Readings for 2010-04-19

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  1. Goldman Sachs: Too Big To Obey The Law « The Baseline Scenario
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  3. DEBKAfile-Obama U-Turn on UN penalties for Iran, defensible borders for Israel “run into opposition from China”
  4. The Great Wall of Private Equity_English_Caixin
  5. RT @TheStalwart: Congressmen Urge Dramatic Expansion Of Goldman Investigation, Demand Big Payback To AIG.
  6. @taniabranigan also a protest near lido this am. unpaid workers blocked intersection w banners and people for 20 mins+. next 2 kids’ school
  7. @taniabranigan 1st ai weiwei and the artists, now these folks, who came from other cities. xpect big security “upgrade” in downtown beijing
  8. “to complain about life difficulties since they were laid off by banks a decade ago” heads will roll. 2 protests on chang’an jie in weeks
  9. Former bank employees take to street in Beijing – People’s Daily “gathered,marched in Fuxingmen on Chang’an Avenue”
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  11. New policies stage a ‘surgical strike’ on housing speculation – People’s Daily they forgot the anesthetic 4 investors
  12. RT @KaiserKuo: ESWN translation of Southern Metropolis piece on fake Internet word-of-mouth in China.
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  14. SOHU WVAS engineer dies suddenly, overworked may b 2 blame? $sohu ?????????? ??????????_???_????_???
  15. shanghai closes down over 4%, below 3000
  16. Entertainment Trumps Politics on Chinese Web Sites –
  17. NSA stops collecting some data 2 resolve issue w court “records associated w various kinds of comms, but not content” #
  18. “Surveillance camera systems at schools in Beijing soon b integrated in2 city’s overall security monitoring platform”
  19. Flush Beijingers set sights abroad looking to buy property overseas
  20. China Drug officials arrested on bribery charges ” 5 officials of State Food & Drug Administration” Again. WTF
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  23. “These are most draconian measures on the property market in history,” Jun Ma, Deutsche Bank’s Greater China chief economist
  24. China Developers Fall on Latest Moves to Damp Property Prices – Bloomberg ““most draconian” orders
  25. Must view: @MalcolmMoore‘s flickr page of Jiegu earthquake pics:
  26. @Howardlindzon writes on The ‘Fabulous’ Social and Mobile Web….Facebook, Twitter and Goldman Sachs
  27. Joint Chiefs Chair: No, Don’t Attack Iran- won’t stop chicken-hawk neocons calling 4 strike from their aeron chairs
  28. more taxes around property transactions on way. not “property tax” but extra tax on sales if 2nd+home etc ????????????
  29. The Chinese Matrix and the War of Internet Addiction @frankyu good post for techcrunch
  30. A Jump in the Yuan Could Roil Markets –
  31. John Paulson Needs A Good Lawyer-Baseline Scenario whoa “Paulson should b banned from securities markets 4 life” $gld
  32. 2010 Tudou Film Festival Award Delivers Tough Message » The China Vortex
  33. Robert Rubin returns-POLITICO fail big, fail up
  34. “Clinton’s office called 2 say he sees Alan Greenspan as 1 who mainly led charge against regulating derivatives.”

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