示。 11月25日至26日,紅軍長征湘江戰役八十周年紀念活動在廣西桂林市興安縣舉行。朱德外孫劉武、周恩來侄子周秉和、董必武之女董良翬、羅瑞卿之子羅箭等數十位紅軍后代出席了紀念活動。 當前,中國打“虎”滅“蠅”、懲治腐敗的態勢持續加強。中央軍委原副主席徐才厚、解放軍總后勤部原副部長谷俊山相繼落馬,中共中央關於軍隊的反腐舉措,中共將帥之后們表示非常支持。

揭秘贪官赃款赃物处置:折现上缴国库 严禁挪用_网易新闻中心 a look at what happens to the booty confiscated from corrupt officials  //  记者根据公开报道梳理发现,在34名涉贪超千万的落马官员中,已有部分进入司法程序并宣判,多被判受贿罪、贪污罪、玩忽职守罪、滥用职权罪。 从被判无期的内蒙古自治区政府原副秘书长武志忠到判死缓的原铁道部部长刘志军,在法院的判决书中,都有这样的表述:没收个人全部财产。 那么,贪官被没收的财产最终究竟如何处置?《法制晚报》记者近日采访多名法学专家及相关人士,还原赃款被追缴后的流向。

十八大后公安系统23名官员落马 含两名省部级官员_新闻_腾讯网 23 Public Security officials have been detained since the 18th Party congress; former vice minister Li Dongsheng the highest ranking //  十八大以来,我国公安系统共有23名官员落马,级别最高的是公安部原副部长李东生,此外还包括5个是地方公安局局长或副职。在地域分布方面,广东占了一半。落马原因,受贿最为常见,涉近半官员。

王岐山的北京削虎队 – IBTimes 中文网 随着林铎调任辽宁省纪委书记,中纪委的北京班底再曾新援。截至目前,在中央的纪检系统中,已经有黎晓红、崔鹏、肖培、赵凤桐等北京担纲相应职务。此外,诸如吉林、杜德印、董宏等北京官员则担任中央巡视组组长。

Asia Unbound » The Anticorruption Campaign and Rising Suicides in China’s Officialdom A more convincing explanation treats suicide as a means to escape seemingly inevitable punishment. On the one hand, the antigraft campaign, with its unprecedented intensity and breadth, sends a strong signal to venal officials that this time they can no longer expect to be let off the hook. In a political hierarchy where cadres can only be promoted but not be demoted, being caught and sentenced to jail (or even death) for corruption would mean not only public humiliation but also the forfeiture of all titles and illicit gains. On the other hand, under the existing law once the guilty party dies, prosecution is terminated and the party no longer bears legal responsibilities. This presents an institutional opportunity for the corrupt officials.

共青团网络宣传引导工作推进会召开–传媒–人民网 China Youth Daily reports on the recent Communist Youth League meeting on advancing Internet propaganda guidance work  //  11月24日,共青团网络宣传引导工作推进会在河南郑州召开。受共青团中央书记处第一书记秦宜智委托,团中央书记处常务书记贺军科出席会议并强调,各级团组织要深入贯彻落实党中央要求和共青团网络宣传工作电视电话会议部署,在前一阶段工作进展的基础上,齐心协力,迎难而上,开拓进取,推动团的网络宣传引导工作再上新台阶。中央网信办副主任任贤良出席会议并讲话,河南省委常委、宣传部长赵素萍出席会议,代表河南省委、省政府向会议致辞,团中央书记处书记周长奎主持会议。会议期间,与会代表实地参观了团河南省委、团郑州市委、河南工业大学、腾讯·大豫网等单位的共青团网络宣传引导工作,上海、广东等8位地方团组织和网宣员代表作了交流发言。

中共智囊叫嚣“反右” 阶级斗争论卷土重来_中国-多维新闻网 Duowei on some of the very leftist ideological pronouncments coming from some corners  //  虽然中国红色文化研究会、中国政治学学会科学发展与政治和谐专业委员会于11月初在北京举办的掌握意识形态斗争主动权理论座谈会,并未引起足够多的重视,但是座谈会上的“出位”发言还是以抖包袱的形式不断公之于众。新近披露的中央文献研究室原主任逢先知的发言,即将矛头直接对准了势力猖獗的右派,因其不仅与共产党对着干,而且还公开发表汉奸言论…听闻此言,不得不让人狐疑:此前《辽宁日报》看似偶然的新闻操作,是否暗合着策划新闻的成分?更让人匪夷所思的是,此前社科院王伟光的“阶级斗争论”,也获得了逢先知的强烈认同。比如其在发言中表示,在社会主义社会里,阶级斗争还将在一定范围内长期存在,在某种条件下还可能激化。既要反对把阶级斗争扩大化的观点,又要反对认为阶级斗争已经熄灭的观点。阶级斗争,特别是意识形态领域里的斗争,必将长期存在。这是客观事实,不是哪个人主观想出来的。

Exclusive interview:Dalai Lama leaves the succession question ‘up to the Tibetan people’- Nikkei Asian Review The Nikkei recently spoke with the Dalai Lama, 79, about the future of his role and the Tibet-China issue in general.

周强:盛名之下其实难副_中国-多维新闻网 作为一颗当时的政治新星,周强十八大没有入常外界可以理解,毕竟有诸如俞正声、王岐山等更大的重量级官员在前。但是周强没能进入政治局,却着实让外界感到意外。周强本来与胡春华、孙政才一道都被看作是中共第六代的储君和备胎人选,而且周强的顺位和呼声是高过胡春华和孙政才的。现在胡春华和孙政才都已成功上垒,周强却被淘汰出局。是什么原因让周强落选?

教育部:宪法知识可纳入中考_新闻_腾讯网 Ministry of Education gearing up to push education about the Constitution  //  新京报快讯(记者许路阳 (微博)) 每年12月4日国家宪法日时,中小学应组织宪法晨读活动,上一节宪法教育课。教育部今日消息,已印发关于在国家宪法日深入开展宪法学习宣传教育活动的通知,要求自今年12月4日首个国家宪法日开始,各级教育行政部门和各级各类学校应当在国家宪法日当天,以弘扬宪法精神为宗旨,以宣讲宪法基本原则和基本知识为重点,全面开展宪法学习教育活动。

上海自贸区新规:中外律所可联营_财经频道_一财网 foreign law firms can set up JVs in Shanghai FTZ, issue opinions, appear in court etc in name of JV firm //  英美所等外国律所通过联营,就能以联营所的名义出具中国法下的意见书,以联营所的名义出庭,全面参与各项法律业务。

经济参考网 – 审计署汇总土地出让金审计结果 年内或公布,财政专户、收入过渡户管理、坐支土地出让收入等成审计重点 审计署自8月开启全国土地出让金收支和耕地保护情况全面审计,到10月底结束现场审计阶段。《经济参考报》记者从参与审计人士处获悉,审计情况从市级到省级层层总结上报,目前已经汇总至审计署。“年底应该能出结果,当年度的项目,没有特殊情况是不跨年的。”据某地方审计局人士介绍,最晚会于次年1月向社会公布审计结果。


China looms over South Asian summit in the Himalayas | Reuters When eight South Asian leaders gather for a summit in Kathmandu on Wednesday, they will meet in a conference center donated by China to its cash-strapped Himalayan neighbor Nepal 27 years ago. In the decades since it built the modernist brick and glass hall, China has massively stepped up its presence in South Asia, supplying ports, power stations and weapons.

Sri Lanka tilts to Beijing | East Asia Forum What has caused a change in Sri Lanka’s stance? In recent years there has been significant Chinese investment in high profile infrastructure in the country. The Chinese presence in Colombo is palpable. Some of these projects, such as a new port at Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka, have led to claims that China seeks to build a string of naval bases across the northern Indian Ocean. It seems unlikely that Hambantota will become a formal Chinese naval base, but there is little doubt that the Chinese navy will be seeking dependable access to replenishment facilities in the region. There have been increasing indications over the last six months of Sri Lanka’s willingness to host Chinese military-related facilities.

MPs’ trip to China cancelled after row over Hong Kong protests debate | World news | The Guardian A visit by a cross-party group of parliamentarians to China, led by Peter Mandelson, has been cancelled at the last minute after Beijing refused to grant a visa to a Conservative MP in retaliation for a Westminster debate on the recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. In a sign of Beijing’s sensitivity to international criticism of its response to the protests in Britain’s former colony, the Chinese embassy in London demanded that Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester, make a statement clarifying his thinking after he held the debate in Westminster Hall last month.

The top four myths about China in the Pacific-Lowy Interpreter 1. China has a strong diplomatic presence in the Pacific; 2. China’s development assistance is linked to the resources industry; 3. China’s development assistance, trade and investment are used to support undemocratic regimes; 4. China’s leaders have closer ties to Pacific elites than Western leaders

Vietnam warships visit Philippines amid South China Sea dispute | Reuters Vietnam on Tuesday showed off its two most powerful warships in the first-ever port call to the Philippines but an official said it was not trying to challenge China’s superior naval forces amid tension in the South China Sea. Hanoi invited the diplomatic community to its Russian-built missile-guided frigates docked in Manila Bay at the start of a three-day goodwill visit.

China on Ferguson Violence: ‘There’s No Such Thing As Perfection’ –  – WSJ At the daily media briefing on Tuesday, when an American reporter asked about the unrest and whether the Chinese government would comment given past U.S. criticisms of China’s human rights record, Ms. Hua first stuck to the script. “The case you mention is a U.S. internal affair. As the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry I will make no comment on that,” she told reporters. Then, she went further. “But I would like to say that there’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to human rights regardless of whatever country you’re in,” said Ms. Hua. “We have to improve the record of human rights and promote the cause of human rights. We can learn from each other in this area.”

总政治部:彻底肃清徐才厚案件的恶劣影响_网易新闻中心 据国防部网站消息,总政治部日前就深化“四风”整治下发指导意见。意见指出,不正之风树倒根存,病原体并没有根除,应以徐才厚、谷俊山等重大案件为反面教材开展警示教育,对重大腐败案件“一案双查”,还应把作风状况作为考核班子和考察干部重要内容。

习近平向“声援巴勒斯坦人民国际日”大会致贺电_新闻_腾讯网 Xi’s message in support of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People gets top billing in official media  //  习近平在贺电中表示,历史反复证明,武力无法带来和平,谈判才是解决彼此分歧的唯一途径。中国衷心希望巴以双方早日重启和谈,给和平以机会,让人民得安宁。 习近平强调,中国始终坚定支持巴勒斯坦人民争取恢复民族合法权利的正义事业。实现巴以和平是世界人民的共同心声。中国愿同国际社会一道,继续为此作出不懈努力。

PLA allows civilian firms to supply kit | South China Morning Post civil-military industrial complex The PLA Daily said 108 types of military kit used in drills and exercises could now be made by civilian firms. The aim is to increase innovation and improve the quality of equipment provided through competition. The vast majority of PLA equipment is produced by its own manufacturers.


令完成妻弟曾持股乐视网已被查,贾跃亭疑假身份入股汇金立方_打虎记_澎湃新闻-The Paper Thepaper on more ties between LeTv and Ling Jihua’s brother Ling Wancheng, also alleges LeTV founder used a fake name to hold shares in Ling Wancheng’s Huijin Lifang fund

乐视贾跃亭“带病”回国_财经频道_一财网 rumors that LeTv CEO Jia Yuting underwent cancer treatment in Hong Kong, as now returned to the mainland.

国内手机厂商专利战一触即发_财经_新京报网 Caijing on the coming patent wars between Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, in spite of Huawei’s denial yesterday that it had issued a letter to Xiaomi and others…IP gets respected in China when Chinese firms have a stake, and now they do, both in tech and content  //  昨日有媒体称,中兴、华为已向小米、OPPO、步步高等国内手机厂商发“律师函”,指后者侵犯其WCDMA专利。虽然华为予以否认,但专家称,随着知识产权格局逐步成熟、企业国际化深入,专利战到来只是时间问题。此事或成为国产手机改写专利布局的起点。

The 51% Chinese Stock Rout That Analysts Never Saw Coming – Bloomberg Sina has plunged 51 percent in the past year to $38.32, creating a 70 percentage-point gap between forecast and performance. That’s the biggest buy-rating blunder by analysts covering the 55 largest Chinese companies traded in New York. // the smart money knew, Sina a corporate governance disaster in addition to all the competitive issues

You shall not pass! Sina Weibo will ban and silence accounts that push users towards WeChat – TechInAsia According to TechWeb, Sina Weibo announced late on Tuesday that Weibo accounts publicizing and promoting WeChat public accounts (the accounts favored by companies and public figures that can broadcast to large numbers of people) may be subject to being silenced or even having their Weibo accounts shut down.

Tencent to distribute HBO dramas, movies online in China | Business Spectator For Tencent, the deal with HBO is part of its attempt to move ahead of rivals in online entertainment, a major battlefield for China’s technology firms. In July, e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. announced an alliance with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. to offer the U.S. firm’s programs on the Chinese firm’s set-top boxes. Xiaomi Inc., China’s largest smartphone maker by shipments, said earlier this month that it will invest US$1 billion to acquire TV programs.

CloudFlare Will Offer A Local Version Of Its Web Security Service In China In 2015 | TechCrunch If a customer on the CloudFlare network has content that is censored by the Chinese government, for example, it will be blocked in China but will remain visible to anyone outside of the country. But Prince — who spoke at our Disrupt Beijing event this year — is focused on the argument that doing something in China is better than nothing. “We don’t have the hubris to think we can change Chinese internet policy, nor do we think we can put illegal content in China,” he said, going on to explain that content being censored in the country “won’t make the problem any worse” since that is already the status quo.  // how many Cloudflare customers will now worry that servers in China increase the risk of global security vulnerability? Don’t see how the Cloudflare China infrastructure be logically and physically separate from the global ex-China one, kind of defeats the purpose…

Game Consoles Will Not Take Over China: Niko’s Hanson: Video – Bloomberg Niko Partners Managing Director Lisa Hanson discusses the state of the gaming market in China with Bloomberg’s Angie Lau on “First Up.”

A Mournful Farewell to Chinese Copyright Pirates – Foreign Policy The government view seems to be that it is indeed illegal. China Daily quoted Wang Qian, a professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai who specializes in intellectual property law, saying that “spreading privately translated subtitles” is not legal because the rights are held by the content producers and authorized distributors. When pirated videos are involved, the infringement is twofold, he said. While public sympathy for Shooter seems relatively unclouded by piracy concerns,, the other targeted site, has become something of a poster child for China’s piracy problem, at least in the eyes of American movie studios.


Musical Ode to Xi Jinping and His Wife Goes Viral – The song, “Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama,” was created by a group of musicians in the central province of Henan, The Zhengzhou Evening News reported on Monday. The lyricist, Song Zhigang, is well known for creating the sorts of pop ballads that are inescapable in karaoke halls and long-distance buses. // so these guys did it in hopes of getting on the CCTV Spring Gala and getting more famous?

舆论场:神曲不“神” 砸锅不“党”_中国-多维新闻网 Duowei on the “uncle Xi Loves Peng Mama” video  //  神曲“一夜爆红”,但是与以往不同,这一次爆红的,不是神曲中的两位“主角”,而是幕后的四位均来自河南的主创团队。电话询问、采访邀约等不断登门,然主创团队的野心显然更大——希望央视赶快来找我们。《新京报》敬一山在神曲问世始就弱弱地狐疑了一句:“这是我要上春晚的节奏吗?”在主创团队表达了热切期待后,这位编辑复又弱弱地补充了一句:“我真了解你们。”

Han Purple: A 2,800-year-old artificial pigment that quantum physicists are trying to understand | Ancient Origins Han purple is an artificial pigment created by the Chinese over 2,500 years ago, which was used in wall paintings and to decorate the famous terracotta warriors, as well as ceramics, metal ware, and jewelry. The pigment is a technological wonder, made through a complex process of grinding up raw materials in precise proportions and heating to incredible temperatures. So intricate was the process, that it was not reconstructed again until 1992, when chemists were finally able to identify its composition. But this was just the beginning


China Plans National Carbon Market by 2016 Amid Emission Pledge – Bloomberg Opening in 2016, the market would have matured by 2020, Su Wei, an official at the climate change department under the National Development and Reform Commission, said today at a press conference in Beijing. China, which is working on an absolute control plan for carbon emissions, may announce rules for carbon-permit trading as early as the end of the year, Su said.

Scientists Issue Warning over Development of Coastal Wetlands – Caixin Scientists from China, the United States, Netherlands and New Zealand have written an article in the latest issue of the magazine Science that says building of seawalls to protect land used for development will have environmental repercussions. The November article is headlined “Rethinking China’s new great wall” [here, paywalled] and says the building of seawalls covers 60 per cent of the Chinese mainland’s coastline of 18,000 kilometers. The scientists’ paper warned that this “caused a dramatic decline in internationally shared biodiversity and associated ecosystem services and will threaten regional ecological security and sustainable development.”

China to accelerate water projects – Xinhua Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that governments should accelerate 172 water conservation programs that have strong economic and social importance, during a visit to the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR). Li prioritized central and western regions to address regional water issues, which included diversion projects, reservoirs and irrigation. It will not only conserve water but attract investment, boost employment, improve incomes of rural dwellers, bolster industry and even stabilize the economic growth, Li said.

新电改方案已经上报 “输配分离”未被接纳_财经频道_一财网 电 改终于有望迎来实质性突破。《第一财经日报》记者昨日获悉,新电改方案基本确定,目前已经上报。新电改方案由国家发改委牵头制定,在上报之前,已经经历了多轮业内的讨论。此前,输配是否应该分离是争议较大的问题之一,但最终并没有被方案接纳。 知情人士称,方案主要涉及问题包括改变电网盈利模式、售电侧和配电侧的增量部分放开、推进市场化改革等。


In wake of China rejections, GMO seed makers limit U.S. launches | Reuters Two of the world’s biggest seed makers, Syngenta AG and Dow AgroSciences, are responding with tightly controlled U.S. launches of new GMO seeds, telling farmers where they can plant new corn and soybean varieties and how can the use them. Bayer CropScience told Reuters it has decided to keep a new soybean variety on hold until it receives Chinese import approval.

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