Readings for 2010-04-18

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • RT @TomLasseter: RT @McClatchyDC: Congress, administration may finally crack down on Wall Street, Cantwell says: #
  • Caijing on the Wang Yi case. Financial crime porn ?????-??? and educational #
  • Shanghai Expo song entangled in copyright chaos copies Japanese song? more delicious than Shanghainese meal #
  • @GraniteStudio and Taiwan/CIA tried but failed 2 blow up Zhou Enlai on his flight to Bandung #
  • ”???? War of Internet Addiction” Wins Top Prize at 2010 Tudou Film Festival | DigiCha #
  • $$ Clinton: Rubin And Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice On Derivatives, And I Was Wrong To Take It – #
  • [??]?????????????? [????]__ #
  • White House seeks out Kagan defenders -Greenwald-Salon hard 2c how Kagan a reasoned choice 4 Supreme Court #
  • China Green | Asia Society » Video Feature: Fading Shangri-La ???????? #
  • C-Scape: Navigating the Future of Business by @lkramer jacket love from Warren Buffett. Nice #
  • Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley?-NYTimes i wish they’d name the sexist VCs, esp 1 who showed her the nude pic #.”
  • The Bank Bailout Is a Bargain? Think Again-NYTimes Morgenson on Geithner’s misinformation campaign about true costs #
  • For Goldman Sachs, a Deal’s Stakes Keep Growing – NYTimes seems 2 hint at possible Blankfein perjury $gs #
  • Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive – #
  • Crystal Playground: George Chang at SZ Art Center | RedBox Review good art opening this afternoon in Beijing’s 798 #
  • Chinese experts discuss new real estate rules-?????????:????????????_????? #
  • Pot enthusiasts gather at California cannabis expo – Yahoo! News “insisted on having an onsite medicating area” #
  • Iceland volcano from space: dramatic ash plume engulfing Britain as seen from above | Mail Online crazy “face” #
  • China warns Japan on visa issue ” for Rebiya Kadeer and the Dalai Lama” #
  • Bo Xilai supports new housing policies-govt responsible 2 help poor people 4 housing ???:?????????? ?????”??” @vshih2 #
  • Goldman Sachs Clients-First Pledge Undercut by SEC – Bloomberg since when have a bankers’ clients ever come first? #
  • Meet America’s Ambassador To Germany-Guess Which Fraud-Accused Bank He Used To Work For Phil Murphy of Goldman $gs #
  • ???????? ?????“????”_?????——?????? #
  • RT @melissakchan: My latest report on the funerals, and work of monks: / yushu quake. heartbreaking #
  • Sinocism-“Ad Orgy on Front Page of China Real Estate Portal Soufun May Indicate “Overheating”” $ej $cric $ctc #
  • New Real Estate Regulations From China’s State Council ???10??? ????????, Still No Property Tax | Sinocism $$ #

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